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How do I use Wodify app?

Using the Wodify app is a great way to stay connected to your fitness routine anytime, anywhere. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Sign up for an account, or log in if you already have one.

3. Browse the workouts, nutrition, and fitness plans available.

4. Connect with certified coaches in the Wodify Community.

5. Join Challenges that test your fitness.

6. Track your progress with data-driven metrics.

7. Use reports to find areas of improvement and set goals.

8. Get motivated with progress photos and notes.

9. Connect your wearable devices to see your real-time heart rate and performance.

10. Stay connected via social media and online friends.

With the Wodify app, you’ll be able to maximize your fitness goals and stay on top of your workout and nutrition routines. Download it to get started today!

What is Wodify client?

Wodify client is a cloud-based software solution created to help fitness studios, affiliate gyms, and coaches increase efficiency and client retention. The comprehensive platform provides a comprehensive suite of features that help increase customer satisfaction by providing an easy-to-use solution for scheduling, tracking, and measuring progress.

Wodify also serves to automate day-to-day operations, streamline processes, and support the growth in memberships.

The software provides a suite of tools to help clients promote their fitness goals. Clients can utilize the tools to track their workouts and monitor their progress. The Wodify dashboard allows users to filter data, review exercises and reps, and even view how far along they are in their programs.

In addition, the platform provides metrics, allowing users to measure their performance to identify areas of improvement, set goals, and work towards success. They also provide custom reports, stats, and insights, enabling users to better understand the results of their efforts.

Beyond tracking and measuring, the Wodify platform allows users to book training and facility sessions and receive appointment reminders. The software also helps to facilitate communication with clients, allowing coaches and trainers to present information, track progress, and send automated reminder emails about individual workouts.

Overall, Wodify offers an intuitive, feature-rich platform for fitness studios, affiliates, and coaches to take advantage of. Its high-level of customization, the ability to see progress, and its commitment to automation ensure businesses are able to facilitate a superior customer service experience for their clients.

Can you use Wodify without a gym?

Yes, you can use Wodify without a gym. Wodify is a cloud-based software that provides solutions for gyms, coaches and athletes to track, measure and optimize their performance. It can be used to track vital stats such as weight, heart rate, and more.

With Wodify, you can create custom programs, track your workouts, and share your progress with your friends. You can also track your diet and nutrition with Wodify. Additionally, Wodify offers online classes and coaching so you do not need to attend a physical location or gym to make use of the software.

Wodify is a great platform for anyone looking to track and improve their performance regardless of their fitness level or location.

How do I register for classes on Wodify?

Before you can register for classes on Wodify, you will need to create an account with a valid email address.

Once your account is created, you can view available classes for the day, week, or even the next month with the Wodify web or app.

When viewing upcoming classes, you can continue with the registration process by selecting “Join” or “Reserve” for a specific class. Depending on how the facility has set up the class, you may be required to enter a credit card to secure your spot.

After that, you will need to fill out a waiver form and show up 10 minutes before the start of your class. Once you have arrived, you’ll need to check in using the Wodify app or in-person at the front desk. That’s it!.

That’s it!.

Welcome to Wodify – start your journey now!

How do I add a gym to Wodify?

Adding a gym to Wodify is a straightforward process. First, you’ll need to create a Wodify account, and once logged in, select “Create Gym” from the left-hand sidebar. This will bring up the “Create Gym” page, where you’ll enter your gym’s name, address, phone number, website, and any other information needed to identify it.

Next, you’ll need to add information about your gym’s members, including membership options and prices, as well as custom packages for gym visitors. You can also create a free member account for anyone who wants to participate in classes or book equipment.

Once that’s complete, you’ll be prompted to create classes and schedule times for each. You can select the type of class (crossfit, barbell, yoga, etc. ) and a title for each class, when it will take place, and how long it will last.

You’ll also be able to upload a description of the class and add any equipment that may be needed.

The final step is to add all of your coaches to the gym. They’ll need to sign up with Wodify before they can join your gym, and you can assign them to classes and manage their availability. You’ll also be able to create custom class categories for each coach, and assign coaches to certain classes or days of the week.

Once all these pieces are in place, your gym is ready to go! You’ll be able to view and manage your gym and classes through the Wodify dashboard, as well as track members and coaches. And you can start sharing your classes with your members and generating more interest in your gym.

What does metcon mean?

Metcon stands for Metabolic Conditioning. It is a type of high intensity interval training that is used to target all energy systems in the body. Metcon workouts consist of high intensity movements with periods of low to moderate intensity activity, usually in combination with using a variety of equipment.

The goal is to improve the body’s energy system efficiency and overall conditioning by increasing the body’s cardiovascular, muscular, and anaerobic capabilities. It is commonly used to help athletes prepare for sporting events, as well as for people looking to build strength, agility, and conditioning.

With regular Metcon workouts, a person can improve their performance, endurance, and reduce their risk of injury.

Can you have multiple gyms on Wodify?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple gyms on Wodify. With the Platinum Plan, users can add multiple gyms to their Wodify account with different admin privileges. Each gym includes reporting, member management, staff management, access control, and more.

Wodify also offers custom integrations with payroll, scheduling, and inventory software, so that gym owners can manage their entire business from a single comprehensive platform. In addition, users can manage multiple gyms and keep track of each gym’s inventory and member data from a single account, meaning that gym owners don’t need to log in and out of multiple accounts to switch between gyms.

How do I remove my credit card from Wodify?

Removing your credit card from Wodify is simple and straightforward. The first step to removing your card is to log into your account on Wodify’s website or app. Then, go to the “Payment Methods” section.

Here, you will be able to view all of your added payment methods and delete the ones you don’t want to keep. Once you select the card you want to remove, Wodify will prompt you to confirm the deletion.

After you confirm the deletion, your credit card will be removed from your Wodify account.

If you need further assistance with removing your card, please don’t hesitate to contact Wodify’s customer service team. They will be more than happy to help you out with any issues concerning payment methods.

Can I export my data from Wodify?

Yes, you can export data from Wodify. The exact method for doing so will depend on which specific data you are looking to export. Wodify allows for export of a variety of data, including athlete membership info, purchasing history, class attendance, performance results and more.

To export data from Wodify, you must first go to the Data Export section of the software. In this section, you will be able to specify which data you would like to export and the format in which it should be exported.

For example, you can choose to export data and have it sent as a CSV or Excel file. Once you have chosen the data you want to export and the format, you can then generate the export and receive your data as a file attachment.

Data exports can also be automatically generated through the API, allowing you to easily receive the data you need in the format you desire.

How do you export workouts from Wodify?

Exporting workouts from Wodify is quick and easy. To get started, first log in to your Wodify account. Once logged in, you’ll be presented with your Dashboard. From here, click on “Workouts” on the left-hand side navigation bar.

Next, you’ll be presented with a list of all of your workouts. Select the workouts that you wish to export. Click on “Actions” located above the search bar, then select “Export CSV” from the drop-down menu.

You’ll then be given the option to choose the date range for which you’d like to export the workouts. If you’d like to export all of your workouts, leave the date range blank. Then click “Export.”

The selected workouts will now be exported in a .CSV file. You can now easily share this file with your members and athletes. Additionally, this file can be imported into other training programs.