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How do you get badges and trophies on Fitbit?

You can earn badges and trophies on Fitbit by achieving your daily and weekly exercise and activity goals. Fitbit encourages users to stay active and reach their individual health and fitness goals by awarding them with these badges and trophies.

To get badges and trophies on Fitbit, you need to complete daily, weekly, and lifetime goals based on the activities you track in the app. For example, you may receive badges for hitting your daily step goal, reaching your weekly exercise goal, or for running a certain amount of miles during a month.

There are also trophies for attaining milestones over longer periods of time, such as walking 10,000 steps in a day or running 100 miles in a month. Every time you reach a milestone, you will receive a new badge or trophy to add to your collection.

What are the Fitbit badge levels?

Fitbit has five levels of badges that can be achieved with daily activity. These badges start at Bronze and work their way up to Platinum. The criteria for each badge level is as follows:

Bronze: You need to earn at least 250 Lifetime Points.

Silver: You need to earn at least 500 Lifetime Points.

Gold: You need to earn at least 1500 Lifetime Points.

Platinum: You need to earn at least 5000 Lifetime Points.

Diamond: You need to earn at least 10,000 Lifetime Points.

Lifetime Points are accumulated each day by reaching your workout goals, including meeting the minimum number of steps or minutes of activity, or exceeding either of these goals. Points are also earned for completing Active Minutes or participating in Challenges.

You can check your progress towards the next badge level in the Trophy Case within the Fitbit app or on your account’s dashboard. Earning badges is a great way to stay motivated, monitor your progress, and celebrate your achievements.

What are the minion badges on Fitbit?

The Minion badges on Fitbit are special characters that you can earn by reaching certain milestones in your fitness objectives. They are designed to add a bit of fun and reward to your overall health and fitness goals.

Each badge is tied to a particular achievement in terms of the distance or time you’ve completed, or the intensity of your workout. As you work to meet or exceed your daily or weekly goals, Fitbit will award you with a variety of Minion badges.

They appear on your profile and are a great visual representation of all that you have achieved. Examples of Minion badges include MVP (most valuable ‘fitbit’ter), Top Dog (most active ‘fitbit’ter), and Sorella (most workouts in a week).

Earning these badges lets you know that you are on the right track and encourages you to keep striving and achieving those goals.

What is the hardest Fitbit badge to get?

The hardest Fitbit badge to get is the Million Mile Club badge. This badge requires users to accumulate a million cumulative lifetime miles through tracked workouts with the Fitbit app or their device.

Reaching this goal can take hundreds of hours of dedicated physical activity and often years to complete, making it by far the most difficult badge to achieve. To reward users who reach this milestone, Fitbit gives out limited-edition Million Mile Club shirts and pins.

How many steps is a Bob badge?

A Bob badge is an honor given to members of the Boy Scouts of America, to recognize their achievements. The number of steps to earn the badge depends on the age group, as the requirements for earning a Bob badge vary depending on the rank of the scout.

For scouts in the Wolf and Bear age groups, they must complete nine steps to earn a Bob badge. These steps include completing the requirements for their individual rank, demonstrating Scout Spirit, and participating in three approved outdoor experience projects.

For Webelo Scouts, they must complete twelve steps to earn a Bob badge. This includes completing the requirements for their age level, demonstrating Scout Spirit, conducting their own service project, and participating in four approved outdoor experience projects.

For Varsity Scouts and Venturers, they must complete sixteen steps to earn a Bob badge. This includes completing the requirements for their age group, demonstrating Scout Spirit, participating in at least five approved outdoor experience projects, and earned a total of at least nine merit badges.

In addition to the individual steps for Boy Scouts to earn a Bob badge, all scouts must also pass an Illumination Ceremony, a reading from a sacred text, and a review of the Outdoor Code to the appropriate Scouting Council.

From Wolf and Bear Scouts to Varsity and Venturers, completing the appropriate steps for earning a Bob badge is an important part of achieving the highest honor in Scouting.

Did Fitbit remove Russian railway badge?

Yes, Fitbit recently removed the Russian Railways badge from its list of reward badges which users can receive for completing certain physical activities. This was in response to the EU’s courts judgement which found that the Russian Railways badge violated EU trade rules.

Fitbit responded swiftly by removing the badge from their list of rewards and replacing it with a different reward. Fitbit stated that they took this action in order to comply with the court’s ruling and ensure that all users of Fitbit products and services were able to use them without running afoul of any EU trade regulations.

Fitbit continues to offer other rewards for physical activities which are suitable for all users within the European Union.

What are lifetime floors on Fitbit?

Lifetime floor on Fitbit is a feature that allows you to track your lifetime total of floors climbed. This number applies across all of your Fitbit devices, so if you switch fitness trackers, the lifetime floor count will still apply.

For example, if your old Fitbit device shows that you’ve climbed 50 floors, and your new Fitbit device shows that you’ve climbed an additional 20 floors, the lifetime floor count will show a total of 70 floors.

This helps you get an accurate idea of how many floors you’ve climbed in your lifetime in general. It’s a great way to track your progress and incentivize yourself to keep moving. With a lifetime floor feature, you can see how all of your activity adds up over time, no matter how many Fitbits you move through.

How many Fitbit step badges there are?

There are currently over 15 Fitbit step badges available to unlock. There are 12 main badges that range from walking 250 steps to walking 25,000,000 steps. To earn the badge, you must accumulate the designated number of steps within a 7-day period.

There are also 3 bonus challenge step badges that are awarded if you reach a total of 100,000, 150,000 or 250,000 (or more) steps in a 7-day period. Finally, there are 4 limited edition holiday step badges that can be earned on particular days throughout the year.

To earn these badges, you must accumulate 15,000, 25,000, 50,000 or 75,000 steps within 24 hours on that particular day. Earning these badges requires dedication, but it’s a great way to keep motivated and stay active.

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