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Does Yi camera have free cloud storage?

The YI Home Camera is equipped with a motion detection system that automatically uploads video to the cloud. This cloud service allows you to view and download the latest video for up to 30 days. You can connect up to five cameras to one YI Cloud subscription.

You can also mix and match different models of YI Home Cameras.

Yi Home cameras come with multiple viewing modes and high-performance night vision. These cameras can record up to 3 meters in the dark. The camera also offers two cloud storage plans, one for free, and one for a limited amount.

You can download the most recent clip for 14 days for free.

Using the YI Home PC app, you can view and interact with your images and videos in the cloud or on your PC. You can also access clips, motion alerts, and other video clips from your cameras. While it doesn’t offer the same features as the mobile app, it does provide a convenient interface.

The app also allows you to add as many cameras as you want.

In addition to free cloud storage, you can also use the Yi Camera without the Yi Cloud. The camera also comes with a micro SD card that provides similar historical video viewing capabilities. The YI Cloud, however, is essential if you want to use the Yi camera as a true security camera.

Can Yi camera record continuously?

Yes, Yi cameras are capable of recording continuously. Depending on the specific model, some Yi cameras allow users to utilize a looping feature, while others require an SD card to be used in order to record a looping video.

Additionally, many Yi camera owners have the ability to store their recordings in the Yi cloud, so that they can access the recordings for up to a month. Finally, some Yi cameras offer motion detection recording, so that if motion is detected, the recording will automatically begin and stop when no motion is detect.

Hence, Yi cameras are well equipped for continuous recording depending on the model.

Does Yi work without Internet?

No, Yi does not work without Internet. Yi is a cloud-based device protection service. This means that it relies on internet access in order to monitor and detect security threats and take action in order to protect devices.

Without an internet connection, Yi is unable to function as intended. However, there are some features that do still work when an internet connection is not available, such as the ability to locate a lost device and remotely back-up data.

Whats the difference between Yi and Kami?

The main difference between Yi and Kami is that Yi is a Chinese spiritual tradition, while Kami is a Japanese spiritual tradition. They both represent a connection to spiritual powers or forces in nature, but in different ways.

In Chinese tradition, Yi refers to Confucian and Taoist thought, which emphasize the relationship between the individual and the universe, and the practice of inner cultivation and gaining wisdom in order to gain spiritual power.

In contrast, Kami is the Shinto tradition, in which the divine spirits exist in all parts of existence, and humans connect to these divine spirits by harnessing the power found in nature. Kami can be found in plants, trees, animals, rocks, and other aspects of nature, and it is believed that these spiritual forces can be appealed to bring protection and good luck.

Both Yi and Kami involve connecting to something greater than oneself, but in different ways.

How much is the Yi home app?

The Yi Home app is a free, easy-to-use app that allows you to control, access, and manage all of your Yi devices from your smartphone. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, so it’s easy to download and use on any device.

With the app, you can control your Yi camera, monitor your home or business, receive real-time notifications, and even share your camera footage with friends and family. You can also upgrade your device’s software and customize your settings and security remotely.

Basically, the Yi Home app is a great way to have full control over all of your Yi devices, and it comes with no extra cost.

What app works with Yi camera?

Yi Camera is compatible with the Yi Home App, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The Yi Home App allows users to have full control and access to the Yi Camera. With the app, users can view and control the camera remotely from anywhere in the world.

The app also allows users to configure settings, stream live video, and set up motion alerts straight to their device. The Yi Home App can connect up to 16 Yi Cameras simultaneously, allowing you to easily keep an eye on your entire home.

Additionally, Yi Camera supports voice commands with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Is Kami cloud safe?

Kami Cloud is a secure and safe platform that provides users with a secure cloud storage and collaboration solution. Kami Cloud is designed to protect your data and keep it safe while also providing you with the ability to collaborate simultaneously with colleagues, classmates, and other users on documents, forms, and more.

The Kami platform employs a number of security measures to ensure your data is protected and remains private. These measures include end-to-end encryption, access control, two-factor authentication, and real-time monitoring of system performance.

All user data is stored in a secure cloud hosted by Google Cloud Platform, which provides advanced security and protection from online threats.

In addition to its secure technology, Kami Cloud also provides a wide range of administrative tools to ensure data security and control. You can assign roles and permissions for teams and control who has access to what files within your account.

You can also revoke access to files at any time to further protect your data.

Overall, Kami Cloud provides a secure and safe platform for you to store and collaborate on documents and other data while enjoying peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

How much is Kami cloud?

Kami Cloud is currently available in three plans: Premium, Business and Education.

The Premium plan is for personal use and costs $9.99/month or $99.99/year. It includes unlimited cloud storage space and the ability to convert 10 files each month from the supported file types.

The Business plan is suitable for teams and costs $14. 99/month or $149. 99/year when paid annually. It includes unlimited cloud storage space, the ability to convert 20 files each month from the supported file types, and advanced collaboration features, such as commenting and track changes.

The Education plan is available for teachers and students and costs $7. 99/month or $79. 99/year when paid annually. It includes unlimited cloud storage space, the ability to convert 20 files per month from the supported file types, and special features designed for e-learning, such as quizzes and multimedia integration.

What is Kami Home app?

Kami Home is an app designed to give you greater control and visibility over your home security system. The app allows you to monitor your home’s security system through your phone or tablet. You can easily see what’s happening around your home and make changes if needed.

You can view live footage of your home, change the sensitivity setting, toggle locks and security devices, receive notifications when motion is detected, activate sirens, and review recorded footage.

You can also control your thermostat and check the status of connected appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. Kami Home also lets you keep track of when family members come and go from the home by having them arm or disarm the security system.

Kami Home is secure and reliable and puts the control of your home’s security in your hands.

Can you use Yi camera without subscription?

Yes, you can use the Yi camera without subscription. The basic Yi camera model does not require any kind of subscription and can be used for capturing stills and recording audio or footage. However, if you upgrade to a more advanced Yi Camera model and want access to their cloud-based features, then you will need to purchase a Yi Cloud subscription.

This subscription allows access to additional features, such as remote access monitoring, motion detection, intelligent alerts, and 14-day video recording. It’s important to note that the Yi Cloud subscription only applies to certain models, such as the Yi Home and Yi Dome Cameras.

For other Yi Camera models, a subscription is not necessary to access the basic features.

Do you have to pay for Yi cloud?

Yes, you have to pay for Yi Cloud. Yi Cloud is a subscription cloud storage service from Xiaomi, which offers users a secure and convenient way to store and manage their data. It is a monthly subscription service with flexible plans to suit different user needs.

The plans range from Basic Storage for 50 GB to Ultra Storage for 2 TB, with prices beginning from 6 USD/ month. There is also the option for users to add more storage for their current plan whenever necessary.

The service also offers additional features such as advanced data security, scheduled backups, and remote access to files and documents from any connected device in the world.

How do I contact Yi camera?

You can contact Yi Camera by visiting their website at www. yitechnology. com and clicking on the “Contact Us” in the top right corner of the page. Alternately, they are also active on social media, and can be reached through their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

You may also contact them directly by phone at +86-571-38539000 or via email at [email protected] com. For media enquiries, they can be reached at [email protected] com.

Can more than one phone connect to Yi camera?

Yes, more than one phone can connect to a Yi camera. This is possible with the Yi Home App, which is available for both iOS and Android. Through the app, multiple users can log in and access the live-feed from the camera.

Allowing multiple users to access the camera can be especially useful for families or businesses as any user can access the live-feed or change settings at any given time. Additionally, users can also grant access to other users, allowing them to also view the footage and make changes.

This makes it easy to share access with family members or colleagues, regardless of their geographic location.

How do I cancel Yi cloud on Android?

If you wish to cancel your Yi cloud subscription on your Android device, the process is relatively straightforward.

First, open the Yi app on your device. Select the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner (it has three horizontal lines together). Choose “Account” from the Menu. In the Account page, select “YI Cloud” from the list of options.

After selecting “YI Cloud,” the subscription you have currently will appear. Select the “Cancel Subscription” option from that same page. You may then be asked to enter your password or other authentication information.

Then select the “Confirm” option available on your device. After confirmation, your Yi Cloud membership will be suspended.

You should also note that this will not delete any of your previously recorded videos stored on Yi Cloud. In order to delete the videos, you will need to view them and delete them one by one manually.

If you have any further questions regarding the cancellation of Yi cloud on your Android device, please contact Yi Support.

Is Yi Home app safe?

Yes, the Yi Home app is safe to use. It is developed by Yi Technology, one of the world’s leading smart home technology companies, and is compliant with international standards for data encryption and privacy protection.

The app uses end-to-end encryption for users’ data, which is stored in the cloud and distributed to servers with secure physical access controls so that only users have access to their data. In addition, the app has a built-in multiple layer security mechanism to protect users from malicious actors.

Finally, the Yi Home app is regularly audited to ensure the security and privacy of users’ information.

Do I need an SD card for Yi camera?

The answer is: it depends. The Yi camera does not come with an SD card included, so if you plan on taking pictures and videos, you will need to purchase an SD card. There are minimum requirements for an SD card to work with the Yi camera, so make sure you research the ideal SD card to use.

In general, a Class 10 or UHS-1 rated card with a minimum of 8G is recommended. Once you get the right SD card, you can easily install it into your Yi camera and start taking pictures and videos!.

Is Kami and Yi the same?

No, Kami and Yi are not the same. Kami is a cloud-based PDF and document annotation app that helps improve the way people review and collaborate on documents, while Yi is a mobile wallpaper application that allows users to customize their phone with personalized wallpapers and images.

Kami’s features include annotation tools like highlighting, strikethrough, and comment boxes, while Yi’s features include wallpaper previews, image editing, and image tagging. Additionally, Kami is available on all devices, while Yi is only available on iOS devices.

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