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How do you make a new save file on Pokemon Y?

To make a new save file in Pokemon Y, the first thing you need to do is turn your 3DS on and make sure it is connected to the internet. Then, select the Pokemon Y game from the home screen. On the bottom screen, click the “New” button and it will prompt you to name the new game file.

Enter the desired name for the game, and then click “Yes” to confirm. A new save file will be created, and you will be taken to the main game menu. From there, you can begin your journey!.

How do you restart a Pokemon y game?

Restarting your Pokemon Y game is easy – all you need to do is head to the main menu and select the ‘New Game’ option. This will allow you to start a fresh game with a new save file. You will begin the game with the usual character creation section, including selecting your Trainer’s gender, customizing their appearance, giving them a name, and choosing a starter Pokemon.

After completing this, the game will begin and you will be able to start your adventure in the world of Pokemon Y. If you want to begin with a different save file, simply create a new user profile and begin a new game from the main menu.

It’s also important to note that if you would like to keep your existing save file, you can choose the ‘Continue’ option from the main menu instead of ‘New Game’. This will allow you to continue your game where you left off.

How do you Nuzlocke in Pokemon Y?

If you’re looking to complete a Nuzlocke challenge in Pokemon Y, it requires abiding by some specific rules.

First and most importantly, you must only use the first Pokemon you encounter in each area. For example, if you head from Aquacorde Town to Santalune Forest, you must use the first Pokemon you come across in the area.

That Pokemon then becomes one of the six you are allowed to catch and use throughout the game.

Once you catch a Pokemon, it is to be given a nickname that you’ll use on your team. This is to make the Pokemon more personal and help you get attached to it. If a Pokemon you have catches faints during the challenge you must box it permanently, meaning you won’t ever be able to use it again in the Nuzlocke.

You will also be limited to only healing your Pokemon in Pokemon Centers or from using healing or revive items.

You also want to take precautions when fighting Gym Leaders, Wild Pokemon, and trainers. You should make sure you are only taking on opponents that you can handle with your current team, so you don’t waste your revives and healing items too quickly.

If done correctly, Nuzlocke runs can be a rewarding experience when it comes to playing the game differently, and give trainers the chance to make their Pokemon journey even more personal.

Why is it called Nuzlocke?

Nuzlocke is a set of rules for playing the popular Pokémon video games series developed by Game Freak. The rules were created by comic artist and writer Jack “nuzlocke” C. Vance, who is a fan of the series.

The name “Nuzlocke” comes from the concept of a “Nuzleaf Encounters Challenge” which is based on a Pokémon game mechanic. In the catchable Pokémon game mechanic, a player is only able to capture one specific Pokémon character per area they traverse.

The Nuzleaf Encounters Challenge takes this catchable Pokémon game mechanic and applies it to the entire game, requiring players to only capture the first wild Pokémon they encounter in each area of the game.

This challenge adds more challenge and excitement to the game, and was created to add a new dimension of difficulty and story elements to the game series.

Since the rules of the challenge were enforced by Jack C. Vance, who went by the username “Nuzlocke,” the challenge and the rules of the challenge then became known as the “Nuzlocke Challenge. ” Thus, the name of the challenge is a combination of the concept and Jack C.

Vance’s username to honor the originator of the challenge.

Can you use Legendaries in a Nuzlocke?

Yes, you can use Legendary Pokemon in a Nuzlocke, but with some restrictions. The main rule is that you can only use one Legendary Pokemon per playthrough, and you cannot use any Legendary that can be obtained more than once (i. e.

those found in multiple games). Additionally, a lot of people feel that Legendary Pokemon are so powerful that they unbalance the challenge and take away the fun, so some Nuzlocke players avoid using them entirely or permit their use in certain conditions.

For example, your Legendary might only be allowed to be used once per playthrough, or they can be used in specific situations (for example, when engaging in a gym battle). Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide what their rules are when using Legendary Pokemon, as long as it complies with the basic Nuzlocke rules.

What is Nuzlock?

Nuzlock is a challenge run in certain Pokemon games, where a player is not allowed to catch new Pokemon with a Pokéball and must instead use the Pokémon they have obtained at the beginning of the game.

Typically, the player’s original team has to be the same team they take into the end game. This challenge often requires players to use a limited resources and think outside the box when using their team.

Nuzlock does not have to adhere to any particular rules related to battling or obtaining items, so a player can use whatever strategy works best for them. The goal of the challenge is simply to defeat each member of the Elite Four with the same Pokémon the player started with.

Can you have multiple Pokemon Moon saves?

Yes, you can have multiple Pokemon Moon saves! To do this, you’ll need to create an additional user profile on the Nintendo 3DS and transfer your current Pokemon Moon game to the new 3DS user profile.

Then, when you start your Pokemon Moon game, you’ll be able to choose which user profile you’d like to use. Each user profile will have a unique save, so you will be able to create multiple save files and keep track of your progress in separate playthroughs.

This is also useful if you want to share the game with a friend, as each of you will have your own save files and can start from the same save game together.

Can you save Pokemon and start a new game?

Yes, you can save your progress in a Pokemon game and start a new game. However, if you’re playing a particular version of the game, you may need to delete the save data from your system in order to start a new game.

With the newer “Generation 8” Pokemon games, you can start a new save file on the same game without having to delete your existing save data. To do this, simply go to the game’s main menu, select “New Game,” and choose the save file you’d like to create.

Can I restart Pokemon arceus?

Yes, you can restart your Pokemon Arceus game. To do this, you will need to close the game and then restart it. The game should automatically reload and you can start playing again. If your game does not restart, you may need to relaunch the game.

Alternatively, you can reset the game by going to Options, then the File tab, and selecting “Restore System Settings”. This will restore the default settings and allow you to start again.

Does soft resetting damage your 3ds?

No, soft resetting your 3ds does not damage it in any way. Soft resetting is essentially just rebooting your device, similar to restarting your computer or restarting your phone. Although you may lose some of your current progress in games, your 3ds will not be damaged at all.