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How does the anti-gravity phone case work?

The anti-gravity phone case is an adhesive phone holder that utilizes the principle of nanotechnology. This form of nanotechnology uses an adhesive material with nanoscale particles that are capable of forming a strong and long-lasting bond with most surfaces.

This bond enables it to ‘stick’ your phone to walls, shelves, and other flat surfaces where the case can be used as a hands-free stand. The beauty of the anti-gravity case is that it can be used for more than just hanging your phone on a wall; you can use the case to stick to cars, bathrooms, or objects to take photos and watch videos hands-free.

The adhesive also makes it easy to clean off any dirt or dust. The case is extremely durable and can hold up to 6kg of weight without budging and comes with an additional pad that works with taller phones.

Overall, the anti-gravity phone case is a great way to keep your phone secure and within your reach while freeing up your hands, allowing you to take photos, videos and selfies with ease.

How does nano-suction work?

Nano-suction is a revolutionary material that has been designed to adhere to most flat and non-porous surfaces. Basically, it uses a property called adhesion, which is the attraction of particles on a surface to each other.

Instead of using glue or adhesive tape, nano-suction relies on microscopic suction cups which release and re-attach to the surface as needed. This creates a strong bond between the two surfaces, enabling it to bear a certain amount of weight.

Nano-suction works the same way a gecko adheres itself to a wall. Its surface is composed of microscopic cups which are filled with air molecules. These cups remain open until a pressure is applied, at which point the molecules separate and compel the surface to cling on to whatever it is applied to.

With this technology, you can attach virtually anything to any surface. You can even attach it to walls, glass or any other non-porous surfaces.

Nano-suction is a great alternative to using glue or adhesive tape. It’s much stronger and secure than either of those, yet it’s also easy to remove. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave behind any residue, making it an ideal choice for those who need a long-lasting and secure adhesion.

How does the GOATcase work?

The GOATcase is a multi-functional phone case and wallet combination designed to streamline and simplify the way you carry your essentials. It features a built-in flip wallet for securely storing 3-4 cards, a kickstand for viewing media content hands-free, an integrated charging cable for topping up on-the-go, and a highly impact-resistant design for all-around protection from everyday wear and tear.

The case provides a slim, low-profile design with a smooth surface that allows for comfortable grip and easy access to all ports and buttons.

The wallet can be easily opened with one hand and can hold up to 4 credit cards, a driver’s license, and up to 12 bills. The magnetic closure is secure and the two elastic bands hold everything in place.

The case also has a built-in USB certified cable that provides up to 2.4 amps of charging power and is compatible with the included wall adapter plug or virtually any car charger.

The integrated kickstand lets you watch movies, play games or use your phone hands-free. It’s adjustable so you can set it in a variety of positions for the perfect view. Plus, it also doubles as a stand for tabletop use.

The case is designed with a slim, lightweight profile and is constructed from durable, shock-absorbent materials to provide maximum protection from daily wear and tear. It even comes with a protective neoprene sleeve for carrying your essentials when you don’t need the full case.

How do you clean a GOATcase?

Cleaning a GOATcase is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Start by removing any dirt and debris from the outer surface of the case by wiping it down with a damp cloth.

2. Now clean the inner lining of the case using a mild detergent and water. Gently rub the detergent directly into the fabric and then rinse with water.

3. To dry, first use a towel to absorb any excess water and then let it air dry completely.

4. Once completely dry, use a soft brush to brush away any dirt that remains.

5. Apply a fabric protector to the case in order to keep it clean for longer and help repel dirt and stains.

Following these steps will ensure your GOATcase is clean and looking great!

How do you fix a sticky phone case?

If your phone case is sticky, you can try the following methods to get it back to its original form:

1. Clean the surface: Start by using a damp cloth to wipe the area that is sticky. This will help to remove any dirt, dust or grime that may have built up on the surface.

2. Apply rubbing alcohol: Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and then lightly rub the sticky area until it becomes less sticky.

3. Use vinegar: White vinegar also works to remove sticky residue. Simply dab a cloth in the vinegar and then rub the area. This should help to loosen the stickiness.

4. Apply a mild soap solution: If the previous methods don’t work, then you can try a more potent cleaning solution that is still safe for your phone case. Try mixing a few drops of mild soap with water and then dabbing the area with it.

5. Rinse and dry: Once the phone case is free of the stickiness, you’ll want to make sure that any cleaning solution or alcohol residue is completely gone. Rinse it off with water, and then thoroughly dry the case before putting it back on your phone.

How do you make a Pluto case sticky again?

To make a Pluto case sticky again, start by cleaning the inside and outside of the case with a damp cloth, using only water and no soap or chemicals. Be sure to rinse and dry the case thoroughly. Once the Pluto case is clean and dry, rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto the inside and outside of the case to remove some of the oils and residue.

Then apply a thin layer of wax onto the case, and buff it into the surface with a clean, dry cloth. You can also use a special lubricant designed for the material of your case to ensure the highest stickiness.

Finally, work a bit of petroleum jelly on the inside and outside of the case and rub it in with a cloth to keep it in place and make the case extra sticky.

Why does my phone case get sticky?

There are a variety of different reasons why your phone case may get sticky. Moisture, dirt, and heat are some of the most common causes. Excess moisture in the air can cause condensation to form on the surface of your phone case, making it sticky.

Dirt and dust can also accumulate on the surface of the case and attract moisture, leading to stickiness. Heat is another factor that can cause your phone case to become sticky. When exposed to high temperatures, the phone case material may expand, resulting in a sticky feeling on the surface.

What is the goat case made of?

The goat case is an intriguing, lightweight and waterproof carrying case made of polypropylene plastic. It is the perfect everyday case for your goat accessories and has a polyurethane coated zipper to ensure everything inside stays nice and dry.

The polypropylene material used in the construction of the goat case is very tough and is designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use. The case also features a shoulder strap for added comfort and convenience when traveling or using the case to transport goat accessories.

In addition, the case features interior pockets for pens, keys and other small items, as well as an exterior pocket for map and documents. All of these features make the goat case the perfect accessory for taking your goat accessories with you wherever you go.

What’s a Pluto case?

A Pluto case is a protective hardshell case designed specifically for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod and iPad. The company boasts a lightweight and slim design that easily fits into any pocket or travel bag.

Pluto cases are designed with a shock-absorbent material that minimizes the impact of drops and falls, while raised edges keep the screen and ports safe. They also feature a slim build that allows access to all ports, buttons, camera and other controls.

To add an extra layer of protection, the cases also come with integrated microfiber lining to keep your device safe from dust and dirt.

How long does it take to get your Pluto case?

The exact length of time it takes to get a Pluto case depends on where you’re ordering from and what type of delivery you choose. If you’re ordering within the United States, the estimated delivery time is 3-5 business days, but this could vary depending on what shipping method you select.

If you select a standard shipping method, the delivery time should fall within this 3-5 business day window. If you select an expedited or express shipping method, the delivery time should be shortened.

If you’re ordering from outside the United States, please contact the customer service department for additional information and an estimated delivery time.

How can I make my phone case more grippy?

Adding more grip to your phone case is relatively simple. The simplest way to do this is to purchase a phone case that has built-in grip, such as ones that contain a rubbery material or textured designs.

Many phone cases also come with interchangeable back plates so you can customize the grip of your case by purchasing various back plates tailored to your needs.

If you’re looking for a more DIY approach, you can achieve a grip without much money or effort. Initially, you should clean the surface of your phone case with a damp cloth so it’s completely free of dust and dirt.

You can then add a grip using any of the following methods:

• Add adhesive grip tape to the back of the case. This is widely available at most hardware and automotive stores.

• Create a custom grip by using rubber bands or small sponges, cutouts from an old bike tire, small foam pieces, or myriad items such as these.

• Invest in a special-order phone cover from Etsy or a custom 3D printer, where you’ll be able to choose the exact grip pattern you prefer.

By following these easy tips and tricks, you can customize the grip on your phone case to suit your preferences.

What are anti gravity phone cases made of?

Anti gravity phone cases are usually made of either specialized polyurethane or specialized silicone. Both materials are designed to adhere to surfaces when the back of the phone is placed on them but still allow the phone to be easily removed.

This is due to how the material is engineered with a special nano-suction technology. The material will cling to almost any non-porous surface such as glass, mirrors, and most walls. This nano-suction technology is built into the material and does not require any additional setup.

Another advantage to these materials is that they can be wiped clean without any damage, allowing for easy maintenance. Additionally, these materials are resistant to dust, water, and most other stains so they will stay in pristine condition for longer.

How do you clean the inside of an instrument case?

The key to properly and safely cleaning the inside of an instrument case is to use the appropriate products for the material of the case. For a hard-shell case, start by using a dry soft cloth to get rid of any dust, dirt, or buildup that might be present.

The cloth should be cleaned with a mild detergent to get rid of any oil residue. If there’s supplemental padding or upholstery in the case, you can use an upholstery cleaner to clean the fabrics and textures in the case.

For dirtier spots, you may need to use a toothbrush with a mild detergent to really get at the stubborn spots.

If you have a softshell case, you can use the same method as mentioned above. The big difference is that you should avoid getting the case or any of the interior materials too wet. You should use only a mild detergent and warm water to dampen the cloth that you use to clean the case.

This will be enough to clean away any dirt and grime while still leaving the materials as dry as possible.

Once the area is sufficiently cleaned, you should let the interior of the case air dry before replacing the instrument. After the job is finished, the instrument case should look and feel as good as new.

Can you wash gun cases?

Yes, you can wash gun cases, though it is recommended to do so with a mild detergent or soap. It is important to first ensure that all firearms, ammunition, and accessories have been removed from the gun case before washing.

You should also make sure that the case is completely dry before putting any firearms or ammunition back into it. It is also important to keep in mind that moisture inside the case can dampen or rust firearms and ammunition so it should be wiped out thoroughly and left to dry before storing firearms back in it.

It is recommended to avoid getting the interior compartments of the gun case overly wet, as this can damage the case and the contents inside. Additionally, you can use a soft brush to help with removing dirt and dust.

Is the goat case sticky?

No, the goat case is not sticky. The goat case is made of a sturdy, high quality plastic that is very easy to clean and keep in top condition. It’s also designed to fit snugly so that it doesn’t slip or fall off when you are carrying it around.

Additionally, the interior of the case has been lined with non-slip rubber to prevent items from slipping around.

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