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How do I change my supercell email on clash Royale?

Changing your Supercell email on Clash Royale is a relatively simple process.

First, you need to open your game profile within the game. To do this, you will need to locate the Settings option in the game, represented by a gear icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Tap on this, and then select the ‘Profile’ option in the menu.

Once you have entered your profile page, click on the gear icon in the top right corner. This will bring up a new menu which will allow you to select the “Change Email” option.

You will then be asked to re-enter your Supercell ID and enter your new email address twice to confirm the change. Once you have done this, click the ‘Submit’ button and the change will be processed.

Note that this change will only be reflected in your Clash Royale profile – any other Supercell games that you already have connected to your existing Supercell account will still use the old email. To change the Supercell email connected to these other games, you will need to update it from their respective in-game settings.

How do I transfer my supercell ID to another email?

To transfer your Supercell ID to a different email address, you will need to sign into the Supercell ID website with the current account. Once you have signed in you need to go to the Settings and click ‘Edit’ in the Email section.

The new email address you would like to use must already have a verified Supercell ID, so you will have to go through the steps of creating a new Supercell ID as well as verifying it. Once the new email has been verified, go back to the Settings page and select ‘Change Email’.

This will prompt you to enter in your new email address and verify your identity again. Once everything is validated and updated, the ID will be associated with the new email address.

How do I transfer my CR account?

Transferring your CR Account is a simple and straightforward process. First, you’ll need to log into your existing CR account. Then, select the ‘Settings’ tab located on the homepage. From there, you can select ‘Transfer Account’, which will prompt you to either enter an email address or mobile number associated with the account you wish to transfer to.

Once you submit this information, a verification code will be sent to the email or mobile number provided. Then, you’ll need to enter the verification code into the box provided and your account will then be transferred to the new account.

Depending on the settings of the account you are transferring to, you may need to also enter a username and password. Make sure you keep this information safe as you’ll need it in order to access the new account.

Once the transfer process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email or text message to confirm the successful account transfer.

How do you link two accounts on Clash Royale?

Linking two accounts on Clash Royale is very easy and only takes a few minutes. First, you will need to make sure you have an active Supercell ID. If you do not already have an ID, you can create one through the Supercell website or through the in-game options.

Once you have an active Supercell ID, open up the game and go to the “More” tab to access the settings. At the bottom of thesettings page, you will see an option to link your Supercell ID with either the Google+ or Game Center account.

Choose whichever you would like to link your Supercell ID with and follow the instructions as directed by the game.

If you would like to link two seperate accounts that are owned by you but have different Google accounts, you will need to log into each account separately and link each one with your Supercell ID.

Once your accounts are linked, you can play multiplayer with each other, keep track of stats, use the same Clan Chat and more!

Why am I not getting my supercell verification code?

If you’re receiving a message that your phone number is not in the system, it may be because you have not entered the number correctly, or have entered the wrong number. It may also be because the number is already in use with another Supercell account, or if your mobile carrier does not support SMS.

If you are not receiving the code, try entering the number again, and double-checking to make sure it is correct. You can also try requesting a verification code from another device, if possible. If this does not work, you can contact Supercell support directly for assistance.

Does Supercell delete inactive accounts?

Supercell does not delete inactive accounts unless they have been inactive for two years or longer and have not logged into the Supercell ID. However, after two years of inactivity, any remaining Membership and/or Gems purchased will be removed from the account.

Supercell reserves the right to terminate inactive or abandoned accounts to protect the integrity of the Supercell community. If an account is terminated for inactivity, the user will not be able to access the account or the funds associated with it.

As a result, Supercell encourages all users to regularly login to their accounts in order to avoid loss of purchased items and maintain a desired level of access.

How do I unlink my Supercell ID?

To unlink your Supercell ID, first open the game that’s linked to the Supercell ID. Once you’ve opened it, go to the “Settings” section. In this section, look for the “Connected Accounts” or “Linked Accounts” option.

Once you’ve found it, select it and you will see the Supercell ID associated with the account. Select the “Unlink” or “Disconnect” button beside the Supercell ID and you will be asked to confirm if you want to unlink your Supercell ID.

Once you’ve confirmed it, the Supercell ID will be unlinked from the account. After that, you’re all set and you can link any other Supercell ID to the game.

Can you overwrite Supercell ID?

No, it is not possible to overwrite a Supercell ID. Supercell IDs are unique user accounts and once you have signed up for a Supercell ID, it cannot be changed. If you want to change your account information, you can go to the Supercell site and update your email address or name.

If you wish to delete your account, you can do so through the Supercell ID website.

Can I unlink my clash Royale account?

Yes, you can unlink your Clash Royale account. To do this, open the game and select the “Link with other accounts” button in the Settings menu. Select the account you want to unlink, then confirm the process.

Once this is done, your account will no longer be linked to that external account. It may take a few minutes for the changes to take full effect and for the unlinked account to be completely disconnected.

Please note that once you unlink your account, there will be no way to restore the connection.

What if someone has my Supercell ID?

If someone has your Supercell ID, it is important to take immediate action. You should immediately change your Supercell password, check all the devices connected to your account, and ensure all the personal information connected to the account has not been compromised.

You should also contact Supercell’s customer support team to let them know that an unauthorized account has your Supercell ID. Additionally, you could also deactivate the current Supercell ID and create a new one, which would ensure no one accesses your account without your permission.

It is also important to keep in mind that if your Supercell ID is linked with your other personal information such as email address, phone number or credit card, your privacy may be vulnerable. Make sure to take the necessary steps to secure all these accounts and other online services to prevent any unauthorized access.

How can I unlink my COC from Gmail?

In order to unlink your COC (Clash Of Clans) account from a Gmail account, you must first access the Settings menu of the game. Once there, go to the Connected Accounts tab and select the Google Play icon.

This will take you to the page where you can view the accounts with which your COC account is linked. From here, you can choose to remove or unlink any of the listed accounts. Select the Gmail account you wish to remove and confirm the action.

Once you have done this, your COC account will no longer be linked to the Gmail account.

Can I change my supercell ID?

Yes, you can change your Supercell ID. To do this you will need to login to your Supercell ID account and click the “Settings” tab. Then go to the “Personal Info” tab and select the “Change Supercell ID” option.

From there you will be able to select a new Supercell ID. Make sure your new Supercell ID has a minimum of at least 5 characters, is not already in use, and is not vulgar or offensive. Once you select your new ID, you will receive a confirmation email.

Once you click on the link in the email, you will need to log back in and your new Supercell ID will be activated.

How can I change my email id in clash of clans?

Changing the email id associated to your Clash of Clans account is a fairly easy process and can be done by following these steps:

1. On your device, open theClash of Clans game and navigate to the in-game Settings menu.

2. In the Settings menu, select the “Link a device” option.

3. On the device linking screen, select the “Change email address” option.

4. Enter your current (old) email address into the provided field and press “Continue”.

5. Enter the new email address in the provided field and press “Done”.

6. The game will send a verification code to your new email address. Check the email address for the code and enter it into the game.

7. Your Clash of Clans account will now be associated with the new email address.

How do I know what email I used for Clash of Clans?

If you don’t remember what email you used for your Clash of Clans account, there are a few steps you can take to help you figure it out.

First, if you use the same Google Play or Apple Appstore account for your other apps, you will likely have used the same for Clash of Clans. If you can remember the Google Play or Apple ID you used, you can try entering it into the sign-in prompts at the start of the game.

If that doesn’t work, you can try using the “Recover account” feature within the game itself – this usually requires either your base name or a current in-game code. If you have an activated Supercell ID, you can locate your registered email from there, so make sure to try logging in with that too.

Finally, if none of these options work, you can reach out to the Supercell support team for help. They’ll be able to tell you which email is linked to your account if you give them your base name or player tag.

How can I recover my lost COC account?

If you have lost access to your Clash of Clans (COC) account, recovering it can be simple if you have linked your COC account to your Google or Game Center account.

To start the process, open the COC app and select the “Settings” option on the home screen. Look for the “Connect a device” option and press the “Connect” button.

Once you are connected, you can safely switch your COC account to the device you want to play on. This process supports Google and Game Center accounts, but if you’re using another device type such as Facebook, Apple, or Amazon, you will have to use the “Lost Village” feature.

The “Lost Village” feature is designed to help players recover their lost accounts. You will need to provide some details about your account such as the village resources or structures in the village.

Once you have filled out the forms and sent the information, it can take up to 2 days to recover your account. Be patient while the recovery process is ongoing.

Once your village is recovered, make sure to secure it with an additional layer of protection, such as 2-Step Verification (2SV). This will help protect your account from being hacked or lost in the future.

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