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How do you use empty toilet rolls for curtains?

Using empty toilet rolls for curtains is a creative way to recycle and upcycle. It is easy to create your own DIY window treatment with a few supplies and some imagination. First, cut the toilet rolls in half so that you have several small tubes.

Then, tie a ribbon or string near the top of one of the tubes so that it becomes a loop. Repeat this for each of the other tubes. Next, string the loops together by threading a long piece of ribbon or string through them.

The ribbon or string should be a color that matches or complements the toilet rolls. Then, measure the width of the window and make sure that the ribbon or string is long enough to cover it. Once you have the desired length, hang the curtain of toilet rolls over the window by using nails or hooks.

Finally, decorate the toilet rolls by painting them, covering them with fabric, or adding embellishments. Using empty toilet rolls for curtains is a fun and easy way to spruce up your windows.

How do you get curtains to kiss the floor?

The best way to get curtains to kiss the floor is to measure the desired length of the finished curtains and add an extra 3-4 inches. This will allow the curtains to pool slightly when they are hung, creating a “kissing” effect on the floor.

After measuring, cut the curtains to size, making sure they are straight on the cutting line. Fold and press the excess fabric at the bottom of the panel, creating a small hem that can be stitched to the curtain.

Finally, attach curtain weights to the hem of the curtain panel to make sure the fabric hangs evenly over the entire length. This will help to ensure that the curtains fall to the floor and create a “kissing” effect.

How do I make eyelet curtains hang evenly?

The key to making eyelet curtains hang evenly is to ensure that the curtain rod or track is hung level, and to evenly divide the curtain panels when hanging them. For a standard eyelet curtain, you will need to use two curtain panels to create the effect.

When it comes to installing the curtain rod or track, pound in a nail on the wall at the left and right point of the desired length. Next, run an string along the nails, making sure it’s taut enough so that you can determine if the surface is level.

If not, adjust the string and nails until the line is straight. Once the rod or track is level, you can hang the two curtain panels evenly by separating them by at least two inches from the center of the rod or track.

Make sure to drape the curtains in such away that they follow the natural shape of the window. If you need to add extra fabric to one panel to have them hang evenly, it can easily be done with an iron-on gusset tape.

Finally, use a handheld steamer or iron on the highest setting over the eyelets to smooth them into place. With a few simple steps, you can have your curtains hung evenly in no time!.

How do you make your curtains look fuller?

Making your curtains look fuller can be easily achieved in a few steps.

1. Choose curtains with additional details like criss-cross pleats, pinch pleats, or grommets. These can create the illusion of fullness since they create a full, gathered look when open.

2. Make sure the proper width of the curtains is selected. Wider curtains give the illusion of fullness, while narrower curtains can appear too small or make the window seem larger.

3. Layer the curtains with something else like sheers, blinds, or shades. Layering the curtains with something else not only adds texture and detail, but can also help create fullness.

4. Hang the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. Hanging the curtains just below or almost at the ceiling creates volume and height to give the curtains a fuller look.

5. Opt for heavier fabrics like velvet or brocade, as these can add volume to the curtains. Heavier fabrics are also versatile and can be used in many different design looks.

6. Accessorize with tiebacks and finials. Tiebacks can give the curtains an adornment and elegant touch, while finials can add an additional interesting element to the curtains to give them a fuller look.

What is the toilet roll hack?

The toilet roll hack is a simple, practical solution to getting the most out of your toilet roll. Instead of taking a new roll every time you use the washroom, you simply leave the empty roll on the holder or feed it through the roll like normal.

Then, you take a few sheets from the end of the roll which is still attached to the previous one and use them before grabbing a new roll. This extends the life of your rolls and means budgeting for toilet paper is much easier.

Doing this can also help save on space since you don’t have to store as many rolls. It’s an easy, money-saving hack that requires absolutely no extra time or effort to make a difference.

How do you do Mrs Hinch toilet roll?

Doing Mrs Hinch toilet roll will help achieve a toilet that’s both sparkling clean and smells fresh. The process is quite simple and involves using a few common household products.

1. Start by gathering your supplies. You’ll need a few sprays of your favorite all purpose cleaning spray, some bleach, a scrubbing brush, and a clean cloth.

2. Begin by spraying the outside of the toilet roll with the all purpose cleaner. Ensure you cover the entire surface.

3. Next, use the scrubbing brush to thoroughly scrub the outside of the toilet roll. This will help remove dirt, grime and bacteria.

4. After you’ve finished scrubbing the toilet roll, it’s time to apply the bleach. Spray the bleach liberally over the entire toilet roll, making sure you cover all areas.

5. Finally, use a clean cloth to wipe down the toilet roll. This will help remove any remaining dirt or grime, leaving your toilet roll sparkling clean.

And there you have it – a sparkling clean and smelling fresh Mrs Hinch toilet roll!

How do you hang curtains without a rod?

Hanging curtains without a rod can be an economical and effective way to add style and privacy to your window while creating an impressive decorative look in any room. Here are some tips on how to hang curtains without a rod:

1. Use a tension rod. A tension rod is held in place by the pressure generated by turning sleeves at the ends of the rod. This type of rod is useful when the space around the sides of the window is limited.

It is also helpful for lightweight curtains such as sheer fabric panels.

2. Stick with double-sided tape. Heavy-duty double-sided tape is a great way to hang your curtains without using a rod. It’s best for thin and lightweight curtains that don’t need a bulky and visible rod.

3. Attach a board to the window frame and then hang the curtains with clips or hooks. This is another inexpensive and effective way to hang curtains without using a rod. Attach a wide board to the window frame and then hang your curtains with clips or hooks attached to the board.

This also prevents the need for drilling any holes in your wall.

4. Use a curtain wire. A curtain wire system is a sturdy, rod-less way to hang curtains. It attaches to the wall and then slides along the wire. This lets you adjust the length of your curtains, which is particularly useful if you have tall windows.

5. Use curtain rings with clips. This is an effective and easy way to hang your curtains without a rod. Attach curtain rings to your curtains and use clips to hang the curtains on the window frame.

These are just a few of the ways to hang curtains without using a rod. With a little creativity and some patience, you can create a unique, stylish window treatment that won’t break your budget.

How do you bunch up curtains?

Bunching up curtains is an easy process and can be done with a few supplies and steps. The first thing to do is to decide what type of pleating or bunching you would like to have for your curtains. Once you determine the style of ruching, you can gather the necessary supplies.

Gather some cord, elastic, or ribbon, pins and a measuring tape. Measure the length you would like the pleated curtain to be, usually being slightly shorter than the actual height of the curtain rod.

Loop the elastic, cord, or ribbon through each open ring or header tape to match up with the measurement you got earlier and clench it with the pins to keep it secure. This will secure the rod and create a neat and stylish pleated look.

Gather up the fabric either behind the rod or in whichever style you are hoping to create, while making sure it is smoothly pleated and even looking. Once you have it to your desired look, secure it with a few pins to keep it together.

Go over the curtain with a steamer or iron to help keep the pleats or ruching of the fabric in place. And there you have it! A stylish and pleated curtain that is sure to make your space look more polished.

How can I make cheap curtains look better?

Making cheap curtains look better can be done in a variety of ways. Depending on the style of curtains you’re looking for, some of these suggestions could be a good fit.

The first suggestion is to add some trims and embellishments. Some ideas are adding lace, tassels, ribbon, fringe, embroidery, or other decorative accents. Adding these will give your curtains more visual appeal and make them seem more expensive.

Second, you could add tiebacks or other kinds of hardware to hold your curtains in place. This can give the curtains a finished, more polished look.

Third, you could also try adding a different fabric to the existing curtains. This can be done in many ways, such as adding a contrast top layer or putting a matching piece of fabric behind the curtain to hide any flaws.

Both of these can help make cheap curtains look much better.

Finally, you can also upgrade the fabric you have. For instance, you can change a plain cotton fabric to velvet, or you can add a patterned damask, faux suede, or other patterned fabrics. Just make sure the fabric is not too heavy or thick, so it won’t be too hard to pull open and close the curtains.

These are just some of the ways you can make cheap curtains look more expensive. With a few small design touches, you can make your room look more refined and put together.

What kind of curtains make a room look bigger?

The type of curtains that can make a room look bigger are light-colored, semi-translucent curtains. Light colors have a brightening effect that can open up a room and make it look more spacious. Semi-translucent curtains also let some light through, further brightening the room.

Neutral tones such as white, beige, and gray are popular, as they tend to match the existing palette of any room. In addition, curtains with vertical stripes, geometric designs, or repeating prints can make a room appear more visually expansive.

Lastly, sheers create an airy, light feel that can make a small room look bigger.

Why do my curtains look cheap?

First and foremost, the fabric can be a factor; if your curtains are made from an inexpensive or lightweight material, it will likely give an overall lower-quality, cheaper appearance. Cheap curtain rods and fixtures can also lead to a cheap-looking final product.

If your curtains are hung on someone’s own rods or with low-quality fixtures, it can make the curtains look cheap, even if the fabric or design is of high-quality. Additionally, the style or pattern of your curtains can also contribute.

If the design is overly busy, or contains very bright or dated colors, it can give the impression of being cheap. If the hem of your curtains is hanging too low from the rod, it can also give a cheap appearance.

Furthermore, if your curtains are hung too tightly or too loosely, the fabric can look flat and saggy, resulting in a less expensive appearance. Therefore, the fabric, fixtures, style, hem, and hanging of your curtains all influence the overall appearance of the curtains.

How can I get my curtains to hang straight?

First, you should make sure that your curtain rod is hung properly, straight and level. Make sure your brackets are securely mounted and the screws are tight – extra support will help make sure the rod won’t droop with the weight of the curtains.

Also, use wall anchors if needed to provide extra support. Then, lay the curtains out before hanging them, stretching them out lengthwise and making sure there are no creases. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed and that the length is even on both sides.

Finally, attach the curtain hooks to the rod evenly and make sure the pleats are evenly distributed. You can even add accessories like tiebacks, tassels, or weighted hem clips to help the curtains hang straight and stay in place.

How do professionals hang curtains?

Hanging curtains properly is an important part of getting the most out of your curtains and making your home look its best. Professional curtain hanging is typically done in two steps – measuring and installation.

The measuring process generally consists of measuring the distance of the curtain rod from the top of the window to the floor, then measuring the width of a single curtain panel and calculating how many panels you need for the window, and finally measuring the length of the window and determining the proper length of the curtain.

Installation is the more complex part since it requires the use of a drill, various types of mounting hardware and curtain drapery rods. A professional will know the different types of mounting hardware, such as a bracket, track, lath or line, and make sure that the mounting hardware is balanced and properly installed.

After the mounting hardware is installed, the professional will install the drapery rod and hang the curtains, making sure they are even and that the panel opens and closes without difficultly. Finally, the professional will ensure that all the seams are properly lined up, then secure the hems and tiebacks or valances as needed.

Properly hung curtains not only look better, but also make the hanging of the curtains easier, smoother, and longer lasting.

What are the different ways to hang curtains?

Depending on the type of curtains you have, and the type of window you are wanting to put them on.

The most common way to hang curtains is with a rod or pole. You can purchase curtain rods or poles that match the style of your window, or get one that has adjustable brackets so it can fit your window perfectly.

This method is usually a good option for standing curtains or grommet panels, as these curtains often come with rings or loops on the top part of the fabric that make it easy to attach the rod. This type of hanging is found in most households and is relatively easy to do, as long as you have the proper tools.

If you have a window with a complicated design, or if you would prefer your curtains to be closer to the window, the recessed rod method may be the best option. This hangs the curtains closer to the window in order to keep them out of the way when opened.

Another option is the wall mount method. This is when rods are anchored to the wall, allowing the window curtains to hang down straight and rarely get in the way when you want to open the window. This is good for wider windows and heavier curtains.

You can also place hooks onto the window frame for a more classic technique. This style of hanging curtains does not require a curtain rod, but is usually a bit more challenging to do correctly.

Finally, there are wire system installations that hang from the ceiling. This is the most involved method, as you will have to drill into the ceiling, but it is great for heavier fabrics and contemporary designs.