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How long does it take for UnitedMasters to reply?

The amount of time it takes for UnitedMasters to reply varies depending on a variety of factors, such as the specific request, the availability of our support team, and any other pressing matters. Generally speaking, customers can expect a response within 24-48 hours.

However, during periods of high volume our team may require additional time to respond and we ask for customers’ patience and understanding. Additionally, many of our features can be accessed and utilized right away, like our onboarding tool, automatic playlisting and releasing music.

How do I get my money from UnitedMasters?

Once you’ve earned royalties from UnitedMasters as a music artist, there are several different ways to withdraw your funds. First, you will need to set up a Stripe account and connect it to UnitedMasters.

Once connected, you can manage payout settings. You can choose to receive your payouts either weekly or monthly. After that, you can withdraw your earnings to your personal bank account, either through a direct deposit or with a physical check sent to you through the mail.

You can manage your withdrawal settings from within your UnitedMasters account.

Do you own your masters with UnitedMasters?

Yes, I do own my masters with UnitedMasters. With UnitedMasters, I’m able to take control of my music career and create a new path for my own success. I’m able to upload my music, distribute it to major streaming platforms, and promote it to new listeners.

Plus, I’m able to keep all of the money I earn from royalties and track performance, meaning I’m in control of my money and not just relying on the label. With UnitedMasters, I’m able to maximize my potential and see real results from all of my hard work.

Can you change release date on UnitedMasters?

Yes, you can change the release date on UnitedMasters. To do this, go to your Home page, click on the “Releases” tab, and find the release you’d like to modify. When that page opens, scroll down to the “Release Date” section and you will find the “Update Release Date” button.

Clicking this button will allow you to change the release date. Once you have made your changes, click “Save Changes” and the new release date will be saved.

Where does United Master put your music?

United Masters puts your music in a wide range of digital music stores and streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, Pandora, TIDAL, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and Napster. With a United Masters distribution, your music is all over the world.

Plus, you get real-time insights. You’ll be able to see who is streaming or buying your music, how they’re interacting with it and what countries are driving the most revenue. By utilizing United Master’s global distribution as well as its direct-to-fan fan platform, you can reach more fans, earn more revenue, and have a deeper understanding of your audience.

What rappers use UnitedMasters?

UnitedMasters has become a popular choice among rappers looking to take control of their music careers or break into the music industry. The service has helped many independent and major label artists both publish and monetize their music.

Rappers like the Detroit-based Babyface Ray, Florida-based Husser, and Texas’s Apollo G have all used UnitedMasters for their independently released music, which has resulted in a major reach for their fanbase.

The service also has a suite of tools for artists to upload their music, measure the success of their music, and adapt their strategies for reaching new fans.

Not only that, but UnitedMasters also offers exclusive monetization opportunities to its users, including potential direct placements in film, television and commercials. Other popular rappers who use the service include the Kansas City-based rapper the Original Spooks, the New Orleans-based rapper Deuces Echo, and the Los Angeles-based rapper Destruct.

With UnitedMasters, independent and major label rappers alike can reach new fans and make a living off of their music.

How much royalties does UnitedMasters take?

UnitedMasters takes 15% commission off of any royalty payments it processes. This includes royalties from streaming services, publishing, and sync licenses. On top of that 15%, UnitedMasters also charges a transaction fee, which can vary depending on the currency and payout method.

The exact amount will be detailed in the payout report available to each artist and label. UnitedMasters also offers an Extensive Distribution add-on with an additional fee of $24.99 that grants users access to more than 200 streaming platforms and an increased chance of viral success through its extended reach.

Finally, UnitedMasters takes a $9.99 monthly fee from labels that have released songs on the UnitedMasters platform.

How do I cancel my UnitedMasters subscription?

To cancel your UnitedMasters subscription, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your UnitedMasters account.

2. Find the “My Subscriptions” section.

3. Select the subscription you want to cancel.

4. Click the “Cancel Subscription” button.

5. Confirm the cancellation when prompted.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, your UnitedMasters subscription will be cancelled. However, any music or promotional material you have already posted will remain available. Additionally, you will still have access to your UnitedMasters account.

Be aware that if you have a paid subscription, you will no longer be billed for future months.

Is UnitedMasters trustworthy?

UnitedMasters is a reliable platform for independent music artists. It was founded by Steve Stoute, a well-respected musician and music executive, in 2017, and has been gaining traction ever since. The platform provides independent artists with the resources to take their music career to the next level, from distributing their music, to monetizing and marketing it.

The platform allows music producers to stay in control of their own career and keep 100% of their ownership just by uploading their music to their profile. Additionally, the platform has exclusive strategic partnerships with Universal Music Group, Apple Music and Spotify, allowing music producers to distribute their music to more people.

Furthermore, UnitedMasters offers a transparent analytics tool, known as UnitedMasters Insights, which tracks streaming data, and provides valuable reports on how each song is performing. Additionally, the platform has collaborated with a range of high-profile partners such as Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound and ESPN, providing artists with an even bigger platform from which to showcase their art.

All in all, UnitedMasters is a trustworthy platform for independent music producers looking to take control of their own career. With its partnerships, resources, and analytics tools, UnitedMasters provides the perfect platform for artists to create, distribute and reach more fans.

Are master recordings copyrighted?

Yes, master recordings are typically copyrighted. Under U. S. copyright law, copyright protection is secured automatically when a sound recording is created and fixed in a tangible form. This means that as soon as a master recording is recorded, it is usually protected by copyright.

The copyright holder of a master recording typically has exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the master recording, as well as to make derivative works. The copyright holder may license these rights to another party, who then has the exclusive right to make copies of the master recording.

The copyright holder also has the right to produce and distribute cover versions of their master recording.

Under most circumstances, creating or distributing a copy of a master recording without the permission of the copyright holder is considered copyright infringement and can result in legal penalties. For this reason, anyone looking to use another’s master recording should obtain permission from the copyright holder first before any use is made.

What happens when a record label owns your masters?

When a record label owns your masters, you are essentially granting them the rights to control and distribute any music that you have recorded. This includes the right to license them to other businesses, such as radio stations, streaming services, and video platforms.

The record label will also be able to use your song in any way they see fit, including making a different version of it or remixing it. They will also be able to determine how much you make off of licensing your songs, and can establish certain restrictions or conditions as to how your songs can be used.

Furthermore, they will also be able to use any artwork or videos you have created to promote your music. Essentially, owning your masters allows the record label to fully control the creative direction and future of your music.

Who owns the master rights of a song?

The master rights to a song are typically owned by the artist who created the song, and is legally defined as the copyright holder. This includes both the audio sound recording (the master recording) and the underlying composition (the musical composition and lyrics).

In the United States, this copyright belongs to the artist unless they have assigned it to someone else. Sometimes, the artist is signed on with a record label who has assumed control of the master rights through a contract.

Additionally, a producer or studio may also take ownership of the rights if the artist agreed to a contract with them for the production of the track. It is important for artists to understand the rights to their work before it is released in order to protect their creativity and control over the use of the song.

Does UnitedMasters collect all royalties?

No, UnitedMasters does not collect all royalties. UnitedMasters focuses on collecting publishing, neighboring, and performance royalties for its artists. This means that it does not collect mechanical royalties, sync fees, or digital performance royalties from satellite and internet radio services.

Additionally, UnitedMasters does not register its artists with any societies because it does not collect the royalties generated from those societies. However, artists can register for those societies themselves to collect any related royalties.

How much does it cost to own your masters in music?

The cost of owning your masters in music depends on several factors, including the school you choose to attend, the length of your program, and the level of specialization you seek. Generally, master’s programs in music typically cost between $20,000 and $50,000, depending on the institution, location, and amount of financial aid available.

It is possible to lessen costs by attending public universities, applying for scholarships and grants, or potentially working an assistantship at the school. Some master’s programs require applicants to have undergraduate degrees in related fields, so costs may include the cost of undergraduate tuition.

Additionally, you may also need to pay for textbooks, materials, and other course-related fees. Additionally, please note that students may need to purchase instruments, recording equipment, and digital access software not only to study but also to complete their music-related projects.

Any costs associated with auditioning, traveling, and lodging should also be factored in.