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How do I get rid of incoming ringtones?

The easiest way is to turn down the volume of your device or select a silent ringtone. Most smartphones allow you to customize your ringtone settings by going into the phone’s settings and looking for the sounds option.

You can then select a silent ringtone or turn the volume down to the minimum. If you’re using a landline phone, you can look for a ringer switch on the base of the phone or you can unplug the phone from the wall.

You can also purchase a phone with a switch allowing you to turn off ringtones completely. Some cell phone providers also have apps that allow you to customize your ringtones or turn them off completely.

Whichever method you choose, make sure the settings are consistent across all the devices in your home to prevent unexpected interruptions.

How do I get rid of notification sounds on Android?

Fortunately, muting notifications sounds on an Android device is relatively easy to do. The steps to turn off notification sounds can vary depending on the specific device you are using, but the steps outlined below should work for most devices:

1. Open up your device’s “Settings” app.

2. Scroll down to and tap “Apps & notifications”.

3. Tap “Notifications”.

4. Select “Advanced”.

5. Find the app whose notification sound you would like to turn off and tap it.

6. In the settings menu for that app, you should find an option to turn off notification sounds. Toggle off this option to silence all notification sounds from that app.

7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for any other apps whose notification sounds you would like to disable.

Alternatively, if you want to mute all notification sounds simultaneously, you can do so in the device’s “Do Not Disturb” settings. Once enabled, the Do Not Disturb will mute all calls, texts and notification sounds.

You can also customize Do Not Disturb to only silence certain types of notifications. To enable Do Not Disturb mode, follow these steps:

1. Open up your device’s “Settings” app

2. Select “Sound & vibration”

3. Right below “Do Not Disturb”, tap it to enable

4. In the Do Not Disturb settings, you can customize the type of notifications to mute

Finally, if you want to change the media volume on your device, you can do so easily by pressing the physical volume keys on the side of the device. This will allow you to quickly adjust the volume on your device to your personal preference.

How do I delete Zedge ringtones from my phone?

Deleting Zedge ringtones from your phone is relatively straightforward, and it can be done in a few simple steps.

1. Open the Zedge app on your phone and tap on “My Zedge” in the lower right corner.

2. Tap the “Ringtones” option in the top menu.

3. You will see all the ringtones you have downloaded. Select the ones you want to delete and then tap on the “Delete” option in the top right corner.

4. Finally, confirm the deletion and the ringtones will be removed from your phone.

Note that you can also delete ringtones directly on your phone without the need for the Zedge app. Simply go to your phone’s “Ringtones” folder, find the Zedge ringtones you want to delete, and tap on the “Delete” button.

What is Samsung default ringtone?

The Samsung default ringtone is known as “Over the Horizon”. It is a bright and dynamic tune that has been the company’s signature sound since its inception in 2011. As a symbol of Samsung’s innovation and its modern spirit, this uplifting melody is heard again and again across devices from the moment they are first powered on.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the “Over the Horizon” theme, giving Samsung users something familiar and beloved to enjoy each time it rings. From its creation in 2011 up until 2020, “Over the Horizon” has been reinvented five times to reflect Samsung’s commitment to innovation; each new version takes the iconic sound deeper while providing an all-new experience.

Embodying Samsung’s dedication to craftsmanship, “Over the Horizon” lives on as the company’s signature sound.

How do you set a song as a ringtone?

Setting a song as a ringtone typically involves downloading it to a device, such as a smartphone. To download a song, you can search for it on a music streaming service, such as Spotify or Apple Music, or purchase it through an online store such as iTunes or Amazon Music.

Once you have the song downloaded to your device, the process for setting it as your ringtone will vary depending on your operating system and device type.

For iPhones, the process is relatively simple: you can open the Settings app, select the Sounds & Haptics menu, and select the ‘Ringtones’ option. Then, from the list of available ringtones, press the ‘+’ icon next to the song you want as your ringtone, and press ‘Save’.

On Android, the process is a bit more complex. First, you need to create a folder in the internal memory of your device, where all of your ringtones will be stored. Then, you can use a file explorer app to select, download, and move the song to the folder you created.

Finally, you can open the Settings app, and select the ‘Sound & notification’ menu, then select the ‘Phone ringtone’ option. From the list of available ringtones, you can select the song you want as your ringtone.

Once you have followed the steps outlined for your device and operating system, the song should be set as your ringtone. You can press the ‘Preview’ option to ensure it plays correctly before setting it.

How do I reset the default notification Sound?

To reset the default notification sound, you need to first open the Settings app on your device. From there, select the Apps & notifications section, then choose the See all apps option. Find the app whose notification sound you want to change, then select its icon.

In the App info settings, look for the Notifications section. If you don’t see it, you may need to also expand the Advanced option.

Once you locate notifications, select the Sound option and choose a different sound for the notification. You can also select the Silent option or None to completely turn off your device’s notification sound.

If you want to go back to the default sound, you need to go back to the Sound option and select it again. Keep in mind that you must repeat this process for any app whose notification sound you want to change.

Where are default Android ringtones stored?

The default Android ringtones are generally stored in the phone’s ‘Ringtones’ folder, which can be found in the device’s internal storage. This folder might be located in different places depending on the phone make and model.

Generally, you can access the Ringtones folder by navigating to the device’s storage and then opening the folder called ‘Media’. Often, the ‘Ringtones’ folder is a subdirectory of the ‘Media’ folder.

The exact directory on the Android device might look something like this: Internal Storage > Media > Ringtones. Additionally, you may be able to open the ‘Ringtones’ folder directly from the device’s File Manager, if available.

If this doesn’t work, you will need to connect your device to a computer and locate the folder on the device using the computer’s file manager software.

When someone calls me can they hear the music?

No, when someone calls you they should not be able to hear the music playing in the background. If you are in a noisy environment, wearing headphones, or have some other audio source turned on while you are using your phone, the other person who is calling you will not be able to hear the music you are listening to.

This is because the audio from the other person’s call is transmitted directly to your phone’s speaker, while the music you are playing is emitted from your headphones or speaker. Because the sound from your headphones is not transmitted to the other party, they would not be able to hear the music you are playing.

How do I deactivate MTN caller tune?

To deactivate MTN caller tune, you need to send a text message to the number 4000 from the MTN line you want to deactivate the caller tune. The text message should contain the keyword “STOP”. You may also call the number 4000 and follow the instruction to deactivate the caller tune.

You will be required to enter your MTN line number and wait for a confirmation message that your caller tune has been deactivated. You may also visit MTN’s website and login to your account. Then select the “Deactivate” option next to the caller tune you want to disable.

Please note that you will be required to pay the CallerTunez subscription fee prorated from the day you activated it to the day you deactivate it. After that, you will receive a confirmation message informing you that your caller tune has been deactivated.