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How do I get rid of voicemail pending notification on android?

To get rid of a voicemail pending notification on an Android device, the first step is to make sure that all voicemails have been cleared out. To do this, open the phone app and select the Voicemail tab.

Any existing messages should be listed here. Delete any that are no longer needed or wanted, then open the Settings in the app. From here, select the Notifications tab and turn off the Voicemail notifications.

Afterwards, the pending notification should be gone. If the Voicemail notifications need to remain on, then the next step would be to check any notification settings within your phone app’s Notification tab.

This will allow you to customize notifications for different apps, so that any current voicemail notifications do not show up when there is no new message. Finally, you should try restarting the device to refresh the system and make sure that any pending notifications are cleared out.

Where are my voicemail settings?

Your voicemail settings can usually be accessed from your phone’s call settings menu. To access this, first unlock your phone, then open up the phone app. Depending on your phone, you may be able to access the call settings menu from the main page of the app, or you may need to open the dialer and select a menu icon.

Once you open the call settings menu, you should see an option for voicemail. You can use this menu to set up your voicemail and personalize it. On some phones, you may need to enter a passcode to access this menu.

Where is the voicemail app on my Android Phone?

The voicemail app on your Android Phone is likely pre-installed, and can be found in the same way you find any other app on your device. To locate it, look for an icon in your app drawer or app tray, or launch it from your list of applications by visiting your device’s Settings menu.

On most Androids, the voicemail app can be found in the Phone app. To access voicemail, open the Phone app, and then select Voicemail from the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you’ll be able to listen to, delete, and forward incoming voicemails as needed.

Why is my voicemail not working on my Android?

If your voicemail is not working on your Android phone, there are several possible explanations. First, make sure that you have set up your voicemail. Depending on your carrier, the first time you use your voicemail you may need to set a password and record a greeting.

Additionally, make sure that in your call settings, voicemail is set to be the default action after a certain number of rings.

If you have already set up your voicemail, there could be a problem with your service provider, in which case you may need to call them and ask them to reset your voicemail. There might also be an issue with your phone itself.

Try restarting your phone, as well as checking that you have good signal strength (which could cause a delay in receiving messages).

If none of these solutions fix the problem, you may have an issue with your voicemail settings. This can happen when you switch carriers or reset your phone. It’s possible to reset your voicemail settings through your carrier’s website or app, or you can contact your service provider for help with the reset.

Why can’t I get my voicemail?

The first thing to check is to make sure that your phone is able to make and receive calls. If this is not the case, check to make sure your phone is not in Airplane mode, that your network is connected, and that you have signal bars.

If this is all in order, the next step is to try restarting your phone.

If restarting your phone did not help, make sure you have your voicemail set up correctly. Check to see if your phone has a dedicated voicemail app or if you have your voicemail set up through your service provider.

If so, make sure you are using the correct access number for your provider. It is also possible that your service provider has blocked your voicemail for some reason; if so, you should contact them directly to resolve the issue.

Finally, if none of the above solutions are successful, it may be an issue with the voicemail system itself. In this case, you should contact your provider again to ask them to investigate the issue.

Can you disable voicemail?

Yes, you can disable voicemail. Depending on your phone carrier and service provider, there are different ways to disable voicemail. If you are on an iPhone with iOS 8 or later, you can disable voicemail by going to the Phone app, tapping on Voicemail, and then tapping on Disable Voicemail.

On most Android devices, you can usually disable voicemail by dialing a special number provided by your carrier. For other carriers, you may need to contact customer service to ask them how to disable voicemail.

In general, it is important to always check with your phone carrier if you need help or information on how to disable voicemail.

What is the number to delete voicemail?

The number to delete voicemail varies depending on the phone provider and device you are using. Generally, the number you dial to delete a voice mail is the same as the number you dial to access it. For example, if you are using a Verizon Android device, you would dial *86 to access and delete voicemail messages.

Alternatively, if you are using an at&T iPhone, you would dial *61.

If you are unsure of the correct number to delete voicemail messages, you may need to consult your phone manual or contact your phone’s customer support for assistance.

Where is my voicemail icon on Galaxy S7?

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and you are wanting to access your voicemail, you can find an icon for it on your home screen. Depending on the type of home screen you have, this icon can either be on the shortcuts bars or within the applications folder.

On the Samsung Galaxy S7, it is likely to be found in the applications folder, as it may have been removed from the shortcuts bar. To access the applications folder, simply press on the Apps icon located on the bottom left of your display.

From there, you should be able to find the Voicemail icon. If it is not found, you may have to look up your voicemail settings and insert it into the folder. Additionally, some carriers may have specific locations in the settings where you can access your voicemail.

If this is the case then you can go to your settings, select the Phone tab and then find the Voicemail option.

Does Samsung S22 have visual voicemail?

Yes, the Samsung S22 does have visual voicemail. Visual Voicemail is a feature that allows you to manage your voicemail messages on your Samsung device. The feature allows you to view and play voicemail messages directly from the voicemail inbox.

You can also delete, reply, forward, and save your messages. Additionally, you can search for messages based on the sender of the message or descriptive words in the message. Visual Voicemail is a convenient way to manage your voicemail messages without needing to listen to each one.