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How do you delete a kids account on Roblox?

To delete a kid’s account on Roblox, the parent need to sign into the account and follow these steps:

1. Go to the Account Info tab under Settings.

2. Click on the Delete Account button at the bottom of the page.

3. Enter the parent’s password and click Submit.

4. On the next page, confirm that you want to delete the account.

Once the account is deleted, all their game progress (such as items, Robux, and games) will be gone forever. Deleting an account cannot be undone, so it is important to make sure it is something you really want to do.

How do you remove your email from Roblox under 13?

Since Roblox does not allow users under the age of 13 to have an email associated with their account, it is not possible for a user under 13 to remove an email from their Roblox account. If you are under 13 and already associated an email with your account, the only way to remove it is to delete your account and then create a new one without an email attached.

To delete your account, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Roblox’s website and select “Login”.

2. Enter your username and password to log in.

3. Once you are logged in, go to the “Account Info” page.

4. Scroll down the page and click on the “Delete Account” button.

5. Log out of your account and then create a new one without an attached email.

Note: Roblox will keep all purchased items and Robux for up to 90 days on the new account so you won’t lose any progress or purchases you already made.

How do Roblox accounts get deleted?

Roblox accounts can become deleted for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to inactivity, violations of Roblox’s Terms of Service, or through a request from the user to delete the account.

Inactivity is one of the most common reasons for account deletion. If an account has been inactive for at least two years, it will automatically be deleted. Additionally, violations of Roblox’s terms of service such as underage use, cheating, or exploiting can result in account deletion.

Finally, Roblox allows users to delete their own accounts if they wish. Other family members associated with the account must be removed first before the account can be deleted.

How many times can you get banned on Roblox before account deletion?

It is possible to get banned on Roblox multiple times before account deletion. The number of times an account can be banned before being permanently deleted depends on the severity of the violation. Roblox has three levels of violations, with each level corresponding to increasing degrees of severity.

The first two levels (Level 1 and Level 2) can lead to a temporary ban, while a Level 3 violation will lead to a permanent ban, resulting in the account being permanently deleted. In addition, repeated violations of any level may result in a permanent ban and the deletion of the account.

Does Roblox delete inactive accounts?

Yes, it is possible for Roblox to delete inactive accounts. Inactive accounts are defined as having not logged into Roblox or made any purchases in the past two years. If an account has been inactive for this amount of time, then it may be deleted from Roblox at any point.

However, this is generally a rare occurrence as it is more likely for Roblox to reach out to the account owner in order to prompt them for action. The account may be reactivated if the owner logs back in, or it may be fully deleted if the owner does not respond.

Can Roblox ban your account?

Yes, Roblox can ban your account. Roblox has a set of Rules of Conduct that all players are expected to follow while playing. This includes behaviour such as creating inappropriate content, accessing or disseminating someone else’s personal information, or attempting to gain unauthorised access to Roblox’s systems or networks.

Breaking these rules can result in a ban from Roblox. You can find more information about the Rules of Conduct on their website. If you are worried about being banned, it is important to remember to always act in accordance with the Rules of Conduct and always use your best judgement while playing.

What is a Roblox poison ban?

A Roblox poison ban is a type of ban that can be placed on someone’s account if they are found to be cheating or exploiting the game. The ban actually “poisons” the account of the player so that when they try to access Roblox, they get a message that reads “Your account is currently flagged as a potential abuser.

” In addition, the ban disables all further access to the game for the player.

A Roblox poison ban is a particularly harsh punishment as it stops the player from ever being able to enjoy the game again, even though they may have paid money for the account. This type of ban is generally reserved for players found to be cheating, such as using macros or scripts that give them an unfair advantage.

It is also often used to curb the sale of virtual goods, as it makes it impossible for a player to trade, sell or otherwise pass on virtual items to other players.

These bans can be placed permanently or temporarily, but even a temporary ban can stop a player in their tracks as they are unable to use their account while the ban is in place. This kind of ban has become increasingly common in Roblox as developers try to ensure a fair gaming experience and crack down on online fraud.

What happens if I get banned from Roblox?

If you get banned from Roblox, it means that you have violated one or more of the Roblox Rules of Conduct. Depending on the severity of the offense, the ban could be temporary or permanent. A temporary ban is usually less serious and can last anywhere from one day to several weeks.

However, a permanent ban is much more serious and means that your Roblox account has been permanently disabled and you are no longer allowed to access any of its features. Your Roblox avatar and all associated items, including virtual currency, will also be permanently deleted.

This also means you may no longer have access to any Roblox games that you have purchased. It is important to remember that you are responsible for your actions and that violating the Roblox Rules of Conduct may result in a ban.

Why did I get banned in Roblox for no reason?

It is possible that you were banned from Roblox for no reason. This could have been due to an accidental ban, or a mistake made by an automated system. It is also possible that you may have violated one of Roblox’s rules and policies without realizing it.

Roblox has the right to ban players for activities that are against their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, including for activities like hacking, spamming, and being disruptive to the game.

If you believe that you were banned in error, you can contact Roblox’s Customer Support to explain your situation and ask for further assistance. If a mistake was made, then you can attempt to appeal the ban, although this is not always successful.

Can you get banned for false reporting on Roblox?

Yes, you can get banned for false reporting on Roblox. If Roblox determines you have made false reports, your account can be banned for an indefinite amount of time. It is important to note that you can be banned from Roblox for a number of reasons, and false reporting is one of them.

According to the Roblox Terms of Use, “Engaging in any activity that disrupts or interferes with the ability of other users to enjoy playing the game is a violation of the Terms of Use”. This includes making false reports, as it disrupts the game experience of other players.

Additionally, if the reported user is falsely accused of inappropriate behavior and is banned due to the false report, the user who made the report can be banned as well. In general, users are discouraged from making false reports, as it can not only result in a ban, but can also damage the reputation of an innocent user.

Therefore, it is important to not make false reports in order to maintain a safe Roblox playing environment for everyone.

How long till Roblox deletes your account?

Roblox will not delete your account unless it has been inactive for one full year or upon request by the account holder. If your account has been inactive for this length of time, Roblox will then take steps to delete it.

It is important to note that deletion is final and cannot be reversed. All purchased items, Robux, and progress made using the account will also be permanently deleted, so it is important to be intentional when considering account deletion.

Additionally, if the user is under the age of 13, the account is subject to deletion if there has been no activity for 90 days.

What happens when a Roblox account is inactive?

When a Roblox account is inactive, Roblox will eventually delete the account after 6-12 months if it has not been accessed during that period of time. When an account is deleted, all associated content, including any items or Robux purchased, will be lost.

Additionally, any unused gift cards or account credit associated with the account will become unredeemable. If an inactive account has any Friends, Notifications, or Messages on it, they will no longer be accessible.

Other members will also no longer be able to search for the account on Roblox, as it will no longer be visible. If an inactive account is reactivated before it is deleted, then all content associated with it will be restored.

How do I reactivate my private Roblox server?

If you need to reactivate your private Roblox server, the process is fairly simple. First, make sure you are logged into Roblox on the correct account and click the gear icon next to the game that you would like to reactivate.

From there, you will see a “Reactivate Game” button. Once you click that button, your private Roblox server will be reactivated, and you will be able to play once more. If you have trouble reactivating your private Roblox server, you can always try restarting the game or join a new instance of the game and see if the issue is resolved.

Additionally, you can always contact Roblox Support for any questions or help you need.

How much Robux is?

Robux is the virtual currency used in the Roblox gaming platform, and it can be bought or earned in a variety of ways. The exact amount of Robux each player has varies depending on their specific account and the type of payment method used for their membership.

For those with a free account, Robux can be earned through completing tasks and playing the games, although in smaller amounts compared to the premium subscription members. For those with premium memberships, Robux can be bought directly from the Roblox website in a variety of packages, ranging from 400 Robux for $4.

95 to 22,500 Robux for $199.95. Additionally, players can also purchase Robux through purchases in the Roblox Mobile App or other third-party suppliers. The cost of Robux will also depend on the current exchange rate of the USD.

How do you join someone’s server on Roblox without being their friend?

Joining someone’s server on Roblox without being their friend is relatively easy. You will first need to locate the server in the Roblox search bar. Once you have identified the server, you can then click on the ‘Join’ button to join the server, even if you aren’t friends with the user.

Alternatively, you can copy the server’s URL and paste it into your browser. You will then be taken to the server, where you can join or spectate. If the server is private, however, you will need to join through an invite link sent by the user.

How do I permanently delete my Roblox account?

To permanently delete your Roblox account, you must first log in to your account through the website. Once logged in, you should go to the “Account” tab and select “Close Account” from the settings menu.

You will then be taken to a page where you will be asked to enter your account password and make sure you carefully read and understand the conditions presented. Afterward, you will need to click the “Close Account” button to initiate the process.

Depending on the usage of your account, you could be asked to verify your identity before Roblox is able to complete the account closure. Once completed, Roblox will proceed to completely delete all account data and you will receive an email with the confirmation of your account closure.

Once the process is complete, your Roblox account will be permanently deleted.

Can u delete a Roblox account?

Yes, it is possible to delete a Roblox account. The process is relatively simple. First, log into your Roblox account and go to the Account Settings page. From this page, you will find an option to delete your account.

Once you click the delete button, the account will be permanently removed from the Roblox servers. Remember, once you delete your account, all of your creations, purchases, and groups will also be removed.

What is a warning in Roblox?

A warning in Roblox is a suspension or ban issued to users who have slipped up and gone against the Terms of Service, Roblox Community Rules, or Player Protection Rules. Warnings can either be issued by moderators in-game (as a result of misuse of chat, bullying, harassment, scamming etc.

) or by Roblox staff based on platform-wide offenses. Warnings may be in the form of a warning message in chat, a warning email, and any subsequent moderation action, such as a ban or suspension. All Roblox users should be aware that any action that breaches the Terms of Service, Roblox Community Rules, or Player Protection Rules will result in a warning.

Warnings may not only impact the user that violated the rules but may also impact associated accounts.

Is there inappropriate stuff on Roblox?

Yes, there is inappropriate stuff on Roblox. Roblox is an online game platform and world-building platform that enables users to create their own games and play games created by other users. The platform is largely aimed at children and teenagers, but anyone of any age can join, which means that there is a possibility for some inappropriate content.

The website does have moderation teams in place to help to monitor content, but some players may find offensive, profane, and sexually explicit content. Users of all ages are able to chat with other players, and the chat system has been criticized for giving children a way to connect with strangers that can be potentially dangerous.

Furthermore, some user-generated content can be found to contain racism, sexism, cyberbullying, and other forms of hate speech or inflammatory language. These issues can be difficult to track and address, so players should be made aware of the risks and how to stay safe while playing.

Should I trust Roblox with my ID?

When it comes to putting your personal information online, caution should be taken. It is always important to research and read privacy policies before trusting any website. As for Roblox, it has several measures in place that should give users peace of mind when it comes to trustworthiness.

Roblox enforces strict security and privacy policies that are designed to keep users’ information secure. Additionally, it has a comprehensive moderation system in place, which includes an automatically moderated chat filter, in-game moderators, and content flags.

All of these measures are designed to protect users from inappropriate content and to keep them safe when playing.

Ultimately, whether or not you trust Roblox with your ID is a decision that only you can make. It is important to research the security and privacy policies on the website and make sure that they align with your expectations.

Additionally, you should try to learn as much as possible about the moderators and security measures that Roblox has in place before making any decisions.