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How do I get The Economist app?

To get The Economist app, you can search for it on the app store of your preferred device. If you are using an Apple device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can search for The Economist in the App Store.

If you are using an Android device, you can search for The Economist in the Google Play Store. Once you have installed the app, you will be able to easily access The Economist’s range of content, including articles, audio, video, special reports, events, and much more.

To make the most out of your time with The Economist, you can also take advantage of subscription options. With a subscription, you can access the full range of content and access exclusive benefits, such as discounts on The Economist’s store, as well as access to additional products.

Does The Economist have a desktop app?

No, The Economist does not currently have a desktop app. However, they do offer a variety of digital products and services to consumers through their website and mobile app. Their website provides access to their full content library and features an optimized version for desktop and laptop devices.

Additionally, The Economist offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to access the latest news and analysis, with an archive of over 10 years of data. The app also allows users to customize their homepage and receive tailored news updates.

Furthermore, The Economist also provides a variety of services for enterprise customers, such as in-depth analysis and exclusive data. These services are only available through their website and mobile app platforms.

Where can I download The Economist for free?

Unfortunately, The Economist does not offer a free subscription to download the magazine. You may be able to find certain articles from The Economist for free online, but the full magazine is not available for free.

The Economist offers a digital subscription which gives you access to their magazine online, as well as to their app. This subscription gives you access to the full magazine, as well as any other content that The Economist publishes.

Additionally, you can purchase a print copy of the magazine from various newsstands and bookstores. There is also the option to buy single issues of The Economist online.

Does Apple News Plus include The Economist?

Yes, Apple News Plus does include The Economist. As a subscriber to Apple News Plus, you get access to hundreds of magazines and leading newspapers, including The Economist which covers a range of topics from global business, politics, and current affairs to lifestyle, technology, and food.

An Apple News Plus subscription also lets you access content from the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, and the Toronto Star, as well as over 300 magazine titles like Good Housekeeping, People, and Macworld.

How many free articles do you get with The Economist?

When you subscribe to The Economist, you receive unlimited access to all of its articles, analysis, and multimedia content for no extra charge. This gives you full, unrestricted access to more than six decades of award-winning content from The Economist.

In addition to the full archives, subscribers also get exclusive access to new articles, analysis, and multimedia content as it is published. So, with a subscription to The Economist, you get unlimited access to all of its content, both old and new.

How often is The Economist published?

The Economist is published weekly and is available every Thursday. There are typically 52 issues of the magazine published each year, and it’s been ongoing since the first issue was printed in 1843. The magazine is also available for digital download (PDF and eBooks) for anyone who can’t wait for the print edition.

The Economist is known for its analysis and commentary on international news, politics, business, finance, and economics, often from a liberal viewpoint. It’s a valuable source of informed opinion and current world events, so readers often pickup both the weekly print issue as well as online access to keep up with breaking news.

Does Apple hire economists?

Yes, Apple does hire economists. In fact, Apple currently has a number of economists worldwide. These economists are part of the team in Apple’s corporate strategy department, analyzing the global economic environment, evaluating different markets, and making recommendations on how to best position Apple in the marketplace.

Economists at Apple also work to develop models that consider the company’s potential investments, pricing policies, and supply chain decisions.

In addition to economists, Apple also employs a variety of other professionals with expertise in economics, including financial analysts, macroeconomists, microeconomists, quantitative analysts, valuation analysts, and financial risk managers.

These experts play a critical role in helping Apple make the best decisions for its long-term success.

Overall, it’s clear that Apple fully recognizes the importance of economics expertise in its operations and actively recruits a range of professionals to ensure that it’s making the best decisions for its future.

Is there a free version of The Economist?

No, unfortunately there is no free version of The Economist. However, there are some ways to access The Economist for free or at a reduced cost. If you have an. edu email address, you can get a greatly discounted subscription through The Economist Student Program.

Also, some colleges and universities may provide access to The Economist as part of their library subscription. Additionally, you can access The Economist’s weekly view of world news and opinion articles on their website for free.

The articles are limited in comparison to what is featured in their print and digital versions. However, it is free and provides access to some of The Economist’s content.

Can I read The Economist offline?

Yes, it is possible to read The Economist offline. Depending on your preference and budget.

If you’re looking for a free and convenient way to read The Economist offline, you can install their free app, which is available on both iOS and Android. The app provides full digital access to the magazine, allowing you to download and read issues while offline.

If you’re a subscriber, you can also access a digital archive of past issues that can be read offline. You’ll need to log into or create your account on The Economist website to access this archive.

Finally, The Economist also offers a print magazine option that can be read offline. Subscribing to the print version will also give you access to their digital archive, as mentioned previously.

What does The Economist subscription include?

A subscription to The Economist includes digital access to their global weekly publication on all devices, plus insider access to events, networking and special offers – all at a discounted price. You can also enjoy full access to The Economist’s digital library, print edition, and – for some subscriptions – delivery of the newspaper.

With a subscription, you can access and read The Economist Insight magazine, as well as exclusive videos, weekly audio-only updates and a host of other special content from The Economist. The Economist also has a range of newsletters, and subscribers have access to select articles from The Economist’s trusted writers.

In addition, The Economist’s subscriber portal offers the chance to participate in surveys and polls, as well as post questions and different discussions relating to the magazine’s various topics. All in all, a subscription to The Economist provides fascinating reports and analysis of the news, business, and world affairs – helping to make sense of it all.

Can I listen to The Economist on Apple Watch?

Yes, you can listen to The Economist on your Apple Watch. To do so, you’ll need to download the official Economist Radio app, available in the Apple App Store, to your iPhone. Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to synchronize it with your Apple Watch.

On your Apple Watch, you can access all of the latest episodes of Economist Radio, as well as archived episodes and interviews. You can also stream the podcast from your iPhone to your watch, so you can keep up with the latest episodes even when you’re on the go.

Can I buy a single copy of The Economist?

Yes, you can buy a single copy of The Economist. You can purchase a physical printed copy at many retailers both in stores and online. You can also purchase a digital subscription from The Economist website, and then purchase a single copy from within your digital profile on the site.

The single copy includes the same content as the printed version, including access to all articles within the issue and some additional content such as the Extra section. Additionally, The Economist is available in audio form and can be purchased in either a single issue or a subscription.

Is The Economist a weekly or monthly magazine?

The Economist is a weekly magazine. It is published 48 times per year and features global news, business, finance and politics. Each edition is divided into sections that cover different topics such as business, finance and economics, world politics and international relations, science and technology, lifestyle and opinion pieces.

The magazine is based in London and is distributed to countries around the world. It is the world’s most-widely read weekly magazine and was founded in 1843.