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How do I set up simplified planner?

Assuming you would like instructions on how to set up a Simplified Planner:

1. Begin by visiting the website and choosing which type of planner you’d like to purchase.

2. Next, select the start date for your planner. You can choose to start your planner on the first day of any month.

3. Then, decide which layout you’d like for your Simplified Planner. There are two layout options: hourly or daily.

4. Once you’ve chosen a layout, select the cover style you prefer. You can choose between a hardcover or softcover planner.

5. Finally, add any optional accessories to your order and checkout.

When did simplified Planner start?

Simplified planner started in 2014 as a project by Emily Ley. Emily was feeling overwhelmed with her own life and decided to create a more simplified way to help her focus on what was important. She wanted a way to help her prioritize her time and energy so she could be more productive and have more time for the things she loved.

The first Simplified planner was a huge success and Emily has continued to improve and simplify the design each year.

Where is Emily Ley located?

Emily Ley is located in the southern United States. She currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband and three children. Emily Ley is the author of three books: Grace, Not Perfection; A Simplified Life; and The Punch Needle Handbook.

She is also the founder and creative director of the namesake stationery and lifestyle brand.

Who owns simplified?

Simplified is a website created by Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Work Week. The site is designed to help people declutter their lives and simplify their routines.

How did Emily Ley get started?

Emily Ley was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. After attending Auburn University, she moved to Memphis, TN to pursue a career in Interior Design. A self-taught calligrapher, Emily began hand-lettering wedding invitations and soon created a line of unique paper products.

What started as a side hustle quickly became a full-time business, and Emily’s signature style has been featured in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, and more. Today, Emily and her team design and manufacture all of their products in their Memphis studio.

What is the standard size of a planner?

The standard size of a planner is about 8.5″ x 11″, though there are also smaller sizes like 5″ x 7″ and 2″ x 3.5″. The most popular size is likely the A5, which is about 5.8″ x 8.3″.

Are A5 and A6 the same size?

In terms of paper size, A5 is half the size of A6, which in turn is half the size of A4. So they are not the same size, but A5 is smaller.

Is A5 the same as half letter?

A5 and half letter are two different paper sizes. A5 is 148 x 210 mm, or 5. 8 x 8. 3 inches, while half letter is 140 x 216 mm, or 5. 5 x 8. 5 inches. Neither size is an international standard, so there is no guarantee that either size will be available outside of your own country.

What is an A5 planner?

An A5 planner is a type of planner that is typically portable and easy to carry around. It is smaller in size than a standard letter-sized planner, making it perfect for those who want to keep their planning items close at hand.

A5 planners typically have plenty of space for daily, weekly, and monthly planning, as well as tabs and pockets for storing important papers and other materials.

What paper does Emily Ley use?

Emily Ley uses a lovely notebook with a dotted grid pattern. The notebook has a hardcover and is bound with black fabric. Emily’s company, Emily Ley Paper, produces similar journals.

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