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How do you delete a kids account on Roblox?

If you need to delete the account, you will need to contact Roblox customer support and request that they delete the account for you.

How do you remove your email from Roblox under 13?

If you need to delete your Roblox account and you are under 13, you will need to contact customer support. Roblox does not allow users who are under 13 to delete their own accounts.

How do Roblox accounts get deleted?

The answer to how Roblox accounts get deleted is as follows:

If a Roblox user breaks the rules of the site, their account may be deleted by a moderator. Additionally, if a user repeatedly logs in and out of their account in a short period of time, their account may be automatically deleted by the system.

Finally, users can delete their own accounts at any time by going to the account settings page.

How many times can you get banned on Roblox before account deletion?

Roblox has a three-strike system when it comes to bans. If you are caught breaking the rules or engaging in inappropriate behavior three times, your account will be permanently banned and deleted.

Does Roblox delete inactive accounts?

No, Roblox does not delete inactive accounts. However, if an account is inactive for more than three years, it may be subject to purging, which is a process of permanently deleting data that is inactive or no longer needed.

Can Roblox ban your account?

Yes, Roblox can ban your account. If you violate any of our Terms of Use or Community Rules, your account may be banned. Additionally, our Safety Team may ban accounts if we believe they are being used to harm other members of the Roblox community, or for any other reason listed in our Community Guidelines.

What is a Roblox poison ban?

A poison ban is a special type of ban that is given to a user who has been determined to be poisoning the chat with negative or disruptive behavior. This can include anything from spamming to flaming to griefing.

Poison bans are generally harsher than regular chat bans, and can last anywhere from a few hours to a permanent ban.

What happens if I get banned from Roblox?

If you are banned from Roblox, you will no longer be able to access your account or play any games on the platform. Your account will be permanently suspended and you will not be able to use any of the features that Roblox offers.

Why did I get banned in Roblox for no reason?

Some of the most common reasons include:

– Posting inappropriate content: This can include anything from explicit language to images or videos that are not appropriate for a younger audience.

– Spamming: This includes posting the same message over and over again or creating multiple accounts and using them to spam others.

– Cheating: This can include using exploits or third-party software to gain an unfair advantage in games.

– Harassing other players: This can include sending them threatening or inappropriate messages, trying to exploit their personal information, or otherwise making their experience on Roblox unpleasant.

Can you get banned for false reporting on Roblox?

As the consequences for false reporting on Roblox can vary depending on the severity of the offense and the platform’s policies. However, some possible consequences for falsely reporting another player on Roblox could include a warning from the platform, a temporary suspension, or even a permanent ban from the site.

How long till Roblox deletes your account?

The platform does not automatically delete accounts that are inactive for long periods of time. However, Roblox support may delete accounts that are inactive for more than two years upon request. Additionally, accounts that are created with false or misleading information may be deleted at any time.

What happens when a Roblox account is inactive?

When a Roblox account is inactive, it means that the user has not logged in or interacted with Roblox in over 12 months. After an account becomes inactive, all of the user’s data is removed from Roblox’s servers.

This includes the user’s account information, game data, and any messages or comments that the user has made.

How do I reactivate my private Roblox server?

The easiest way to do this is to simply ask a staff member on the Roblox website. They will be able to help you out and reactivate your private server for you.

How much Robux is?

Robux is a virtual currency in Roblox. It can be bought with real money, and can be used to buy in-game items. The value of Robux varies, but 1 Robux is worth approximately $0.01 USD.

How do you join someone’s server on Roblox without being their friend?

One way is to use a server browser, which is a feature that allows you to see a list of all the servers that are currently available to join. You can find a server browser by opening the Roblox game client and clicking on the “Servers” tab.

Another way to join someone’s server is to ask the person for their server’s IP address. Once you have the IP address, you can enter it into the game client’s “connect” dialogue box and join the server directly.

How do I permanently delete my Roblox account?

This cannot be undone, so if you are certain you want to delete your Roblox account, please follow the steps below.

Go to and cancel any active subscriptions; these must be cancelled first before your account can be deleted

Log in to your account and go to

At the bottom of the page, click on the “Delete Account” button

A message will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete your account. Once you click on the “Delete Account” button again, your account will be permanently deleted.

Can u delete a Roblox account?

Although you can delete your Roblox account, doing so will permanently remove all existing data associated with it, including anyplace items, Robux, and account progress. This means that you will not be able to reactivate your account or use any of the information associated with it if you later change your mind.

What is a warning in Roblox?

A warning in Roblox is a notice that tells the player that they are doing something that is against the rules. It is a way for the Roblox staff to let the player know that they need to stop what they are doing or they will be punished.

Is there inappropriate stuff on Roblox?

There is a possibility for inappropriate content on Roblox, as with any online community platform. However, Roblox has strict rules and regulations in place to help protect its users, and remove any inappropriate content as soon as it is reported.

You can report any inappropriate content you come across on Roblox by using the report button located near the content.

Should I trust Roblox with my ID?

How much research you’ve done, and how comfortable you are with sharing your personal information. That being said, here are a few things to consider that may help you make your decision:

The first thing to consider is whether or not you feel comfortable sharing your personal information with the company. If you’re not comfortable sharing your ID, then it’s probably not worth it to use the platform.

Another thing to keep in mind is how well you know the company. If you’re not familiar with their policies and procedures, it’s probably not worth it to risk your personal information.

Finally, you should also consider how much research you’ve done on the company. If you haven’t taken the time to learn about their privacy policies or security measures, it’s probably not worth it to trust them with your ID.

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