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How do I make a list in Google Sheets?

Making a list in Google Sheets is a straightforward process. First, open a new spreadsheet by selecting ‘New’ from the Google Sheets main page. Next, give the spreadsheet a title and adjust the number of rows and columns as desired.

To make the list, go to the cell where you would like to begin the list and type in the first item. Press on the Enter key to move to the next row, and repeat the process for the other list items. As you type in each item, a dropdown menu will appear that contains any previous items you have entered.

Selecting them instead of typing will save time. Once you’ve finished entering all the list items, you can access the menu in the upper right corner of the Google Sheets spreadsheet to sort the data.

Just click the ‘Data’ tab and then select ‘Sort range,’ and then choose your sorting criteria and the list will be sorted accordingly. You can also use the Conditional Formatting tool to highlight any cells based on criteria such as text, cell value or date.

This tool can be found under the ‘Format’ tab in the menu bar. With this tool, you can easily distinguish between different list items.

Can you add drop down lists in Google Sheets?

Yes, it is possible to add drop down lists in Google Sheets. To do this, you can use the Data Validation feature to create a drop down list. To do this, select the cells you wish to add a drop down list to and go to Data > Data Validation.

Here, you can select List of Items in the drop down menu, then type your list of items into the provided box, separating them with commas. Before you finish, make sure to select the Show dropdown list in cell option to make sure the dropdown list appears in the cells you initially selected.

Once finished, click on Save and you will have your dropdown list in the selected cells.

How do you autofill without dragging?

Autofill without dragging can be done by double-clicking the bottom right corner of the cell. This will display the small green square which represents the Auto Fill icon. When you hover over the icon, it will tell you it’s the Auto Fill Feature.

Double-clicking this icon will automatically fill out the cell with the contents of the adjacent cell, depending on the type of pattern you have chosen. You can also use the Auto Fill function by selecting the cell and then using the ribbon to select the Fill option, and then selecting the Auto Fill option.

You can also select the Auto Fill options button to select a certain pattern to fill a range of cells. These patterns include copying cell contents, fill a series, fill formatting, and fill without formatting.

Can you have multiple Data Validation in one cell Google Sheets?

Yes, you can have multiple data validation in one cell in Google Sheets. This can be accomplished by adding multiple rules to a cell. To do this, you must select the cell or range of cells that you want the data validation to apply to.

Then, you must click ‘Data’ from the top menu and select Data Validation. A menu will appear allowing you to assign a data validation rule to the cell. You can then click the ‘Add another rule’ button to assign another rule.

You can also click the ‘Duplicate this rule’ button to duplicate an existing rule and then tweak the conditions or settings for the new rule. By utilizing the above methods, you can assign multiple data validation rules to a cell.

How do I select more than one drop down option?

You can select more than one drop down option by using an HTML element known as “multiple selection” or “select multiple,” which allows you to select one or more options from a drop down list. For example, you could create a drop down list of your favorite foods and select multiple options.

To do so, add the “multiple” attribute to your HTML element and provide a list of option by using the

When you set up the “multiple” attribute, a click on the drop down will enable you to select more than one option by holding down the control (CTRL) key and left clicking on the items you wish to select.

As soon as you have your multiple selection ready, you can use the JavaScript code to process the selection associated with the “change” event. For example:

document.querySelector(‘.foods’).addEventListener(‘change’, function() {

// Do something with the result


You can also use jQuery to get the information from the selected option. First, you will need to add the “multiple” attribute to the HTML code and then define the jQuery code, as follows:

$(‘#foods’).on(‘change’, function() {

// Get the selected values

var selectedValues = $(this).val();

// Do something with the result


Once you have the multiple selection drop down set up, you can use the values selected to perform any type of logic you need.

What is multi select dropdown?

A multi select dropdown is a type of dropdown menu or form element that allows users to select multiple options from a list of predetermined choices. This type of dropdown is especially useful when users need to select more than one option from a list, such as selecting multiple products for a purchase order or selecting multiple recipients for a mass email.

Multi select dropdowns can be implemented with a select box interface that presents users with a list of choices, allowing them to select one or more with the help of a checkbox or toggle switch. Depending on the implementation, users may be allowed to select all the choices at once by checking off the “Select All” option.

The multi select dropdown can also take the form of tags, allowing users to create their own custom entries in addition to the predefined choices.

How can you select multiple options from the items displayed in a list?

If you have multiple options that you want to select from an item list, you can usually do it by holding down the ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Command’ key and then left-clicking on your mouse to select each of the individual items.

Alternatively, if the list includes many items, you can select all of them by using the ‘Shift’ key and clicking on the first and last items. This will select all of the items within the range. Depending on the program or web page you’re using, you may also be able to select multiple items by holding down the ‘Alt’ key and clicking on them.

Generally, this will show a checkbox next to the items to indicate that they have been selected. Additionally, some programs may even allow you to select multiple items using a checkbox next to each item in the list.

How do I list numbers in a spreadsheet?

To list numbers in a spreadsheet, the first step is to open the spreadsheet program of your choice and create a new document, or open an existing document. The next step is to enter the numbers into the cells of the spreadsheet.

You can do this by entering the numbers manually or by copying and pasting them from another source. Once the numbers have been entered into the cells, you can apply any formatting or calculations needed.

For example, you can format cells to display commas in large numbers, or perform calculations such as finding the sum of a column of numbers. You can also use sorting and filtering tools to arrange the numbers in the way that you’d like.

Finally, save the document so that you can access your numbers at a later time.

Why is Google Sheets not auto filling?

Google Sheets is not auto-filling because it has been disabled or there may be an issue with the computer or device you are using. If auto-fill has been disabled, you can re-enable it by going to the “Data” tab in the ribbon at the top.

Then, click “AutoFill” and make sure “Enable AutoFill” is checked. If it is already checked, uncheck it and then check it again to re-enable it.

If auto-fill is not disabled, then it could be an issue with the computer or device you are using. In this case, try restarting the device and then opening the sheet again. If that doesn’t work, try turning off the wifi connection, then turning it back on again, and opening the sheet.

If neither of those options work, try using a different device or computer. If you are unable to auto-fill on a different device, then it could be an issue with the Google Sheets server, and you may need to contact Google Support.

How do you fill down sheets?

To fill down a sheet, open the worksheet that you want to fill data into. Select the cells containing the data that you want to fill, and then press Ctrl + D. This will copy the data from the first cell down the column, filling each cell until the end of the data is reached.

You can also fill down multiple rows at once by selecting the range of cells containing the data. Once the range is selected, press Ctrl + D and the data will be filled into each cell in the range.