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How do you unsubscribe a podcast?

To unsubscribe from a podcast, the process will vary depending on the platform that you are using. Generally, however, the steps are fairly similar. On the app you are using, you will want to access the podcast page and find the “subscribe” button, which you will now want to turn off (or alternatively, the “unsubscribe” button if it is available).

This will remove the podcast from your list of subscribed shows, so you will no longer receive new episodes automatically. On some platforms, you may also be able to delete existing episodes from your device or library.

You should also check any settings you have for that podcast to make sure you are not receiving notifications about new episodes. Finally, if you are using a podcast directory website, such as iTunes or Stitcher, you should also go to your settings and make sure the podcast is no longer indicated as one of your subscriptions.

Where is the Subscribe button on Apple podcast?

The Subscribe button on Apple Podcasts can be found on the page of any podcast that you are interested in. If you are browsing the Apple Podcasts directory, simply select the podcast and it will open a page that allows you to listen to episodes, learn more about the podcast, and of course, subscribe.

The Subscribe button is typically located near the top of the page or somewhere on the right. Additionally, when you view a podcast in the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see the Subscribe button next to the play buttons in the top right corner.

Once you hit subscribe, it will suggest subscribing to all episodes in the future, so you’ll get the latest episode each time the podcast is released.

How do I stop a subscribed podcast from downloading?

Stopping a subscribed podcast from downloading can be done by following a few simple steps. First, open your podcast app and find the subscribed podcast that you wish to stop from downloading. Click on the podcast to see its page, where you will find a “Settings” or “Subscriptions” tab.

Click on that tab and uncheck the box next to the option which says “Download episodes. ” You may also need to find an option which says “Automatically download new episodes” or something similar and set it to “Off,” to ensure that the podcast does not download in the future.

Depending on the podcast app you’re using, you may also need to select the option “Remove downloads,” which will delete any episodes that have been saved to your device. Finally, confirm your choices and you should now have stopped the podcast from downloading.

What happens when you subscribe to a podcast on iPhone?

When you subscribe to a podcast on iPhone, your iPhone will automatically download the latest episode of that podcast and add it to your device’s Podcasts library. You can choose to have new episodes of a podcast automatically download and save to your iPhone, or manually download each one.

When you open the app, you’ll see the list of subscribed podcasts, as well as recently played episodes, downloads, and more. You can choose to play an episode directly from the app, or add it to a playlist.

The app also allows you to adjust playback speed, enable continuous playback, and add notifications to notify you of new episodes.

Additionally, you can use Apple’s Podcast app to search for and discover new podcasts. The app includes episodes sorted into various categories, so you can easily find relevant topics to listen to. Additionally, you can use the app to share episodes with friends, leave reviews, and follow the creators of your favorite podcasts.

How do I cancel a podcast subscription on my iPhone?

To cancel a podcast subscription on your iPhone:

1. Open the Podcasts app.

2. Tap the Library tab located at the bottom of the screen.

3. Scroll down to the list of Subscriptions and select the podcast you wish to cancel.

4. Tap “Unsubscribe” at the top of the screen.

5. Confirm the action by tapping “Unsubscribe” again on the pop-up prompt.

6. You have successfully cancelled the podcast subscription on your iPhone.

Is following and subscribing to a podcast the same?

No, following and subscribing to a podcast are not the same. Following a podcast typically refers to adding a podcast to a list of those you follow. This might be a list on an app or website, such as Spotify, that keeps track of the podcast content from the ones you follow and gives you the ability to keep up with new content from them.

Subscribing to a podcast, on the other hand, is similar to a subscription to a magazine. You sign up to a service to have new episodes of the podcasts you subscribe to delivered to you automatically.

This means you don’t have to keep checking for new content, you just get notified when new episodes are available.

How do I delete all Podcasts from Apple podcasts?

If you would like to delete all Podcasts from the Apple Podcasts app on your device, the process is relatively straightforward.

First, open up the Apple Podcasts app on your device. On the main page, you should see “My Podcasts” listed at the top of the page. Tap on the “Edit” button in the top right corner. You will then be taken to a page that lists all of the Podcasts you are subscribed to.

Next, tap the “Select All” button in the top right corner. This will cause a checkbox to appear next to each Podcast. Tap each checkbox to select which Podcasts you want to delete. Once you’ve selected the Podcasts you want to delete, tap the trash can icon in the bottom right corner.

Finally, confirm your action by selecting “Delete” in the pop-up window. This will remove the selected Podcasts from your device. You can also select “Cancel” if you’ve changed your mind about deleting all of your Podcasts.

We hope this guide has been helpful in showing you how to delete all Podcasts from the Apple Podcasts app on your device.

Why does Apple podcasts keep downloading?

Apple Podcasts is a streaming service that enables users to listen to popular sports, news, politics, and other shows from a vast library of content. It downloads episodes as soon as they become available and regularly checks for new ones.

This ensures that users always have the latest and greatest content at their fingertips. Because Apple Podcasts syncs with iCloud, it also stores the podcasts to the cloud, so users never have to worry about losing their favorite podcasts due to disruption of any kind.

It also allows users to engage with their favorite podcasts via interactive features, such as the ability to rate episodes and provide feedback. In conclusion, Apple Podcasts keeps downloading in order to provide users with the best listening experience and help them stay up-to-date on the latest content.

Why does my iPhone keep downloading Podcasts?

Your iPhone may be downloading podcasts due to your auto-download settings. Depending on your device settings, your podcasts may automatically download when you subscribe to a new show or when new episodes are available.

To prevent iPhones from downloading podcasts automatically, you need to go to the Settings menu and select Podcasts. Then, scroll down until you see the “Automatic Downloads” section. By turning off any of these options, you can prevent your iPhone from automatically downloading podcasts.

Additionally, you can manually unsubscribe from podcasts or delete podcasts manually from your device if you no longer want to listen to them.

How do I stop automatic downloads from Podcasts on my Mac?

The process for stopping automatic downloads from Podcasts on your Mac varies depending on the version of macOS you have installed.

For macOS Sierra (10.12) or later versions:

1. Open the Podcasts app, located in your Applications folder.

2. Select Podcasts > Preferences from the menu bar, or press ⌘+, (comma).

3. Click the General tab.

4. Under the “Downloads” section, uncheck the box next to “Automatically download new episodes.”

For macOS El Capitan (10.11) or earlier versions:

1. Open the iTunes app, located in your Applications folder.

2. Select iTunes > Preferences from the menu bar, or press ⌘+, (comma).

3. Click the Podcasts tab.

4. Under the “Downloads” section, uncheck the box next to “Automatically download new episodes.”

Once these settings are in place, you should no longer experience any automatic downloads from Podcasts on your Mac.

How do I change my Apple podcast settings?

Changing your Apple Podcast settings is simple and straightforward.

First, open the Podcast app on your device. In the Podcast app, click the profile icon in the upper-right corner. Then, select the “Settings” option. Once in the “Settings” page, you will be able to choose from many options such as downloading episode, streaming episode, number of recent podcasts to show, and more.

If you want to disable streaming or downloading individual episodes, you can do so by toggling the “Stream” and “Download” buttons off. You can also choose the number of recent podcasts episodes to show in the app by adjusting the slider next to “Number of recent podcasts. ”.

Also, if you want to opt out of podcast ads or change the autoplay settings, you can do so by selecting the “Advanced” button and toggling the required settings.

Other options such as disabling notifications, adjusting sync settings, and more are also available to customize your podcast experience.

Once you have finished adjusting the settings, click the “Done” button in the upper-right corner. Your new settings will be applied.

Is Subscribe now follow on Apple Podcasts?

Yes, you can follow Apple Podcasts by subscribing now. To do this, you must download the Apple Podcasts app from the App Store if it’s not already installed. Once the app is installed, you can browse the available podcast categories, search for specific titles, listen to featured shows, and more.

Once you’ve found a podcast you’d like to follow, you just have to click on the “Subscribe” button and you’ll start getting alerts when a new episode of your favorite podcasts become available. You can also use the features of the app to rate shows, make playlists, and save them for later.

Do you have to pay to subscribe to Apple Podcasts?

No, you don’t have to pay to subscribe to Apple Podcasts. The service is completely free and allows users to stream thousands of podcasts from across the globe. You can browse through the catalogue of podcasts that Apple offers and subscribe to podcasts from popular publishers and independent creators.

Subscribing to podcasts will allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes and content for free. Additionally, Apple Podcasts also offers personalized recommendations so that you can discover new podcasts that match your interests.

How much does Apple podcast cost?

Apple podcasts is a free service, so there is no cost associated with using it. You can access podcasts on iOS devices through iTunes, the Apple Podcasts app, or a third-party app. You can also play podcasts through the web at podcasts. apple.

com. With the Apple Podcasts app, you can search for, subscribe to, and manage your favorite podcasts on your iOS device. You can also control the playback, speed, and skip ahead or back within an episode.

Furthermore, if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can also access podcast episodes from within your library. There’s no additional cost for this, as it’s included with your subscription.

What does follow a podcast mean?

Following a podcast means keeping up with new episodes that are released in a series. By following a podcast you can subscribe to an RSS feed or other podcast app, such as Apple Podcasts, to receive notifications when new episodes are released.

Podcasts typically follow an episodic format, with hosts releasing new episodes on a regular basis, often featuring interviews, stories, topic discussions, news, and other types of content. By following a podcast, listeners can stay up-to-date with their favorite series and get the new episodes as soon as they become available.

Can people comment on your podcast?

Yes, people can comment on your podcast! Depending on the podcasting platform you’re using, you might have a variety of options for allowing people to comment on your podcast. Popular platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify don’t have comment sections, but you can take advantage of other podcast aggregation platforms that do.

For example, the Buzzsprout platform has its own comment section that has a built-in moderation feature, so you can ensure that comments are appropriate and on-topic. Additionally, some platforms that feature your podcast may also have comment sections attached to it, so it’s important to monitor these as well.

Regardless, many podcast platforms have various ways of ‘listening’ to comments and feedback beyond the comments section, such as through email, social media, or even calls. So be sure to create various means of letting people communicate with you in order to foster a larger community of podcast listeners.