How can I decorate my house in BDO?

You can purchase furniture from furniture shops, craft furniture from crafting nodes, or get furniture from certain events. You can also purchase beds and garden items for your player houses. Your worker empire can craft special imperial items for you that can be used in any type of house.

Where can I buy BDO residence?


Here is a list of real estate companies in the Philippines that offer BDO housing: 1. Lamudi 2. Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS) 3. DMCI Homes 4. Filinvest 5. Ayala Land 6. Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. 7. SM Development Corporation 8. Robinsons Land Corporation 9. Mega World 10. Anflo Management and Investment Corporation

How do I buy a house in Velia?

As the process of purchasing a house in Velia can vary depending on the specific property and situation. However, in general, the process of buying a house in Velia typically involves contacting a real estate agent or broker, who can help to arrange a purchase contract and facilitate the transaction.

Can you build a house in Black Desert online?

No, you cannot build a house in Black Desert Online.

What is the biggest house in BDO?

The biggest house in BDO is the Mediah Castle.

It is located in the Mediah region and is the biggest castle in the game. It has a total of 20 floors and is available for purchase at the price of 5,000,000 silver.

How do houses work in BDO?

Houses are instanced areas that players can enter and use to store items and furniture, as well asPlaceable objects cannot be used to construct houses in BDO. … Rooms and Objects that have been placed inside houses can be removed by their owners at any time.

How can I use BDO housing storage?

Step 1: Find the Storage Keeper

Step 2: Choose Register Storage

Step 3: Select the desired Storage slot.

Step 4: Click the Register button.

Step 5: Store your items in the Storage.

Can you own a house in BDO?

player-built and owned housing cannot exist in the game world unless it is within guard protected territory. All houses in the area where growth is possible in BDO are exclusive to NPCs. In order for players to build houses, they must acquire a house deed from an NPC vendor.

How many houses can you own in BDO?

There is no limit.

How do you get your first rank house?

But the most common way is to buy a house that is already in the top tier. Another way to get a first rank house is to remodel a house to make it in the top tier.

What do interior points do BDO?

Interior points are used to calculate the amount of experience gained from monsters.

Is there a bank in Black Desert online?

There is a bank in Black Desert Online, but it is not interactive.

What do I do with gold bars in black desert?

But they can be sold to vendors for 100,000-250,000 each, making them a good way to make money.

Why BDO is trusted?

First, BDO has a long history of providing quality services to its clients. Additionally, BDO has a strong reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy partner. Finally, BDO has a proven track record of being able to deliver on its promises.

Does Black Desert have housing?

Yes, Black Desert does have housing, though it is a bit different from what players might be used to in other games. For example, instead of owning a house outright, players must lease land from the city in which they want to build.

How do you unlock the mansion in BDO?

In order to unlock the mansion, you will need at least 500 Contribution Points and 50,000,000 silver. Once you have those, you can purchase a Mansion Key from the marketplace.

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