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How do you hide recordings on Smule?

On Smule, you can hide recordings from other users. To do this, select the arrow next to the heart icon on the recording that you wish to hide. When the drop-down menu appears, select the option to “Hide Recording”.

This will keep the recording out of the featured section and away from users who do not have the link to the recording. Additionally, if you are a VIP on Smule, you can make recordings “Secret” by selecting the padlock icon in the menu.

This will make the recording completely invisible to all users who do not have the link, including other VIPs.

Can you keep Smule private?

Yes, you can keep Smule private. Smule offers several privacy options to ensure your data is safe and secure. You can customize your privacy settings to keep your profile and performance content private.

You can also hide your profile from being viewed or searched on Smule. To do this, open the Smule app, go to the Settings tab, select Privacy, and choose “Hide my profile. ” Additionally, you can turn off notifications, comments and make your songs private.

To adjust these settings, go back to the Settings tab, select Privacy, and adjust the toggle bars accordingly. You can also block or report other users if they are sending unwanted messages. Lastly, Smule offers the ability to export all your data if you wish to permanently delete your account.

Can you edit Smule recordings?

Yes, it is possible to edit Smule recordings. Most people use the Smule Sing! app for editing. The app allows users to make changes to the recorded audio, such as adjusting the pitch and tempo, adding effects, and even inserting background music.

The app also allows users to add vocal harmonies and split songs into parts. These features make it easy to customize a recording and make it sound unique. Additionally, there are also various other tools available on Smule that make it easy to edit recordings.

For instance, the Audio Mixer allows users to adjust the levels of different tracks to fine-tune the sound. The Vocals Have it allows users to apply vocal effects such as Reverb and Echo. Finally, users can also use the MasterFX feature to add special effects such as Flanger, Delay and Chorus.

With these tools and features, users are able to tailor their recordings to make them sound better.

Can people see what you sing on Smule?

Yes, people can see what you sing on Smule. Smule is a social singing platform that allows users to join others in creating and singing karaoke-style recordings. All songs created on Smule are visible to the public, and anyone can listen to, comment on, and follow other users.

Songs can also be shared directly with individual users or published to the Smule community at large. The videos when added in Sing! Karaoke are visible to everyone so that other people can listen to it, comment on it, or even like it.

However, some users also have the ability to restrict access to their songs, making it viewable only to approved followers.

How do you permanently delete messages on Smule?

To permanently delete messages on Smule, you will need to go to the conversation tab, select the conversation containing the message you want to delete and click the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the conversation window.

In the pop-up window that appears, select the Delete Conversation option, and your messages will be permanently deleted from your account. Please note that you can’t recover deleted conversations, so be sure before you delete them.

Does Smule share your recordings?

No, Smule does not share your recordings without your permission. All recordings made on Smule are only visible to the user and their friends who are also on Smule. You can choose to make your recordings public, but this is optional and not a requirement.

If you want to share your music publicly, you can share a link to the recording via social media or with a direct link.

Smule also allows you to collaborate with other users on music and videos, but again all collaboration projects must be marked as public or shared with friends in order for them to be seen by anyone else.

Smule takes privacy and security seriously, so all music and videos remain private unless the user chooses to make them public.

What does green circle mean on Smule?

The green circle on Smule is a symbol of celebration and victory, like a badge of honor. It represents a song that has achieved major success or recognition, ranking the top of the Smule charts. The green circle means that the song is officially a Smule “Hit” and has made it to the top of the chart.

It provides recognition that the singer has performed something noteworthy, as the green circle is only awarded to songs that have made it to the top of the charts. This encourages singers to challenge themselves and to strive for success, while providing recognition and motivation when they reach their goals.

How does the Smule sing app work?

The Smule Sing app is an interactive karaoke app that allows you to sing, collaborate and share your favorite songs with the world. It has an extensive library of popular songs from a variety of genres.

The app allows you to record yourself singing, or even duet with another singer. You can also add vocal effects and harmonic enhancements to boost your performance. Once you’ve perfected your recording, you can then share it with the rest of the Smule community, who can ‘love’ and comment on your performance.

Other singers can then use your performance as part of their own recordings. With the Sing app, you can also join vocal groups to collaborate and perform together or virtually participate in live performances with fellow singers.

To make the most of singing on Smule, you’ll need to sign up for either the Star or Fan subscription tiers, which offer extras such as more vocal effects and more mutual friends with similar singing styles and interests.

All of these features combine to create an enjoyable and engaging singing experience.

Can you change pitch of song in Smule?

Yes, you can change the pitch of song in Smule. You can use the Pitch Control feature in Smule to modify the song’s pitch and make it sound different. To access the Pitch Control feature, you need to open the sound menu and select “Pitch Control” from the drop down menu.

You can then adjust the pitch of the song with the slider, going up or down in semi-tones. You can also save the changed pitch as a preset for future use. Additionally, you can use features like Vocalee, Duet and MultiSinger to create custom audio collaborations and modify the real-time pitch as you sing with others.

What is style studio editor in Smule?

Style Studio Editor in Smule is an innovative song writing tool that allows users to create unique tracks quickly and easily. It is an integrated solution for musicians and music makers who want to create their own songs or remix existing tracks.

It combines the simplicity of a virtual piano with the power of a digital audio workstation. It allows users to access and create a variety of sounds, styles, and instruments. They can also create a new song from existing loops and samples or let the creative process flow by composing a wholly original production.

Style Studio Editor stands out from other similar tools due to its powerful online editing and mixing capabilities. It offers users intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and real-time effects such asecho, reverberation, and more to shape the sound.

It also supports multi-track recording and exporting for easy sharing. Whether it’s a complete production with all the bells and whistles or just a simple riff, Style Studio Editor has it all.

How do I create my own style on Smule?

Creating your own style on Smule is simple! First, make sure you have the latest version of the Smule app installed on your device. Once you have the app open, go to the Songbook page. Look for the filter button at the top of the page and tap it.

Select My Songs from the list of options. This will show all the songs you have created. Go to the one you want to customize and tap on it to open. Tap the Styles tab, where you can customize and save your own style for the song.

Here, you can tweak all the elements of the song’s melody such as beats, and choose specific details of the song like pitch and speed. Finally, if you’d like, you can give your style a name, save it, and share it with your friends! With this, you can now create your own unique styles with Smule.

How do you use smule style studio?

Using the Smule Style Studio is easy and fun! To get started, open the Smule app on your device and tap on the “Style Studio” tab near the bottom of the app. Then, select the song of your choice and start exploring the wide array of features available to you.

Once you have chosen your song, you can start playing around with the different sound and vocal effects. You can add echo, reverb, and even different voices such as robotic, pitch-shifting, and choir.

You can even adjust the tempo and pitch of your track to create a unique sound.

Once you have done that, you can apply different mixing techniques to blend the sound together. You can also apply special DJ effects such as filters, delays, and sweeps.

With Smule Style Studio, you can even create custom soundtracks or karaoke tracks with vocal and instrumental accompaniments. You can add various sound elements such as drums, bass, and synths for backing, and record along to the music.

At the end of the session, you can export your track as an MP3 or WAV file to share with friends or even upload to your favorite music streaming service. So go ahead and explore all the possibilities with Smule Style Studio!.

Does Smule have autotune?

Yes, Smule does have autotune. It is one of the many features of the Smule app, and it helps to improve the sound of your recordings. Autotune helps to correct any pitch inaccuracies, meaning that even if you are a little off when singing, the end result will still sound good.

The autotune tool also helps to smooth notes and add effects, meaning that you can get a professional quality sound that can easily be shared with others no matter your singing level. Additionally, the app is free to download and use, so you can experience the benefits of autotune anytime.

Is Smule still popular?

Yes, Smule is still popular. Founded in 2008, Smule is now used by millions of music lovers around the world. It is one of the leading social music and karaoke platforms, where users can share and collaborate on music with their friends, family and the world.

With over 300 million users, Smule is the world’s largest interactive karaoke app. It offers a variety of songs and genres, as well as real-time audio/video streaming and recording capabilities. With over 40 million songs, users can express their musicality in ways they never thought possible.

They can also access certified karaoke from the official Smule charts and find great music from all over the world. Additionally, Smule has an active community of aspiring singers, songwriters and music fans who support each other’s creative pursuits and help each other find new music.

The platform encourages collaboration, with users able to adjust or even collaborate on each other’s tracks and create unique pieces of art. As such, it is no surprise Smule remains a popular platform.

Why can’t I delete my recording on Smule?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete your recordings on Smule as recordings are stored on their servers and not locally on your device. Since you do not have an administrative access to their servers, you are unable to delete recordings yourself.

However, Smule is committed to protecting its users and their content, so if your recordings have violated any of the Smule Terms of Service, you can file a takedown request by going to their website and submitting your request.

When submitting your takedown request, Smule will ask you to provide the song name, your username and a brief description of why you want the recording taken down. Smule will review your request and take the appropriate action if needed.

Therefore, while you cannot delete your recordings yourself, you can take action if any of your recordings has violated Smule’s Terms of Service.

Can you delete on Smule?

Yes, you can delete content on Smule. To delete a song or performance on Smule, go to your profile page and tap on the song or performance you want to delete. On the next page, tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select “Delete” from the list of options.

Your song or performance will immediately be deleted from the platform, but it will remain in your account history unless you delete your entire profile. Additionally, if you contributed your voice to a collaboration, you will still need to ask the collaboration’s creator to delete it in order for it to be completely removed from Smule.

How do you delete songs from Songbook?

Deleting songs from Songbook is quite simple. Firstly, open the Songbook app and navigate to the list of songs you have saved. You can then select the song you would like to delete by tapping on it. Then, a new menu should pop up with a few options.

In the pop up menu, select ‘delete song’ and then confirm the action when prompted. After doing this, the song should now be deleted from your Songbook list. This is a very straightforward and simple process, and is quite easy to do once you know how to.

Is Magic Piano real?

Magic Piano is an app for mobile devices that allows users to create and play music on their mobile devices. While the app does enable users to create and play music, the app is not actually a real piano.

It does use real-sounding instruments and the piano-style layout of the app makes it easy for users to create and play music in the same manner as a traditional piano. However, users will not be able to produce the same type of sound or accuracy that could be produced on a real piano.

Who painted paul McCartney’s piano?

The piano owned by former Beatle Paul McCartney was painted by artist Tracey Emin in 2014. Emin has previously worked with McCartney on other art projects, such as a portrait of Paul McCartney and John Lennon and a series of drawings inspired by the music of The Beatles, and she was the natural choice to bring his vision to life.

Emin painted the piano a bold pink and added a pink polka-dot pattern to the side of the instrument. The piano also features a variety of heartfelt messages and phrases, hand painted by Emin, including: “Live and Let Live,” “I Love U,” “Love Is All You Need,” and “Love Is All Around.

” The finished product was unveiled at London’s Victoria and Albert museum in the summer of 2014, and is now located in Sir Paul’s living room.