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How do you decorate a useless corner?

Decorating a useless corner of your home can be a great way to add extra character, charm and style to your space without taking up too much space. Here are some easy ways to make a useless corner work in your favor:

1. Install shelves: Floating shelves are a great way to add personality to a dead corner. They come in all styles and can be used for displaying pictures, books, plants, candles, decorative items, and more.

2. Hang artwork: Use a wall corner to hang framed artwork, wall hangings, large mirrors, or even a combination of all three. Not only will they add a pop of color and interest, but it will also help make the corner more functional by reflecting light around the room.

3. Add a chair: Turn a dead corner into a cozy spot to relax by placing a comfortable chair with a small table, ottoman, or bench next to it. Add a throw blanket or pillows to make it even cozier.

4. Plant an indoor garden: Take your corner from drab to fab by installing a wall planter or vertical garden. This is a great way to bring life into any space and will also add a hint of greenery to your home.

5. Add a pop of color: Pale pastels and neutral tones work great for making a formerly useless corner more inviting. Choose bright throws, cushions, and accents to brighten everything up.

These are just a handful of ways to spruce up a dead corner. With the right touches, you can turn it from a forgotten space to one of the most eye-catching features in your home.

How do you fill an odd corner in a living room?

Filling an odd corner in a living room can be a challenge, but there are many great ways to make the corner not only look good, but also provide a functional piece of decor that works with the rest of the living room’s space.

One of the simplest options is to use a floor lamp. From tall, sculptural arc lamps to more compact designs, you can easily find a lamp that fits the corner perfectly, and still provides plenty of light.

Another option is to hang a piece of wall art. This could be a large tapestry, a framed painting, or a collection of art pieces. Be sure to measure the wall carefully so you know the size of the piece you can hang there.

Wall art makes a great statement and can provide the perfect touch of color to an otherwise neglected corner.

Furniture is also a great way to fill an odd corner in the living room. Place a comfortable armchair there, and add a side table by it, making it a great spot to sit and relax. You can also add a bookshelf, ottoman or console table depending on the size of the corner, and accessorize with a cozy throw and some decorative pillows or candles.

Finally, you can always use houseplants to add a vibrant touch of life to your corner. Choose a plant that can fit within the space, and if it’s too large, use multiple plants in small containers. This way, the corner can receive much-needed color and texture, especially when combined with other elements like artwork, furniture or lighting.

What do you do with dead corner space?

When dealing with dead corner space, there are several options for how to utilize and enhance the area. First, you might consider furniture like an accent chair and reading nook, if the corner has enough space for both pieces.

This will allow you to comfortably relax and enjoy the area. If you lack the room for furniture, you could try using floating shelves to show off decorations or house plants without taking up too much space.

Alternatively, you can hang artwork or gallery-style wall art that draws attention to the area and makes it feel more inviting. If the corner is a high-traffic area, you might use it as a mini-office, with a small desk or armoire containing shelves and filing systems.

You could also try decorating windowless corners with indoor plants and a few strings of lights to make it a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Finally, you could use this extra space to store items like shoes, extra blankets and pillows, or other items you rarely use but don’t want to discard.

How do you fill an awkward space?

Filling an awkward space can be a challenge, but there are several good options that may work for your home. The key is to choose the option that works best for your style and budget.

One option is to use furniture or wall art to fill the space. Think about incorporating pieces of furniture, such as a console table or an armchair, that can fit the area and that also reflect your style.

You could also hang an oversized piece of art as a focal point. Additionally, adding decorative pieces such as a large mirror, a sculpture, or even potted plants can break up the awkwardness.

Another option is to think about using open shelving. Shelves can be a great way to fill a space with minimal effort and cost. Think about floating shelves or even bookshelves to both fill the space and create additional storage if needed.

Finally, if you want to keep the space open and airy, think about adding texture to the walls or floor. You can opt for wallpapering the space, painting with a unique color, or even adding a rug to create interest.

Whatever option you go with, you should be able to find something that makes the space beautiful, comfortable, and inviting.

Is it OK to put a bed in the corner?

Yes, it is perfectly OK to put a bed in the corner of a room. Many people find it a great way to maximize floor space and create a cozy atmosphere. By putting a bed in the corner you can make use of two walls for support and stability, providing a sense of security in the bedroom.

You can also add additional design elements like a canopy, curtain, or bookshelf that fit the corner’s shape. Furthermore, putting furniture in the corner of a room can add an interesting and inviting feel to the space.

However, it’s important to consider the size of the bed when deciding where to place it. If the bed is significantly larger than the room, putting it in the corner may end up making the room feel too cramped or cluttered.

All in all, it’s perfectly OK to put a bed in the corner, but it’s important to make sure it is the right size and shape for the room you are working with.

What can I put in the corner between two couches?

You have a lot of options for what you can put in the corner between two couches. Depending on the space, you could consider a chest, end table, ottoman, or armchair. Adding a floor lamp can work as well, or you can use the corner to add a bit of greenery with a plant or two.

If the corner is large enough, you could even opt for a unique statement piece such as a painting, sculpture, or bookshelf. With a bit of creativity, you can easily make the corner between the two couches your favorite space in the room.

What can I put in an empty corner?

An empty corner in a room can be filled with a variety of objects that can add to the aesthetic of the room, while also providing functional uses. Depending on the size of the corner, one option could be to put in a statement piece of furniture such as an armchair or ottoman.

This could be a great spot for taking a rest and could be upholstered in a bright or patterned fabric. Another option is to put in a plant stand with a tall floor plant, or even an entertainment center like a console table with space for decorations, books, or even a television.

Adding a tall shelving unit would give plenty of storage space for magazines, gadgets and knick knacks, and can also be filled with things that add to the room’s decor. If the corner is quite large, a reading nook with a built-in bench and cushion can be a great spot for relaxing or even for putting a desk for a home office corner.

Whatever option fits the space best, adding something to an empty corner can be beneficial not just aesthetically but also functionally.

What can I do with an awkward corner in my living room?

An awkward corner in your living room can be an unexpected opportunity to create something unique and interesting. Depending on what kind of look you’re going for and the size of the corner, there’s a variety of different ways to make the most of this tricky spot.

One option is to create a reading nook by using a comfy armchair or bench and a side table with a floor lamp. If you’re working with a smaller corner, a smaller chair and round table or ottoman can fit nicely in the space without feeling too cramped.

You can also use bookshelves, wall shelves, or hanging plants to add a touch of style.

If you prefer a more modern look, consider using the awkward corner to create a mini bar. Place a mini wine rack and/or liquor cabinet in the corner and fill it with glasses and stemware so you can entertain in style.

This is a great way to make the corner feel purposeful and add a touch of elegance to your living space.

You could also use the awkward corner to make an interesting display with photographs, art, or memorabilia from your travels. This is a great way to add personality to the space, as well as create conversation starters when you have guests over.

The possibilities for your awkward corner are endless, so let your creativity be your guide and design a space that’s unique to you.