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How do I switch between Michael and Franklin on PC?

In order to switch between Michael and Franklin on PC, you’ll need to use the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). You can do this by opening the main menu in GTA V, selecting the ‘Story’ tab, then selecting the ‘Character’ sub-menu.

From here you can choose between Michael and Franklin as your active character. Once you select the character you want to play as, their mission list and general story progress will be loaded. This can also be done while in free roam by pressing the ~ (tilde) key and selecting the ‘Switch to Character’ option.

Why can’t I switch players on GTA 5?

First, make sure that you have more than one player created. You can do this by opening the Settings menu and going to the “Players” tab. If you only have one player, you won’t be able to switch between them.

Another reason you might not be able to switch players is if you’re in the middle of a mission or activity that can only be done by one player. For instance, if you’re in a mission where you have to drive a car, you won’t be able to switch to another player until that mission is over.

Finally, make sure that you’re not in a restricted area. Some areas of the game world, like prisons or hospitals, can only be accessed by one player at a time.

How do you change your current character on GTA?

In order to change your current character in Grand Theft Auto (GTA), you must first enter the ‘Start Online’ menu by pressing the ‘Start’ or ‘Select’ button on your controller. Then you should click the ‘Online’ tab located on the top portion of the menu.

Under the ‘Online’ tab, select the ‘Player’ drop down menu and then choose the ‘Switch Character’ option. This will bring up a list of all the characters that are associated with your game profile. Select the character that you want to play and then click the ‘Select Character’ button.

After doing this you will then be given the option of customizing the character that you have chosen including switching out the clothes and changing the hairstyle. Once these changes have been made, you can start playing your game as your new character.

Can you change your appearance in GTA 5 story mode?

Yes, you can change your appearance in GTA 5 story mode. You can do this by purchasing clothes from any Clothing Store in game. You can buy different clothes for each of your three characters Michal, Trevor and Franklin.

You can purchase different shirts, pants, hats and other accessories. You can also get haircuts from the barber shop if you want to change your hairstyle. Additionally, you can also change the color of your characters’ cars, as well as buy new cars altogether.

Finally, you can also change the style of your tattoos – so they reflect your characters’ individual personalities.

Can you get plastic surgery in GTA?

Yes, you can get plastic surgery in GTA (the Grand Theft Auto series of video games). The plastic surgery feature was first added in the GTA Online: After Hours update, released in July 2018. With this feature, you can customize your avatar’s appearance, including changing facial features and body shape.

You can purchase these services from the plastic surgeon at his penthouse office in San Andreas. The cost of the cosmetic surgery will depend on the type of surgery you select, and you will have to pay in cash.

Once you have undergone the surgery, you can change up your avatar’s look anytime afterwards by simply visiting the doctor and requesting further changes.

Can you edit your characters body in GTA?

Yes, you can edit your characters body in GTA. Every major version of the game allows you to alter your character’s physical appearance by changing their clothing, hairstyle, tattoos and even features such as nose types and muscle size.

There have also been added customisation options for cars, bikes, boats and even airplanes.

In GTA V, character customisation is even more extensive and allows you to choose gender, head shape, facial features, and body shape. Even better, you can also adjust your character’s weight, making them more burly or more slim.

Finally, you can also alter your character’s voice which can give a personal touch to your character.

How can I change my look?

There are some general tips that can help you change your appearance in a way that is flattering and suits your own personal style.

One way to change your look is to experiment with your hairstyle. Try a new cut or color that you’ve been wanting to try, or style your hair in a way that is completely different from your usual routine.

This can be a great way to instantly change your appearance and freshen up your look.

Another way to change your look is to experiment with your makeup. Again, try new colors or products that you’ve been wanting to try, or go for a completely different makeup look than you usually wear.

This can help you enhance your best features and create a whole new appearance.

Clothing is also a great way to change your look. Again, try new styles or colors that you’ve been wanting to try. You can also consider accessorizing more, or wearing different types of clothing than you normally would.

This can help you create a more unique and personal style that reflects your own taste.

Finally, remember that attitude is everything. If you carry yourself with confidence and feel good about yourself, it will show in your appearance. So even if you don’t make any major changes to your look, simply having a positive attitude can make all the difference in how you look and feel.

How do you cut your hair in GTA 5?

Unfortunately, there is no way to cut your character’s hair in GTA 5. You can however, change your character’s clothing and accessorize them with various items, including hats, masks, and glasses. Additionally, you can customize your vehicle with a range of options, from spoilers to vented hoods, and from smoke tinted windows to different paint jobs.

As for actually changing your character’s hair, the only way to do this is to replay the game in Story Mode and customize your character again before starting the mission.

How do I edit my second GTA Online character?

You can edit your second GTA Online character by accessing the Character Select Wheel. To do this, press the Start button, then scroll to the Online Characters section. From here, you can use the left and right thumbsticks to cycle through your available characters.

When you’ve found the one you want to edit, press the A button (Xbox One) / X button (PS4) to select it.

Once you’re in the Character Select Wheel, you can use the left and right bumper buttons to cycle through the different options for each category. To edit your character’s appearance, select the Appearance option.

From here, you can use the left and right thumbsticks to make changes to your character’s face, body, and clothing. To save your changes, press the A button (Xbox One) / X button (PS4).

If you want to edit your character’s name, select the Name option. From here, you can use the on-screen keyboard to enter a new name for your character. To save your changes, press the A button (Xbox One) / X button (PS4).

You can also edit your character’s voice, stats, and skills from the Character Select Wheel. To do this, select the Voice, Stats, or Skills option, then use the left and right bumper buttons to cycle through the different options.

Make your changes, then press the A button (Xbox One) / X button (PS4) to save them.

Can you have 2 GTA 5 characters?

Yes, you can have two GTA 5 characters. The game allows you to create multiple characters, each with their own unique look, style, background, and abilities. You can switch between characters as you play, allowing you to experience the stories, activities, and challenges of GTA 5 from different perspectives.

You can also share money and certain properties between characters, helping you to advance both characters at the same time. With a variety of customization options, you can create two or more characters that reflect your own playstyle and move between them as the game progresses.

How do I switch to Franklin in GTA 5?

In order to switch to Franklin in GTA 5, you will first need to start the game and load your saved game. Once the game is loaded, you will be able to find Franklin in the character selection wheel at the bottom right of the screen.

He is indicated by the purple color of his icon. You can select his icon to switch to him, and you will then be placed in his location in the game. In order to switch back to your original character, you can go to the pause menu, select the “Switch Character” option, and choose the character you want to play as.

Once the character has been selected, you will be placed in that character’s respective location when the game resumes.

Can you change gender in GTA Online?

As GTA Online does not officially support gender changes. However, some players have reported success inChanging their characters’ gender can be done through the following process:

1. Enter the character creation menu by exiting to the main menu, then selecting “Create New Character.”

2. Press X/A on the “Name” option to randomize your character’s name.

3. Press X/A on the “Gender” option.

4. Press X/A on the “Appearance” option.

5. Use the left analog stick to scroll through the available hairstyles until you find one that you like.

6. Press X/A to confirm your hairstyle selection.

7. Use the left analog stick to scroll through the available facial hair styles until you find one that you like.

8. Press X/A to confirm your facial hair selection.

9. Use the left analog stick to scroll through the available clothes until you find an outfit that you like.

10. Press X/A to confirm your clothes selection.

11. Press X/A on the “Save” option.

Your character’s gender should now be changed. Note that this process will also change your character’s voice.

Can you have multiple GTA 5 online accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple GTA 5 online accounts. You can create separate accounts on different platforms, as well as create separate accounts on the same platform. When creating accounts on the same platform, you can also create multiple characters with different names.

Having multiple accounts allows you to personalize each gaming experience to your personal preference, whether that be racing, completing heists, or exploring the city with friends. It also allows you to customize your loadouts for different activities such as racing, deathmatch, etc.

Be aware that Rockstar does not officially support multiple accounts, so make sure to double check that it is allowed before attempting to have multiple accounts. If you have multiple accounts and engage in fraudulent or inappropriate activities, Rockstar can and will take action against you as well as your accounts, including banning/ suspending them permanently.

How many characters can you have in GTA V Online?

In GTA V Online, you can have up to 30 characters of various classes – the special Heist crew members, all of the various classes and roles found in GTA Online, including the Businessman, Criminal, Landlord, Mechanic, Professional, Smuggler and Highwayman.

You can also create 1 custom character of any of the classes, and you can also edit the styles and appearance of the others. You can also switch between characters without limitations in order to better enjoy all of the available options available in GTA Online.

What happens if you swap characters in GTA 5?

If you swap characters in GTA 5, you’ll be able to switch between three characters: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Each character has unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses, so playing as them separately can make for a very diverse gaming experience.

Switching to one of the other characters allows you to progress through certain missions or activities, or to experience different parts of the story. Depending on who you play as, you may also have access to different weapons, vehicles, and locations, which will allow you to customize your experience.

However, it should be noted that character-swapping cannot be used to move around large amounts of money or complete missions that require specific characters to take part. Finally, swapping characters does not erase the progress or missions you have already completed, so you can easily switch back to your previous character and continue.

Do your GTA characters share money?

No, it is not possible to directly share money between your different GTA characters. Each individual character has their own business and income and so it is not directly possible to share actual money between two characters.

However, it is possible to buy a structure or business in GTA Online, with one character and then invite another character to part own it. This way, both characters will be able to benefit from profits made from the business.

You can also purchase vehicles throughout GTA Online and insure them using one character, and then allow another character to use the same vehicle to continue the journey—although you may have to endure some extra travel time.

How do you unlock Trevor in GTA 5 story mode?

In order to unlock Trevor in Grand Theft Auto 5 story mode, you must progress far enough in the game to trigger a cut-scene or mission. Completing the mission ‘Fame or Shame’ will unlock Trevor as a playable character.

This mission can be found in Los Santos, just south of Downtown. After completing the mission, you will be able to drive him around, store weapons in his garage, and use him on missions. You may also customize his appearance, upgrading him with various outfits and tattoos.

Additionally, they will be able to go find Trevor at particular locations to do missions or partake in various activities with him. Once he has been unlocked, you will always have access to him in story mode.

What is the max money in GTA 5?

In Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), there is no single “maximum money” that can be earned. The amount of money that you can potentially earn in the game depends on a variety of things, such as how much time you spend playing the game, any in-game investments you make, and any in-game activities you partake in.

Money earned from completing missions, completing jobs, or by playing minigames can all contribute to the amount that you can have in your bank account.

Additionally, players have the opportunity to purchase extra content in the game which can increase their potential earning potential. Items such as exclusive cars, luxury apartments, and more can all be purchased for in-game currency, and any money earned from these items can also increase the total amount of money that you can accumulate.

No matter what your level of play is, there is no one single maximum amount of money that can be earned in GTA 5. However, with the right investment decisions and dedication to the game, you can easily amass a very large sum.

What is the highest paying job in GTA V?

The highest paying job in GTA V is the CEO role, which can be accessed by purchasing an Executive Office from Dynasty 8 Executive for a hefty sum of $1,000,000. As CEO, players can access the Executive Office to set up various different businesses, and will earn money from these businesses depending on how successful they become.

In addition to the base salary, CEOs can also make money from weekly stock market tips, as well as through additional business ventures like drugs and weapons trafficking. All of these are potentially lucrative sources of income, and with enough success, the CEO role can be extremely profitable.

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