How do you make a dispenser always shoot?

You can make a dispenser always shoot by using a redstone clock.

What can a dispenser shoot in Minecraft?

A dispenser can shoot arrows, potions, eggs, fireworks, and water buckets.

How do you shoot an arrow with a dispenser?

There is not a specific way to shoot an arrow with a dispenser. However, many people find it helpful to place the arrow on the string of the bow first, then gently pull the arrow back with the dispenser held in the other hand.

Can dispensers shoot potions?

Yes, dispensers can shoot potions.

Can dispensers plant seeds?

There are no known seed dispensers that can plant seeds.

What is the difference between a dispenser and a dropper in Minecraft?

A dispenser is a block that can store up to nine items and dispense them when activated by a redstone device. A dropper is a block that can store up to nine items and drop them when activated by a redstone device.

What blocks can dispensers place?

Dispensers can place most blocks, including blocks that players normally cannot place, like obsidian and spawners.

Can Redstone activate a dispenser?

Yes, it can activate a dispenser.

How do you make an automatic Redstone dispenser?

In Minecraft, an automatic Redstone dispenser is a contraption that uses redstone blocks, pistons, and a lever or button to dispense items automatically. Here is how to make one:

First, you will need:

-redstone blocks


-a lever or button

To make the dispenser, start by placing two pistons opposite each other, with a space in between them. Then, place a redstone block on each side of the space. Finally, connect the pistons to a lever or button.

When the lever or button is activated, the pistons will extended and retracted, causing the redstone blocks to push and pull the item in the space between them. This will dispensing the item automatically.

What is Redstone repeater?

A redstone repeater is a block that emits a redstone signal. It can be used to extend the length of a redstone signal, or to delay the signal.

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