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How do you delete messages on both Discord?

The process of deleting messages on Discord will depend on the type of message and the Discord platform that you are using.

If you are using the desktop or web version of Discord, you can delete individual messages from within a channel by hovering over the message you would like to delete and clicking on the ‘x’ icon that appears in the top right corner of the message box.

You can also delete multiple messages at once by clicking on the grey ‘Gear’ icon that appears in the top right corner of the channel, then selecting the ‘Delete Messages’ button. This will bring up a window where you can select the amount of messages you would like to delete (e. g.

the last 5 messages, the last 10 messages, etc).

If you are using the mobile version of Discord, you can delete individual messages by pressing and holding the message and then selecting the ‘Delete’ button that appears. You can also delete multiple messages by tapping the grey ‘Menu’ icon next to the channel that the messages were sent in, then tapping ‘Delete [amount] messages’.

Remember that Discord does not give you the ability to edit or delete messages that have been sent by other users. If you need to delete a message from someone else, you can try sending them a direct message asking them to delete it.

Can I delete chat from both sides?

Yes, you can delete chat from both sides in most messaging apps. Depending on the app, you may be able to delete the entire conversation or just individual messages. If you’re using a messaging app like WhatsApp, you can delete individual messages or the entire conversation on both sides.

To delete individual messages, open the conversation, tap and hold on the message you want to delete, then select Delete > Delete for Everyone. To delete the whole conversation, open the conversation, tap the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of the conversation page, then select Delete > Delete for You.

On the other end, the person you are chatting with can delete their own messages from their side of the conversation as well.

Can you delete Discord messages for everyone?

Yes, it is possible to delete messages for everyone on Discord. You can do this by using the “Delete Message” option that can be accessed by right-clicking the message you want to delete. After you’ve selected this option, you will be prompted to confirm that you do want to delete the message for everyone on the server.

Once you confirm, Discord will remove the message from the server, and from all user’s view, no matter when it was sent or who sent it. Keep in mind that this action cannot be undone, so be sure that you are aware of the implications before committing to deleting the message.

Does blocking someone on Discord delete messages?

No, blocking someone on Discord does not delete any of the messages that have already been sent; it simply prevents you from being able to receive messages from the user that you have blocked. All of the messages that have been sent between you and the blocked user will remain and can be seen by the other user, but you will not be able to see them or receive any further messages.

However, you can delete messages that you sent to the blocked user at any time.

How do I mass delete Discord DM messages?

If you are looking to mass delete Discord DM messages, the process can be accomplished in several different ways. Depending on your preferences and the amount of messages you want to delete, you can use the Discord desktop app, Discord web app, or third-party Discord bots.

Using the Desktop App:

To delete a single message in the Discord desktop app, right-click on the message and select “Delete”. To delete multiple messages at once, use the “Ctrl+Shift+click” combination. You can click multiple messages at once and then delete them all in one go.

Using the Web App:

The Discord web app does not support multiple message deletion at once. However, you can delete messages one by one if you wish by clicking the three dots beside the message and then selecting “Delete”.

Using BOTS:

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to delete messages, you can install third-party Discord bots like MEE6bot, YAGPDB, or Dyno Bot. These bots allow you to delete DMs not just from yourself, but from other users as well.

Once added, type in the command “!purge” to start a purge process, or “!remove” to delete multiple messages.

All in all, there are several different ways to delete Discord DM messages. Depending on the quantity of messages you’re looking to delete, you can use the Discord desktop app, web app, or third-party bots.

Does iMessage delete messages for both?

Yes, when you delete a message from your iMessage account, it will delete the message from both your account and the recipient’s account. This means that the conversation will no longer be viewable for either of you on your respective devices.

However, since it is possible for the other person to take a screenshot of the conversation before it is deleted, it is important for both users to be aware that their conversations may be stored on another device.

It is also important to remember that it may be possible for someone to access deleted messages from a backup of the device if one exists.

Does deleting a text message delete it for the other person?

It depends. Generally, when you delete a text message it is deleted for both the sender and the recipient, however, it is possible that the other person has already seen the message before it was deleted.

If this is the case, then the message would remain on the other person’s phone. Additionally, if the other person had screenshots of the text message prior to it being deleted, they will still be able to view it.

All in all, it is not a certainty that the other person will not have access to the message after it has been deleted.

Can I delete a text message I sent someone iPhone?

Yes, you can delete a text message you sent on an iPhone. You can go into the Messages app, find the message you want to delete, and then press and hold on the message bubble. This will bring up a menu where you can select “More” and then “Delete Message.

” This will remove the message from your text screen and theirs. However, keep in mind that deleting a message will only delete it from the sender and receiver screens. Depending on the carrier and make of their phone, the message may still appear on the carrier’s server and can potentially still be retrieved.

Can you Unsend iPhone messages?

No, unfortunately you are unable to Unsend iPhone messages. Once an iPhone message is sent it cannot be revoked or recalled. The only workaround is to ask the receiver to delete the sent message. However, most messaging platforms do not give users the ability to recall a sent message.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to be sure before sending any messages in the first place.

How do you Unsend an iMessage?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to unsend an iMessage once it has been sent. iMessage does not include the ability to unsend messages, unlike other messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The only way to “unsend” an iMessage is to delete it from the conversation after it has been sent. Of course, this does not completely remove it, as it can still be seen by others if they have a backup of the conversation.

There is also the possibility that someone who has seen the message already has taken a screenshot of it. Because of this, it is important to be careful with the messages you send.

Can you delete a picture you sent on iMessage?

Yes, you can delete a picture you sent on iMessage. To do so, open the iMessage conversation containing the picture, tap and hold on the picture you want to delete, tap More at the bottom, tap the circle next to the image to select it, tap the trash can icon at the bottom left, and then tap Delete Message to confirm.

The image will be removed from the iMessage conversation.

Can a text be recalled?

Yes, a text can be recalled if you are using messaging platforms such as Apple’s iMessage or WhatsApp. Both of these platforms allow users to recall messages within a certain time frame after sending.

With Apple’s iMessage, the recall feature works by automatically deleting the sent message on both sender and receiver devices when the recall is triggered. WhatsApp has a feature called “Delete for Everyone” which works similarly to iMessage but only works if the other person hasn’t yet seen the message.

Additionally, some other platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, may have a “Take Back” feature which allows you to recall messages after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Can u Unsend a text?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot unsend a text. Once you hit send, the message will be delivered to the recipient. This can be particularly difficult if you have mistakenly sent a message to the wrong person, or if you sent something in an emotional state only to regret it later.

In these cases, it is important to apologize and explain the situation to the recipient in order to potentially mitigate any potential issues.