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How do you turn off chat on Twitch Mobile?

You can mute certain channels. For example, on the Twitch mobile app, when you first open a stream, you should be able to select the “Mute Chat” option on the screen. This will mute all messages from the streamer’s chatroom.

If you want to mute messages from a specific user, simply click their username and select the “Mute User” option. You can also click their username, select “View Profile”, and then select the “Mute” option.

You also have the ability to Filter a Channel Chat. To do this, go to the chatroom and select the gear icon in the top right corner of the chatroom. You will see a “Filter Channel Chat” option and you can select which messages you would like to filter/block in the channel.

Keep in mind that you cannot turn off chat on Twitch Mobile entirely, but these abovementioned options can help you mute certain messages and filter out messages from specific users.

How do I manage twitch chat on mobile?

Managing your Twitch chat on mobile can either be done directly from the Twitch app or from a third-party app.

When using the Twitch app, you can easily access your chat by tapping on the “Chat” tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up your chat window, which will show your most recent messages from viewers.

From here, you can use the options at the top of the page to manage the chat. You can add moderators and block viewers, as well as view your list of moderators and banned users.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party app such as Twitch Chat Moderator or TW Moderator to manage your chat. These apps offer more extensive moderation tools, such as user timeouts, auto-moderation, and custom commands.

They also enable you to access your chat on multiple devices, giving you the flexibility to manage your chat on the go.

Regardless of which option you choose, managing your Twitch chat on mobile can be a great way to stay engaged with your viewers and keep your channel safe.

How do I change my Twitch chat settings?

To change your Twitch chat settings, you need to first access your Settings menu. This can be found in the top right corner of the page after you log in. Once you click the icon, you will see an option for Settings, click on this to be directed to the page.

On the Settings page, you will find several sections, one of which is labeled “Chat”. Under this tab, you can configure the appearance of your chat window, including message colors, font size, and more.

You can also manage message logs by setting a maximum number of messages, and you can manage “Chat Mods” who are responsible for moderating the chat.

You can also view and edit your blocked list, which will prevent any users you select from sending messages in the chat. Additionally, the “Chat Rules” option in the Chat tab will allow you to set specific rules and requirements for yourself and anyone else who wishes to use the Twitch chat.

Once you finish making changes, press the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to finalize your chat settings. From there, your chat window should appear as you have configured it.

What is the Green box on Twitch?

The Green Box on Twitch is a feature that allows Twitch users to donate money directly to their favorite streamers. It is a placed located on the Twitch profile page. It can be used to send donations to streamers directly from the user’s bank account or PayPal account.

This donation box helps fund the streamer’s content as well as their lifestyle. Streamers are also able to give back to the community by using the Green Box to post giveaways, fund projects or allow viewers to pay what they want for a subscription.

The donations that the streamers receive not only show their love and support, but also help them out financially.

How do I make Twitch full screen on Iphone?

To make Twitch full screen on an iPhone, you need to take a few steps. First, open up the Twitch app and locate the broadcast you would like to watch. Once the broadcast has started, you can then tap the full screen icon at the bottom of the screen.

This will cause the video to expand and fill your display, allowing you to watch the stream in full screen. To exit full screen mode, tap the full screen icon again. Additionally, you can double tap the video and it will switch to full screen automatically.

How do you unhide whispers on Twitch?

To unhide whispers on Twitch, you’ll need to log into your Twitch account and go to the ‘Privacy and Settings’ page. From there, you can select the tab for ‘Whispers’ and toggle it to make them visible.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to see whispers from other users, including streamers in the chat, in their own separate messages panel. Additionally, if you’d like to further configure the visibility of your own whispers, you can adjust the settings for ‘Who can whisper me’ to decide who will be allowed to send private messages.

Finally, once everything is set up, make sure to save your settings and you’ll be ready to chat with others on Twitch through the Whisper feature.

Can you turn Twitch chat off?

Yes, you can turn off Twitch chat on your own channel. To do so, first log in to your Twitch account. Once you’ve signed in, click on the Settings tab on the top right of your screen. Scroll down to the “Chat” section, and you will see a toggle switch labeled “Chat”.

Click this to turn off chat on your channel. Please note that this will not remove chat messages that have already been posted, however it will prevent new chat messages from being sent. You can also mute specific users that you don’t want to receive messages from by clicking the gear icon next to their username, and selecting the “Mute” option.

How do I access BTTV settings?

In order to access the BTTV Settings, you must have a Twitch account and be logged in. Then, click on the cog icon in the bottom left corner of the Twitch player window to launch the Settings page. On the Settings page, click on the “BetterTTV” tab located in the left panel.

This will open the BTTV Settings page, where you can customize your individual preferences for the BTTV features. You can also access the BTTV Settings through the Twitch extension known as BTTV Emotes, which is accessible via the Twitch Extensions Manager, found in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the player window.

From the BTTV Emotes Twitch panel, you can access the BTTV Settings, as well as manage your custom emotes and gifs.

How do I turn off censored chat on Valorant?

To turn off censored chat on Valorant, you must first log in to the Riot Games Privacy Portal. Once logged in, click the “Privacy Settings” tab on the left side of the page. Under the “Global Settings” section, find the “Chat/Messaging/Voice Settings” option and click it.

On this page, you will find an option that says “Filter Explicit Language” and you will need to turn it off. Once the option is disabled, restart your game and the censored chat should now be disabled.

What words are Bannable on Valorant?

Riot Games, the developer of Valorant, has strict rules about speech in the game and any violations can result in a ban. All forms of harassment, hate speech, and discrimination are prohibited. This includes derogatory language that targets age, race or religion, extreme profanity, and anything that threatens, harasses or defames a person or group.

Players can’t promote or glorify any real-world violent acts or terrorist organizations. Cheating, hacking, and exploitation of game mechanics are also not tolerated, and can result in a permanent ban from the game.

Verbal abuse and harassment, such as flaming or excessive trolling, are not allowed either and could result in a suspension. Players should also avoid posting inappropriate content, such as sexual content, real-world gambling, or links to pirated material, on the Valorant forums, as it could lead to a ban.

What is profanity filter?

A profanity filter is a software system that is designed to detect the use of bad language, inappropriate words, and offensive material in different types of digital content, such as websites, text messages, emails, and social media posts.

Profanity filters are typically used to monitor, detect, and remove offensive language before it is posted publicly, ensuring that your digital content is both safe to view and appropriate for the intended audience.

The script used to detect and filter profanity will often also be configured to prevent posting of any explicit or inappropriate content, including images, links, and offensive graphics. Profanity filters are especially important for websites that are geared towards children and adolescents, such as educational websites and online gaming platforms, where profanity must be strictly monitored and filtered.

How do I get rid of chat mod?

If you are looking to remove a chat mod from your online chat platform, there are a few things that you should consider. The first is understanding the role of the chat mod in the first place. The role of a chat mod is to monitor the chat room and enforce any rules or regulations that may have been put in place.

If your chat platform has clear rules and regulations, then the chat mod is there to make sure everyone is complying with them.

Once you understand the role of the chat mod, you can then consider the best way to remove them from the platform. If the chat mod is not fulfilling their role, or is not following the rules and regulations that you have in place, then you may want to consider removing them from their position.

Generally, this is done by either removing their rights to chat mod in the platform, or directly removing them from the chat.

If the chat mod is actively choosing to step down from their role, you can directly remove them from the group or allow them to remain as a member of the group but without mod access. If you are considering a direct removal, make sure to properly explain why they are being removed, as it could lead to legal issues, especially if the mod is a paid employee.

Ultimately, it is important to consider all options before deciding to remove a chat mod, but if the situation warrants it, the mod can then be removed safely and responsibly.