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How do I remove a photo from listing?

Removing a photo from a listing can vary depending on the resource you used to create the listing. If you created a listing on a popular platform such as eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist, there are different steps for each platform.

To remove a photo from an eBay listing:

1. Log in to your account and find the listing you’d like to edit.

2. Under the listing, click on “Edit pictures.”

3. Select the photo(s) you want to remove and click “Remove.”

4. Click “Save” to save the changes you’ve made.

To remove a photo from an Amazon listing:

1. Log in to your account and open the listing you’d like to edit.

2. Select “Manage images” on the image selection page.

3. Select the photo you want to remove and click “Delete photo.”

4. Click “Save” to save the changes you’ve made.

To remove a photo from a Craigslist listing:

1. Log in to your account and click “My account” to view your listings.

2. Find the listing you’d like to edit and select “Edit/Delete.”

3. Select the photo you’d like to remove and click “Remove.”

4. Click “Save” to make your changes.

If you used a different platform for creating your listing, refer to their specific instructions for removing photos.

How do I remove a house picture from a real estate website?

Removing a house picture from a real estate website can be done in a few different ways depending on how the website is set up. If the website is using a content management system (CMS) then it is likely you can simply log in and remove the picture.

If the website is not using a CMS then you may need to contact the website’s administrator to have the picture removed. In some cases, the website may have a removal process in place, so it is important to seek out this information before beginning any removal process.

Additionally, some websites may have restrictions for image removal, so be sure to read any policies or user agreements that may be applicable before attempting to remove an image.

How do I change my picture on Redfin?

To change the profile picture on Redfin, first log in to your Redfin account using your email or username and password. Once you are logged in, click on the profile icon located in the upper right corner of your screen.

This will open the profile settings page. On the left sidebar, click on the “Change Picture” tab. You will see a prompt asking if you would like to include a picture from Facebook or upload a picture from your computer.

If you choose to upload a picture from your computer, you will need to select the image file that you want to use and press the “Upload” button. Once you have uploaded your new profile picture, you can press the “Done” button to save the changes.

Your new profile picture is now active!.

How do I delete my Redfin home history?

To delete your Redfin Home History, you need to first sign in to your Redfin account. Once you have signed in, you will be taken to your profile page. On the right side of the page, you will see a button labelled “Home History”.

Click this button and you will be taken to the Home History page. At the bottom of this page, there is a button labelled “Delete history”. Click this button and a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your decision to delete all of your home history from Redfin.

When you are sure that you want to delete all of your home history, click the “OK” button to confirm your decision. Your home history will now be deleted from Redfin.

Can you ask Zillow to remove pictures?

Yes, you can ask Zillow to remove pictures from their website. All profile pictures, photos, or videos that you upload to Zillow can be removed or edited by you or another user at any time. You must be logged into your Zillow account to remove photos, and can only delete photos that you or another user has uploaded.

To delete a photo, go to your Zillow profile, and click on the photo you’d like to remove. A drop-down menu will appear from which you can select “Delete Photo. ” After you select this option, all votes, comments, and any other associated data with the photo will be removed.

Additionally, if you are unable to delete the photos, or if you need to remove photos that were uploaded by another person, you can contact Zillow’s customer service team, and they will assist you in deleting or editing any photos that are on the Zillow website.

How do I remove pictures of my home from my compass?

If you have pictures of your home on your compass, you can remove them relatively easy. First, you must open the Compass app on your phone or tablet. Once you have it open, you should select the “Settings” option at the top-right corner of the screen.

From the settings menu, you should select the “My Places” option, which should open up a list of places you have previously saved. Select the one with the home images you want to remove and press the “Remove” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

This will remove the home from your saved list of places. Finally, be sure to select the “Save” button in the top-right corner of the screen in order to confirm the changes.

How long does it take for pictures to be removed from Zillow?

The amount of time it takes for pictures to be removed from Zillow can vary depending on the situation. For example, if you are the homeowner and have requested the removal of a picture from your home’s listing, then the removal should happen in no more than 24 hours.

In other cases, such as if you are asking a third-party seller or real estate agent to remove an image, the turnaround time can vary. In most cases, you should expect to hear back within 48 hours after making the request.

However, it may take some additional time depending on the quantity of images that need to be removed or the complexity of the request.

Who owns the photos on Zillow?

The photos on Zillow are owned by the people who posted them. This can include photographers, real estate agents, or individual home owners. All photos posted on Zillow must follow the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, which require that all images posted are owned or licensed by the poster.

This includes photos that have been taken by a professional photographer or taken by the poster themselves. If the poster does not own the rights to the photograph, they must first obtain permission from the photographer or owner and provide written consent before posting the photo.

Can you remove information from Zillow?

Yes, it is possible to remove information from Zillow. To do this, you should first log into your Zillow account. Then, click on the Profile & Settings tab at the top of the page, located in the upper-right corner.

Once you’re in the Profile & Settings tab, you can find the Privacy tab on the left-hand side. From there, you can choose which information you would like to delete. You can delete your profile information, listings or reviews you’ve made, or any searches you’ve recently done.

After selecting the information you would like to delete, you should click the “Delete” button at the bottom. You will have to accept the terms and conditions before you can complete the process. Once you have confirmed that the information has been deleted, it can no longer be recovered or seen on Zillow.

How do I block my home on Zillow?

Blocking your home on Zillow is a way to protect your personal data from being exposed inadvertently to the public. By blocking your home, you are preventing potential buyers or sellers from being able to view information about your home such as the property address, estimated home value, and historical real estate performance data.

You can easily block your home from being visible on Zillow by going to the “My Zillow” page and selecting “Remove your Home from the Map. ” On this page, you will be prompted to enter your street address or the property address, and then select “Block Property”.

Once you have successfully blocked the property, Zillow will send you a confirmation email which will include a link to undo the block if you choose to do so.

Blocking your home on Zillow can help protect your personal information while still allowing you to access the valuable home search resources available on Zillow.

How do you get a picture of your house off the Internet?

Getting a picture of your house off the Internet can be a bit tricky, depending on where you live. If you’re in a larger city or major metropolitan area, chances are that someone has already taken a picture of your house and put it online.

Here are some ways you can try to locate it:

1. Visit Google Maps. Enter the address of your house into the search bar and then click on the “Street View” tab. You should be able to see a live image of your house, complete with photos of the front, sides, and back.

2. Visit or a similar real estate website. Often they will have photos of listed homes that may include a photo of your house.

3. Try using a reverse image search. Search for a photo of your house on TinEye or Google Images, and it will come up with any similar images that are posted on the web.

4. Read through your local newspaper’s archives. Oftentimes they will include photos of notable homes in your area in their publications, so you may be able to find a picture of your house from the past.

5. Check the website of your city or town’s government if they keep archives of their records online. They may have images of your house kept in the archives.

6. Look for the terms “aerial view” or “satellite view” in your search engine. These typically show aerial views of your area, which may include a photograph of your house.

7. Ask neighbors, family, and friends if they have a picture. Sometimes, if people have known you for a long time and remember the area, they may have photos of your home, old or new.

If the above methods don’t produce the desired results, you can always take your own picture. With modern digital cameras and smartphones, it’s easy to snap a few photographs of your house.

Can I remove Redfin estimate?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove the Redfin Estimate from your home’s listing page. This is because the Estimate is a major part of the Redfin website and serves as a great resource for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals alike.

Redfin Estimate is a popular tool as it’s free and provides a starting point to figure out a home’s current market value. Additionally, it leverages big data and advanced analytics to generate accurate data-driven estimates.

The Redfin Estimate calculation is based on public records, recent sales of similar homes in the surrounding area, and automated valuations. While it may not always be accurate, it does provide a good first estimate for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals to build upon.

If you do not agree with the initial Redfin Estimate, there are a few things you can do. For instance, you can contact an appraiser to get an even more accurate market value. Similarly, you can speak with a real estate agent or property expert to get their advice on the estimated value.

You can also contact Redfin directly to provide feedback on or to dispute the Redfin Estimate.

Overall, while you cannot remove the Redfin Estimate from your home’s listing page, it is still an incredibly valuable tool in determining an estimated market value for your home. It’s important to note that this is just an estimate, though, and you can always use other resources to get a more accurate market value.

Who is more accurate Zillow or Redfin?

In general, it is difficult to say which website is more accurate, as both Zillow and Redfin offer various real estate estimation tools and services. Zillow bases their estimates on public and user-submitted data, as well as their proprietary algorithm, while Redfin uses their own algorithms with public records and their own historical data.

Zillow’s algorithm was born out of their database of more than 100 million U. S. homes and is updated monthly with new information. Redfin’s accuracy is bolstered by their on-the-ground agents who continuously analyze, research, and provide updates on all active listings in their markets.

Though both Zillow and Redfin offer a variety of home valuations and market indicators, the relative accuracy of their estimates will depend heavily on local market conditions. In some markets, Redfin may have better accuracy due to their agents surveying the area and providing updates to the system.

In areas where Zillow has captured more data and has more users, it could be more accurate.

Ultimately, it is important to keep in mind that Zillow and Redfin are estimates and not appraisals, so if you want to know the exact market value of your home, you should consult with a local real estate professional or an appraiser.

Why Redfin estimate is so high?

Redfin Estimate is a home value estimation tool that uses Artificial Intelligence and current market data to give an estimate of a home’s worth at a particular point in time. It is one of the most accurate home value estimation tools available, but it can still be off by several thousands of dollars in some cases.

In some instances, the Redfin Estimate may be higher than the actual market value of a home. This can result from a number of factors, such as:

1. Artificial Intelligence and algorithms are only as accurate as the data they are given to work with. If the data is incomplete or inaccurate, it can lead to an overestimation of a home’s value.

2. Home sellers may have an exaggerated view of their home’s value due to emotional attachment. This can lead them to overestimate the value of their home, which will then be passed on to the Redfin Estimate.

3. Redfin Estimate does not take into account unique features or luxury upgrades in the home. These may increase the market value of the home significantly, but the Redfin Estimate may not reflect this higher value.

4. The real estate market is always changing, and the Redfin Estimate may not be able to keep up with the most current market trends. This could lead to an overestimation of the home’s value when compared to other accurate market indicators.

In order to get the most accurate valuation for a property, it is always best to consult with a local real estate professional who is familiar with the market. They will be able to combine their in-depth knowledge of the area with recent market trends to get the best estimate of a home’s worth.

Does Redfin really only charge 1%?

Yes, Redfin does only charge its clients 1% commission when they help them buy or sell a home. This compares favorably to traditional real estate brokerages, which typically charge 3-6% commission. Redfin’s 1% rate applies to the entire transaction, so sellers do not need to pay an additional listing fee.

As a part of their fee, Redfin provides their clients with a dedicated Redfin Agent, a 3D home tour, professional photos, and an extensive digital marketing package. Redfin also provides a full-service experience for both buyers and sellers, so clients don’t have to worry about multiple service providers or having to navigate the home-buying process on their own.

Ultimately, Redfin’s one-stop-shop approach to home-buying (and selling) helps keep costs at only 1%, although there are some additional closing costs that may apply in certain circumstances.

Which realtor site is most accurate?

It depends on a few factors. The most accurate realtor site will depend on the market you are interested in, the resources that the site has access to, and the user-friendly features that you may desire.

Generally, Zillow is the most accurate and comprehensive real estate website. It features a vast database of listings that are updated in real time and allows users to filter results based on exact criteria.

It also provides users with detailed information on homes they are interested in, such as estimated home values, recent listing prices, and even neighborhood data. Additionally, Zillow offers a variety of useful tools, such as a rent estimate, mortgage calculator, and online marketplace.

Finally, Zillow is incredibly easy to use with helpful search capabilities and user-friendly design. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, comprehensive, and user-friendly realtor website, then Zillow is likely the most accurate website for you.

How accurate are Zillow home values?

Overall, Zillow home values are generally accurate, but not always. According to Zillow, their Estimates are “calculated and updated continuously throughout the day, using what we believe is the most comprehensive collection of data relevant to the market value of a home. “.

Since Zillow primarily relies on public data from tax records, MLS listings, and other public sources, their home values can vary from location to location depending on how current the data is. In more established markets, where data can be more up to date, Zillow’s home values will often be more accurate.

In emerging markets where data may be less accurate or current, Zillow’s home value estimate may be more off.

As such, it’s important to not solely rely on Zillow’s home value estimate. While it can be helpful to get a general idea of a home’s market value, it’s important to conduct further research by speaking to a local real estate agent when it comes time to buying or selling.

Can you trust Zillow estimates?

Yes, in general you can trust Zillow estimates. Zillow utilizes sophisticated algorithms to estimate home values, which are regularly updated and have proven to be reliable in the past. Every estimate takes into account factors such as nearby home price trends, neighborhood and market conditions, home features, tax assessments, and more.

These estimates are further refined by the Zillow team, who manually adds new data points and adjusts for any noticeable discrepancies. Zillow also enables users to check the accuracy of their estimates by comparing the “Zestimate” to recent sales transactions in their area.

That being said, it is important to remember that the Zestimate is just an estimate, and may not be 100% accurate. Additionally, if a property has undergone significant renovations or if it’s in a particularly volatile market, the ‘Zestimate’ may need to be adjusted accordingly.

It is also important to note that the Zestimate is less reliable in rural or remote markets where Zillow may not have as much data to factor into its algorithms. Overall, Zillow estimates are a reliable and useful tool, but should not be seen as the absolute value of a property.

How reliable is Redfin?

Redfin is generally considered to be a reliable source for real estate information in a variety of markets. Many consumers, homebuyers and sellers, report positive experiences with the Redfin platform.

Redfin is trusted for its user-friendly interface and vast database of current listings and real estate market information. Redfin offers an accurate Property Value Tool that utilizes historical records, as well as current market conditions in order to provide granular detail about any given area.

Redfin also offers trusted neighborhood insights, with detailed reports on demographics and crime rates, as well as recommendations for nearby amenities, school ratings, and even local businesses.

For buyers looking for help to navigate the entire home-buying process, Redfin agents offer experience and knowledge that goes beyond the data points. Agents are available to review offers, schedule walkthroughs, answer questions, and more.

The customer service reviews are highly positive, with many praising their responsiveness and helpfulness.

In general, the consensus is that Redfin is a valuable, reliable resource for those looking for up-to-date and accurate information about property or real estate markets.

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