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How do you add friends on DragonVale?

Adding friends in DragonVale is an easy process! All you need to do is open the Friends tab in your game and then select the “Add Friends” option. You can then type in the username of your friend and send them a friend request.

If they accept your request, they will be added to your list of friends in DragonVale. You can also add friends by tapping the “Plus” sign at the top right corner of the game and selecting “Invite”. This will allow you to invite friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, or other social accounts.

After they accept your invite, they will be added to your friends list in DragonVale. You can even request friends from your device’s Contacts list, if you are connected to the Internet. Finally, you can also add friends from your friends list in the Game Center in Apple devices or the Google Play Games app in Android devices.

What is a friend ID?

A friend ID is a unique identifier given to a person when joining a gaming or social network. It is your own personal identifier which you can use to add friends, purchase items, and access features within the network.

Generally, it is a combination of characters or a number which is used to store your profile information and login details. It is usually created by the network itself and given to you when you first sign up.

You can then use this ID to access the network and add friends. A friend ID is also a great way to keep track of who you have added to the network and to be able to recognize your friend’s accounts.

How many friends can you have in DragonVale?

Since the number of friends that can be listed in DragonVale under ‘Friends’ is limited to 400. However, as many as three, or even more, players can share the same park, and each of these players can bring their own friends and allies to the game.

This means that, theoretically, each park could have up to 1200 friends. Additionally, there are exterior alliances that can be formed, with members that operate from their own parks, and can assist each other in park-building objectives, etc.

With these types of alliances, the possible number of friends can exceed even 1200.

What is the most rarest dragon in Dragonvale?

The most rarest dragon in Dragonvale is the Legendary Dragon. This unique dragon is incredibly rare and has a special appearance and unique animations. The Legendary Dragon is obtainable by breeding dragons of any element with a Legendary or Mythic Dragon.

It is the only dragon to appear without the use of a scroll and is the only dragon which cannot be sold for coins. This dragon is truly an impressive sight in Dragonvale, and its rarity is sure to draw envy from even the most veteran of dragon breeders.

Which dragons can become elder dragons?

Elder dragons are a group of rare monsters that have powerful abilities and often require special strategies and tactics in order to defeat them. Including Teostra, Kushala Daora, Lunastra, Nergigante, Xeno’jiiva, Vaal Hazak, and Kulve Taroth.

These dragons inhabit a variety of areas, from mountainous landscapes and lush forests to deep caverns and oceans. Each Elder dragon has its own unique power and can often be encountered in heroic or unique questlines.

Generally, each Elder dragon is capable of providing various rewards, from rare materials to valuable crafting components or even powerful weapons. In addition, Elder Dragons may also yield rare items, such as armor sets or powerful gemstones.

How do you give eggs as a gift?

Giving eggs as a gift is an excellent way to show your appreciation for someone. There are multiple ways that you can give eggs as a gift. One way is to get cute egg cartons or baskets and then fill them with fresh eggs.

You can also personalize the carton or basket with messages and pictures based on the recipient’s likes and interests. For example, you could use pictures and stickers of a superhero or cartoon that the recipient enjoys.

Another way to gift eggs is to make an edible treat, like cupcakes, using eggs. This will not only give you a thoughtful and personal present to give, but it will also allow the recipient to enjoy a delicious treat in addition to the gift.

To finish off the egg gift, why not add some accompanying items such as cooking utensils or egg-shaped decorations. This will allow the recipient to use the eggs in cooking and brighten up the kitchen space.

Lastly, you could also consider giving them rare or unique flavored eggs such as duck, goose, caviar, or wild quail eggs. These more exotic eggs can be a great surprise while still being mindful of dietary restrictions.

In conclusion, there are many meaningful and creative ways to give eggs as a gift. Whether you decide to get a basket, make an egg-filled treat, or give unusual eggs, you can be sure that the recipient of your present will be extremely thankful.

Can you trade dragons with friends in Dragonvale?

Yes, you can trade dragons with friends in Dragonvale. To initiate a trade, you and the friend you want to trade with both need to be playing the game. Then, you can tap the “Market” button at the bottom of the screen.

At the bottom of this page, you will see a button to “Invite Trade. ” Tap it and select the friend you want to invite to a trade. You can then choose a dragon to trade and your friend will also have to choose one.

After you have made your selections, you can review the trade before accepting. Once both of you accept, the dragons will be swapped!.

What dragon gives you the most gems in DragonVale?

The best dragon for collecting the most gems in DragonVale is the Gemstone Dragon. This dragon is one of the limited-edition dragons and can be bred by combining a Fire Dragon, Water Dragon, and Plant Dragon.

It is said to be quite rare, but with patience and luck, you will eventually be able to breed this dragon. The Gemstone Dragon is the most lucrative dragon in the game as it produces a maximum of 500 gems every day, which is significantly higher than other dragons can produce.

It is a great way to accumulate gems, which can be used to purchase decoration, food, and habitat requirements.

Where is redeem codes in DragonVale?

DragonVale’s redeem codes can be found in several places. The most common location to find them is on the official DragonVale social media accounts. The official Facebook and Twitter accounts are constantly sharing codes that can be used to unlock new dragons, treats, and other rewards.

Codes shared on other websites, such as fan sites and online discussion forums, should also be taken with a grain of salt. Some of these codes may be outdated or incorrect, so it is important to double check with the official sources before using them.

In addition, some special codes may be distributed directly through email or in-game notifications. These codes may be used to unlock special content or to receive exclusive rewards. They can also be used to enter contests, sweepstakes, and other promotional events.

Keep an eye out for these codes in your game inbox and other sources of communication to make sure you don’t miss out!.