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How do I get a contract with Live me?

If you are interested in obtaining a contract with LiveMe, the first step is to ensure you meet the requirements as outlined by LiveMe. You should have an active and engaged audience on LiveMe with over 10,000 followers and have consistently produced high-quality streams that show you are engaging with viewers.

You will also need to have hundreds of followers outside of LiveMe with at least one of the following:

• A high follower count on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

• Consistently be growing followers on Twitch, Mixer, or DLive

• A track record of working with brands or apps

If you meet the requirements, then the next step would be to get in touch with the LiveMe team to discuss partnership opportunities. Such as contacting them via email at support@liveme. com, messaging them directly on their app, or sending them a direct message through their social media accounts.

The LiveMe team will then review your application and contact you if they are interested in partnering with you. Depending on the terms of the contract, you may be required to deliver exclusive content to LiveMe and promote the platform, in addition to following various guidelines and regulations.

Once your application has been accepted, you will be offered a contract which must be reviewed and signed. Once the signed contract is received and verified, your partnership with LiveMe will go into effect.

Can you get paid live Me?

Yes, you can get paid to use LiveMe. LiveMe is a platform that rewards users with virtual currency when they stream live videos, watch and interact with others, post content or stream tournament games.

You can also earn by inviting friends to join your streams or selling virtual gifts. You can earn coins by completing sponsored tasks such as downloading and registering for apps, watching ads, or completing surveys.

The coins you accumulate can be exchanged for real money through a variety of payout methods like PayPal and bank transfers. Additionally, LiveMe offers partnerships and opportunities to monetize content by becoming a verified streamer on their platform.

How old do you have to be on LiveMe?

You must be at least 13 years old to create an account on LiveMe. Per LiveMe’s Terms of Service, any user under the age of 13 must obtain parental consent in order to use the service. Additionally, any user between the ages of 13 and 17 must have the parental consent of their guardian to use LiveMe.

All users must also provide their true date of birth upon registration and they must keep it up to date so that LiveMe can ensure users meet this age requirement. Failure to comply with the Terms of Service can result in account suspension or deletion.

Where is LiveMe located?

LiveMe is a global live streaming platform based in Los Angeles, California. It is part of a thriving global start-up culture, with its offices located in the same building as other leading start-ups such as Tinder and Shippo.

LiveMe has offices in Japan, the United Kingdom, Romania, China, Taiwan and India. In the United States, its headquarters are located in downtown Los Angeles, just steps away from the Staples Center.

Additionally, LiveMe has offices and production facilities in New York, London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Mexico City and Bangalore. With its global reach and presence, LiveMe is well-positioned to serve global audiences.

What happened to LiveMe?

LiveMe was an app that allowed users to create and broadcast live streaming videos and interact with their viewers. Launched in 2016, the app quickly gained widespread popularity, particularly among those between the ages of 13 and 24.

However, in 2019, law enforcement agencies had begun to raise alarms about its excessive usage among minors, citing concerns about child user exploitation and other illegal activities.

In response, LiveMe began to take measures to combat inappropriate behavior on its platform. As a result, the company implemented stricter guidelines and policies, including age restrictions and more rigorous identity verification.

In addition, they suspended live streaming service in some countries, banned certain users, and removed hundreds of accounts linked to sexual exploitation or violence against children.

Despite these measures, in 2020, LiveMe announced its decision to shut down its operations for good. The closure was part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, which alleged that the company had failed to provide adequate privacy protections for its users, and had not taken sufficient steps to protect minors from inappropriate content.

LiveMe’s closure was a gesture of good faith to ensure the safety of its users and help prevent unlawful activities, and it serves as a cautionary tale for other streaming services. It serves as a reminder that, as a platform grows in popularity, it must take a proactive approach to safeguarding user data and providing a safe and secure experience for all users.

Is LiveMe app safe?

Yes, LiveMe app is generally considered safe to use. The app has moderate security measures in place, including when users create an account or when someone wants to view a video or message another user.

The app requires that users be at least 13 years old, and users must follow the app’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. In addition, LiveMe has implemented a Safety Mode, which is designed to keep content appropriate for a wide audience.

This feature uses both automated systems and human moderators to moderate conversations and ensure that users are not exposed to inappropriate or dangerous content. Furthermore, users who feel that another user is behaving inappropriately can report them directly to the LiveMe team.

All in all, LiveMe takes many steps to ensure its users have a safe and secure experience.

What kind of app is LiveMe?

LiveMe is a live broadcast and video streaming video app. It is designed to entertain, engage and inspire people around the world. LiveMe connects people through live streaming videos, giving users the opportunity to be heard, watched and known by viewers everywhere.

The app has dynamic effects, fun filters and tutorials to try out and engage with other viewers. They also have some exclusive events, daily prizes, games, VIP shows and rewards that users can take advantage of.

LiveMe also gives users the chance to collaborate with other streamers and build their own fan base. On top of all that they offer exclusive incentives to its diamond member community. LiveMe provides a fun and unique way for people from all walks of life to share their lives, stories, moments and passions with an international audience.

Which is the app for live streaming?

The app for live streaming depends on the platform and type of content you are wanting to stream. For example, if you are wanting to live stream video game content, Twitch is the go-to app for gamers.

For basic live video streaming, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Twitter Live are popular options. For professional live streaming, platforms such as OBS, Streamyard and XSplit are amazing choices. If you are more into music and podcasts, apps such as Anchor and Descript are great for creating professional quality audio streaming content.

All these apps are available for free and have built in broadcasting and encoding capabilities.

Why was LiveMe removed?

LiveMe was removed because it was being used as a platform to livestream inappropriate content and behavior that could be harmful to children. Although the LiveMe app is intended for adults, its lack of parental control has allowed children to utilize the app.

This has resulted in inappropriate behavior such as cyberbullying, children engaging in inappropriate conversations and explicit content being broadcasted. The app was also linked to child exploitation, with some users reportedly engaging in predatory behavior.

Due to the potential risk posed to children, LiveMe was removed from both the Apple and Google Play Stores.

What is the new LiveMe app?

LiveMe is a video streaming and social networking platform designed to provide an interactive, immersive, and creative community experience. The app was developed by Live. me, Inc. , a Beijing-based company founded by Kai Huang and Jiang Haicang.

The LiveMe app allows users to communicate with other users in the LiveMe community by streaming live video, messaging, and sending private messages. Users can also add friends and follow featured people and their activities.

They can also share their video clips, chat, and join virtual activities or challenges. Users can also create their own live content, or join various themed channels like travel and music.

LiveMe provides a safe and interactive platform for users to immerse themselves in a vibrant community. It is free to sign up and use, and is open to users from around the world. It even has in-app purchases for users who are interested in making their experience more enjoyable or interactive.

The app features various features for personalization and allows users to access exclusive content from renowned creators.

LiveMe is an excellent social networking option that provides users with an interactive and engaging way to connect to others. It allows users to create and engage with content, join in virtual activities, and follow featured people and channels.

It is becoming increasingly popular with users of all ages, and is available both on iOS and Android.

Is LiveMe still popular?

Yes, LiveMe is still popular. It is a live streaming platform that features videos, live broadcasts, and chat services, and it has emerged as one of the most popular video streaming services on the internet.

The platform has been available since 2016 and has gained a large audience due to its interactive features, which let viewers chat, send virtual gifts, and engage with the people they watch and the people they meet through the app.

The expansive and ever-growing library of videos and content available on the app has kept users coming back time and time again, while the platform’s interactive nature has allowed users to create and maintain an active online community.

LiveMe’s popularity continues to increase, with the app growing in popularity and users coming back for more. The platform has users from all over the world, and the various interactive features it offers makes it a great place for anyone to socialize and network.

Who bought LiveMe?

LiveMe, a live-streaming mobile app and social network geared towards Millennials and Generation Z, was purchased by Cheetah Mobile in 2017. Cheetah Mobile is a Chinese mobile internet company that has released popular mobile apps worldwide and provides global online marketing services.

The purchase of LiveMe was originally announced in April 2017, and was part of Cheetah Mobile’s strategy to transition into an entertainment and media corporation. LiveMe boasts over 80 million registered users and 7.

5 million monthly active users who can stream their lives, engage with a community of broadcasters, and also join virtual groups to discuss their interests and activities. Cheetah Mobile has stated that with the purchase of LiveMe, they will focus on developing and introducing innovative products, creating an all-around entertainment platform for users worldwide.

How much is LiveMe worth?

LiveMe is a mobile video streaming app that has seen a dramatic increase in usage and popularity in recent years. As of 2021, LiveMe is estimated to be worth around $1 billion, and it was reported that the app had over 150 million registered users as of 2019.

LiveMe was launched in April 2016 and has been growing rapidly since then. It offers a variety of features that allow users to share their experiences and broadcasts, as well as various bells and whistles to enhance their experience.

Paid monetization options are also available, with live streaming capabilities and revenue-generating activities such as virtual gifting and digital purchases.

In 2018, the app raised $60 million in a Series B round of funding led by Atari, the iconic American video game company. That same year, the company reportedly pulled in around $125 million in revenue from its live-streaming services and user spending.

LiveMe has positioned itself to be a major player in the growing mobile streaming industry. The app’s value is expected to continue to rise with the increased popularity of mobile video streaming and its recent successes in attracting major funding from well-known investors.

Who is the CEO of LiveMe?

The CEO and founder of LiveMe is Yuki He, who has his own career history after graduating from Southeast University in 2003. After that, he worked as an engineer at Shanghai SIB and Sohu, where he primarily focused on the development of mobile products and search engines.

In 2014, Yuki founded LiveMe, the interactive broadcasting platform that is now part of Medialab Technology. He has become a visionary leader in the industry, shaping and launching various features on the platform.

Yuki was also an investor in companies such as Weibo, Toutiao, PINDDU, and Fireball Technology. In 2019, Yuki was honored as one of the Top 10 Best CEOs in Technology for his contribution to the industry.

What is LiveMe America Inc?

LiveMe America Inc is a leading social media live streaming platform which enables users to create livestreams and broadcasts to a worldwide audience. Developed by KS Mobile, a top 10 mobile game provider, LiveMe is an online live streaming platform that helps users reach out to and engage with an international audience.

It is designed to provide users with an opportunity to showcase their talent and create meaningful connections with other people all over the world. It is available both as a mobile application and a desktop version and has a range of features including the ability to share videos, follow influencers, send virtual gifts and participate in real-time contests.

With more than 165 million users and over four billion views a month, LiveMe is one of the most popular streaming apps globally, and it is available in nearly 30 languages. It is also one of the few apps that offer live streaming services in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

LiveMe is a great place to stay entertained and connected to the world.