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How do I delete my DVR history?

To delete your DVR history, you’ll need to follow a few steps. First, turn on your television and make sure it is connected to your DVR. Then, use your remote to navigate to the Main Menu of your DVR and select the “Settings” option.

Scroll down to the “Delete” option and select it. You should now see a list of recordings from your DVR. Select the recordings you’d like to delete, and select “Okay” to confirm your selection. Your DVR history will then be deleted.

If you have any further questions about deleting your DVR history, please contact your DVR provider for more information.

Can you see viewing history on DirecTV?

Yes, you can view your viewing history on DirecTV. To find your viewing history, you must first sign in to your account. Once you are signed in, you can access your viewing history from the menu by selecting “My Account’ and then selecting “Viewing History”.

From here, you will see a list of all the programs you’ve watched on DirecTV. The list will include information on what channel the program was viewed on, when it was watched, how long it was watched, and what device it was watched on.

You can also filter the list by date range, device, and channel. Additionally, you can delete viewing history items individually, or delete your entire viewing history if you wish.

How do I clear my DirecTV cache?

Clearing the DirecTV cache is an easy process that requires only a few simple steps. First, make sure that DirecTV is completely shut down. Next, locate the DirecTV shortcut on your device. From there, select “Run” and type “regedit” in the open box.

That will open the Registry Editor, where you will be able to locate the DirecTV folder. Right-click on it and choose the “delete” option. The folder should now be gone and the cache cleared. Lastly, restart the DirecTV app or reader device and the cache will now be cleared and updated.

How do you delete multiple shows on DIRECTV DVR?

Deleting multiple shows on your DIRECTV DVR is easy and can be done in a few steps. Firstly, turn on your DIRECTV DVR. Secondly, press the MENU button on your remote. Thirdly, select ‘Manage Recordings’ from the menu.

Fourthly, select which recordings you would like to delete by pressing the SELECT button. You can choose to pick all the recordings shown or individual recordings. Once you have made your selection, hit the DELETE button.

Next, a confirmation message will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the recordings you have selected.

Finally, press the SELECT button to confirm your choice. Your selected shows should now be deleted from your DVR. You can also select multiple recordings to keep them saved for later viewing, which can be done through the same procedure.

Where is the delete button on DirecTV remote?

If you have a DirecTV remote and are looking to find the delete button, it is located depending on your remote type. On DIRECTV remote models RC65, RC66, RC66X, RC32, RC24 and Genie remote it is located on the upper right side.

To be more specific, the delete button is above the “BACK” button, which can be found on the right side above the arrows.

On UNIVERSAL remotes and many models of the DIRECTV remote, the delete button is located in the same area, but a bit lower. It is typically located to the left of the OK/SELECT button.

For other remote models, the delete button can be located in the control area, usually just above the number pad.

How do you manage recordings on DirecTV?

Managing recordings on DirecTV is easy and convenient. To begin, start by accessing your DirecTV Genie or HD DVR. Once you have the device powered on, a main menu will appear. You will have a few recording options that you can take advantage of, including setting a series recording, setting a one-time recording, deleting a recording, and scheduling a recording.

If you want to set a series recording, you can use the Search function to look for a particular show or movie that you want to record. Once you have found it, press “Select” on the remote, and you will be asked if you want to record the series.

You can then choose the Seasons, Episodes, and Quality you want to record.

If you choose to set a one-time recording, locate the program you want to record on the DirecTV guide and select the program. You will then be given the option to record the program Once, Series, or Pilot.

To delete a recording, navigate to the series or show you want to delete and press the “Select” button on the remote. You should see a confirmation message asking you to confirm the series or show deletion from your DirecTV account.

If you want to schedule a recording that is not available on DirecTV’s guide, you can do this by using the record by title feature. This feature requires you to enter a show title, cast, and desired recording date.

Then, the DirecTV guide will scan the networks to find and record the broadcast.

By following these simple steps, you can easily manage recordings and keep up with all of your favorite shows and movies.

How do I delete a program from a DVR if it won’t delete?

If your DVR won’t delete a program and you’re unable to find a resolution to the issue in the user manual, you may need to delete the program manually. To do this, you will need access to a computer with an appropriate cable and software to access the internal memory of your DVR.

Once you have access to the internal memory, you can find and delete the specific program you wish to remove, depending on the model of your DVR. Please keep in mind that without the specific software, you may be unable to complete this process.

Additionally, attempting this process without the right materials could cause damage to your system, so it is best to err on the side of caution.

How do I view my DIRECTV purchase History?

To view your DIRECTV Purchase History, you’ll need to log into your account on the official DIRECTV website. Once logged in, click on the “My Account” tab on the top navigation bar, and then click on the “View My Bill/Manage Account” option.

On this page, you should see a “Purchase History” box in the middle of the page, which will list all the purchases you’ve made with DIRECTV over the past six months. You can click on the “View All” button to see a complete list of all your purchases with DIRECTV since you opened your account.

If your purchase was made more than 6 months ago, you can still view it by scrolling down and clicking on the “View Previous Months” link.

Where are my purchased movies on DIRECTV?

Once you purchase a movie on DIRECTV, it can be found in the “My Library” section in the On Demand menu. To access that section, open DirecTV on your device and then press the On Demand button located in the main menu.

Scroll down until you see “My Library” and then press select. On that page you should find any movies that you’ve purchased or rented from DIRECTV. If you cannot find your movie in My Library, it could be because it has expired or because you have inadvertently pressed the “Delete” button on the movie.

In those cases, you will need to make a new purchase or rental of the movie. If the movie is still in your library, but you cannot select it to watch, you may need to select “Refresh List” from the “My Library” page and then select the movie again.

Happy viewing!.

How do I stop recording a series on DIRECTV stream?

To stop recording a series on DIRECTV Stream, you will first need to open the DIRECTV Stream application on your device. Once you open the application, go to the “My Library” tab. This is where all of the content that you have stored in your DIRECTV library will be stored.

Once you locate the series that you are wanting to stop recording, click on the series, and select the “Manage Series” button. You will then see an option that says “Stop Recording”. Click on this option and you will be prompted with a warning that such action cannot be undone.

Click “OK” and the series will no longer record. You will then be able to exit the app or continue to browse your library.

How do you operate a DirecTV remote?

To operate a DIRECTV remote, ensure that you have the correct remote for your DIRECTV box. If you have an Genie DVR or SimpliLink, you will need the DIRECTV Universal Remote. Follow these steps:

1. Power On: Press the Home/Menu button, then press the Down arrow key and select System Setup. Select Remote or Remote Control and press the Select button.

2. Pairing the Remote: Choose Pairing, then press and hold the Mute and Select buttons until the green light at the top of the remote flashes twice. Release both buttons.

3. Activate the Remote: Enter the four-digit code that appears on the TV screen. The green light will flash twice again. If it doesn’t, repeat the previous step.

4. Control Your TV: Press the TV Power button. Your DIRECTV Remote will now control your TV.

5. Control Volume/Mute/Input: To control your TV’s volume, press the Volume and Mute buttons on DIRECTV Remote. You can also switch your TV’s inputs by pressing the Input button.

6. Activating Advanced Features: To control the advanced features of your DIRECTV system, such as the ability to change channels, use the remote’s Red, Blue, Green, or Multi-View buttons.

7. Program Your Remote: To program your DIRECTV Remote to control your other entertainment devices, go to Menu > System Setup > Remote or Remote Control > Program Remote.

Can a directv remote be used as a universal remote?

Yes, a DIRECTV remote can be used as a universal remote, but only certain models are especially designed for that purpose. For example, the DIRECTV Universal Remote-RC66R and the DIRECTV Genie Remote-RC73 have the ability to control multiple devices in addition to DIRECTV receivers.

Both models have pre-programmed codes that support TVs, DVD players, and audio receivers, making them more efficient universal remotes. They also feature an auto-scan to make initial setup easier, and a set of four color-coded buttons to make programming simpler.

These remotes are typically better suited for controlling other audio/visual devices than a standard DIRECTV remote, and can be purchased from most electronics retailers or directly from DIRECTV.