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How long does it take bodies to Despawn in Skyrim?

Bodies can take some time to despawn in Skyrim depending on the type of body and the situation in the game. Generally, the game will try to despawn a body after 120 seconds, however the process can be interrupted by the game’s scripts or by actions of the Dragonborn.

Furthermore, certain active set pieces can prevent despawning, such as fires and traps. Unique characters and quest-related NPCs may take more than 120 seconds to despawn, due to the amount of scripted processes that need to be processed.

So, depending on the situation, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for bodies to despawn in Skyrim.

Do items ever Despawn in Skyrim?

Yes, items can despawn in Skyrim. Items usually despawn if left in an area for too long, if a character dies, or from other in-game events. This may include weapons, armor, clothing, and other items that were dropped in the game world.

Despawned items can eventually respawn on their own, but this is typically a random event. If a character wants a specific item back, they will have to either return to the area and look for it, or console command it.

How do you Despawn a corpse in Skyrim?

Despawning a corpse in Skyrim is a relatively simple process. Depending on the specific situation. The most common way to despawn a corpse is to use the console command “Resurrect” (player. placeatme XX000d89).

This command will resurrect the corpse for you, which will make it disappear as soon as you leave the area. You can also use the “Disable command” (disable xx000d89) to make the corpse disappear immediately.

However, this will not work if the corpse is part of a quest, so make sure to check first before trying this option. Additionally, you can also use the “Resurrect 1” console command (player. resurrect 1 xx000d89).

This allows you to resurrect and despawn the corpse without it being part of a quest. Finally, you can use the “markfordelete” command (markfordelete xx000d89) to delete the object entirely. Be aware that this may cause some issues with the game, so be sure to make a backup of your save files before trying this option.

How do you remove bodies from your house in Skyrim?

If you wish to remove a body from your house in Skyrim, there are several methods you can use to do so. The easiest way to remove a body is to simply drag the body out of your home and onto the street.

You can do this by using the ‘Grab’ and ‘Move’ options in the ‘Object Window’ (while holding the Object key) when you click on the body. Alternatively, you can move the body to a furniture item such as a chest, dresser, or chair, and then pick up the furniture to move it out with the body.

Another option is to use the console commands, certain spells, or certain tools and items to cause the body to disappear. You can use ‘Disable’ to make the body vanish temporarily, or use ‘Kill’ to permanently remove the body.

Finally, if you have a spell that lets you move furniture, you can use it to move the body out of the house.

What is the dead body clean up cell Skyrim?

The Dead Body Clean Up Cell in Skyrim is a special save game feature that allows players to remove any deceased NPCs or creatures from the game. It is designed to prevent the game from becoming too crowded and can help keep the visuals of the game more appealing.

When a character or creature dies or disappears from the game, the Dead Body Clean Up Cell can be used to clear out the dead remains from the area. This ability is especially useful for players who are trying to maintain a certain look or appeal to their game.

Additionally, it can help players reduce clutter in the game world, as dead bodies can often make the environment seem messier than it needs to be. It is important to note that the Dead Body Clean Up Cell only works with NPCs or creatures that are controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence.

The cell will not be able to delete characters that have been modified or changed by mods.

How do you delete things in Skyrim?

The first way is to use the console command “Drop ”. In order to use this command, you will need to know the item’s ID, which can be found on various fan-created wiki sites. Once you type in the command and hit enter, the item you selected will be removed from your inventory.

You can also use the console command “Player. RemoveItem ” to delete multiple items with the same ID.

If you don’t have the item’s ID, you can still delete things in Skyrim by using the “Recycle Bin”, which can be found under the miscellaneous section in the game’s inventory screen. Once there, you can select the item you want to delete, and hit the ‘recycle’ button to delete it from your inventory.

Another way to delete things in Skyrim is to sell them to a merchant. You can either sell individual items, or select the ‘sell all’ option to get rid of multiple items at once. Simply select the items you want to delete, and then choose the sell option in the merchant’s menu.

Finally, you can use the ‘Junk’ feature in Skyrim to delete unwanted items. All you have to do is select the item or items you want to delete and then select the “Junk” option on the bottom of the inventory screen.

This will convert the item into scrap, which can then be sold to a merchant for a small amount of gold.

In summary, there are a few different ways to delete things in Skyrim, including using console commands, the recycle bin, a merchant, or the junk feature. Knowing how each of these works will help you get rid of unwanted items without having to spend too much time or energy trying to do it manually.

What does mark for delete do Skyrim?

Mark for delete in Skyrim is a function that allows the player to quickly delete all unwanted items in the game. The feature was added in the 1.9 patch and is located in the inventory screen, just below the main menu.

It quickly deletes items, books, and notes without having to scroll through each item individually. It is a very useful feature that allows players to clean up and organize their inventory quickly, reducing the amount of clutter.

The feature also saves players time, since they don’t need to manually delete each item one by one. This is especially useful for players who have a large number of items in their inventory, such as for those who play for extended periods of time.

What is the purpose of the Do not delete chest Skyrim?

The purpose of the Do not delete chest in Skyrim is to store items which are essential to players’ game-play but which cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game. These items can range from quest-related items, to rare and powerful weapons, to ingredients needed to craft particular alchemy remedies.

By storing these items in the Do not delete chest, the game ensures that they are not permanently lost to players should a bug or a misstep happen, allowing them to continue playing without having to worry about starting over to re-acquire these items.

This chest is especially important for players looking to pursue a particular set of play-styles, as it allows them to keep the items for these play-styles in a safe location.

Is there a do not delete box in Skyrim?

No, there is no do not delete box in Skyrim. The closest thing to a do not delete box in Skyrim is the Storage Chest. This chest can be found in most cities and unlike other containers, items cannot be deleted from this chest.

All items put into the Storage Chest will remain in the chest until taken out by the player. This chest is most useful for storing items for safe keeping, however it is not a protected box that will prevent items from being miscategorized or inadvertently deleted.

How do I delete all items on the ground in Skyrim?

Deleting all the items on the ground in Skyrim can be done fairly easily, by using the console commands. In order to access the console, press the ~ (tilde) key while in-game—this will open the developer console.

Once the console is open, enter in the command ‘RemoveAllItems’ followed by the name of the item you’d like to delete. For example, if you wanted to delete all Iron Ingots, you’d type in, ‘RemoveAllItems Iron Ingot’.

This command will remove all of the Iron Ingots that are on the ground.

If you’d like to delete all the items on the ground in Skyrim, you can use a different command. Type in ‘SelectAllItems’ and hit enter—this will select all of the items on the ground. You can then type in ‘Delete’ followed by the item you’d like to delete.

This will delete all the items of the type you specified from the ground.

Overall, deleting all the items on the ground in Skyrim can be done fairly quickly and easily with the help of console commands. With the RemoveAllItems and SelectAllItems commands, you can quickly delete all the items of a certain type that are on the ground or delete them all with one command.

Should I do Survival mode in Skyrim?

Yes, survival mode in Skyrim is an excellent way to enhance your gaming experience. It adds an additional layer of difficulty to the game, as you have to be more mindful of your resources and environment.

In survival mode, you must keep yourself warm and fed, as the weather and hunger levels can affect your health. You’ll also need to be aware of your surrounding environment, as land changes, predators, and other dangers can compromise your safety.

With that said, survival mode can make the game significantly more immersive and enjoyable as you navigate through the world. In addition, combat also becomes more challenging, as health and stamina don’t regenerate as quickly.

If you’re looking for an extra layer of difficulty, then survival mode is definitely worth trying out.

What happens if you dismiss a follower in Skyrim?

If you dismiss a follower in Skyrim, their inventory will automatically be cleared, and they will no longer follow you around the world of Tamriel. The conversation you had with the follower to dismiss them will be saved and the follower will reappear in the spot where you initially encountered them.

However, followers you’ve dismissed will not offer any services anymore, so you won’t be able to ask them to carry items for you, or even open doors or pick locks unless you recruit them again. Additionally, any equipment that was given to them will be gone, and you will have to reapply the same if you wish to recruit them again.

How do I set my follower to count to zero in Skyrim?

In order to set your follower count to zero in Skyrim, you must console command to remove all of your followers. This can be done by opening the command console by pressing the tilde key (`) and entering the command “removeallitems [base id] 1.

” After entering the command you will need to replace “[base id]” with the base ID of your follower. For example, if you are trying to remove the follower Lydia, her base ID is 0001A66A, so you would enter the command “removeallitems 0001A66A 1.

” After entering the command, your follower count should now be set to zero. If this does not work or if your follower does not have a base ID, you can open the command console again and enter the command “player.

removefac [faction id]. ” You will then need to replace “[faction id]” with the faction ID of your follower; for example, Lydia’s faction ID is 0001A65E so the command would be “player. removefac 0001A65E.

” This should successfully remove all of your followers and reset your follower count to zero.

How do I disable an NPC?

Disabling an NPC (Non-Player Character) depends on the game you are playing. Generally speaking, you can accomplish this by accessing the game’s menus or command console.

Many games have a built-in command or console command to disable NPCs, but not all games do. If there is no console command available, you may also have to edit the game configuration files. Depending on the game, however, this may void warranties and/or break the game.

It is advised to ensure you have tested the edits first and made a backup before making changes.

Another option for disabling an NPC is to use a modding program or mod available for the game. A Mod is an executable file that alters game configuration settings, allowing you to disable NPCs or add new NPCs to the game.

A modding program will allow you to edit the game files yourself, but it is also important to ensure you have tested the edits first and made a backup before making any changes.

Where did my spouse go Skyrim?

It is impossible to say where your spouse went in Skyrim as it is a vast open-world virtual world filled with numerous different locations and characters. Depending on which game version you are playing, you could have your spouse as a part of a faction or as a non-playable character that you can talk to, but beyond that it is impossible to pinpoint their exact location.

There is a search option in the game, which may be helpful in locating them if they were part of a faction within the game. If your spouse is playing the game, then you may be able to find them by checking the game’s leaderboard or friends list, or you could try sending a message within the game if they are connected to the PlayStation Network.