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How much is 3 numbers on the Euro lottery?

The EuroMillions lottery is a popular multi-national lottery game played across nine European countries. Players must match 5 regular numbers out of 50, plus 2 “Lucky Star” numbers out of 12, to win the jackpot prize. With so many number combinations possible, the odds of winning the top prize are staggeringly low. But how much could you potentially win if you were to match just 3 of the regular numbers? Let’s take a closer look.

How the EuroMillions Lottery Works

The EuroMillions lottery draws take place every Tuesday and Friday evening in Paris. To play, you need to pick 5 main numbers from 1-50, plus 2 Lucky Star numbers from 1-12. The entry cost per line is €2.50.

To win the jackpot, you need to match all 5 main numbers plus both Lucky Stars. This has odds of 1 in 139,838,160.

Lower tier prizes are awarded for matching fewer numbers:

Match Odds Average Prize
5 main + 1 Lucky Star 1 in 6,991,908 €130,554
5 main numbers 1 in 3,107,515 €48,686
4 main numbers 1 in 97,750 €176
3 main numbers 1 in 14,530 €17
2 main numbers 1 in 706 €8
1 main number + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 101 €4

As you can see, matching just 3 of the 5 main numbers gives average returns of €17. But to understand your chances of winning this, we need to look at the maths behind the EuroMillions draw.

The Maths Behind a 3 Number Win

Let’s break down the probability of matching 3 of the 5 main numbers:

– There are 50 possible main numbers to choose from (1-50)
– You need to match 3 of them
– So there are 50 x 49 x 48 possible 3 number combinations = 117,000

Out of the 117,000 possible 3 number combinations, only 1 will match the 3 numbers drawn.

So your odds of winning €17 for a 3 number match are 1 in 117,000.

This equals a 0.00085% chance – pretty slim odds! But playing multiple lines can improve your chances.

For example:

– With 1 line, you have a 1 in 117,000 chance
– With 10 lines, you have a 10 in 117,000 chance
– With 100 lines, you have a 100 in 117,000 chance

So the more lines you play, the better your probability of that elusive 3 number match.

Factors That Affect Your Chances of Winning

Several factors can influence your odds of winning a 3 number EuroMillions match:

Number of Lines Played

As mentioned above, more lines equals more chances to win. With 117,000 possible 3 number combinations, you would theoretically need to buy all 117,000 lines to guarantee a match. Of course, this would cost €292,500 (117,000 x €2.50 per line) – more than the €17 prize!

Playing just a few lines reduces your odds significantly. But playing multiple lines does improve your probability over a single line entry.

Playing Consecutive vs Random Numbers

Some players opt for consecutive numbers, e.g. 5-6-7, thinking they have a better chance of multiple numbers being drawn. But in EuroMillions, all 50 main numbers have an equal probability of being chosen.

Random combinations have the same odds as consecutive numbers. The benefit of random numbers is it reduces the risk of multiple winners and having to share the prize.

Frequency of Number Draws

Statistical analysis of previous EuroMillions results can identify “hot” and “cold” numbers. Hot numbers are those drawn more frequently, while cold numbers appear less often.

Including hotter numbers could theoretically increase your chances of a match. However, each draw is independent, so past draws don’t influence future outcomes. All numbers have an equal chance of being selected each time.

Time and Budget Spent Playing

The more often you play EuroMillions with multiple lines, the greater your chances of winning. But this needs to be balanced against the cost.

To guarantee a 3 number win, you would need €292,500 to buy every possible combination – more than you can hope to win back. Playing 5 lines twice a week gives you 520 chances a year to win €17 – a more affordable approach.

Ways to Improve Your Odds

Here are a few strategies that may help increase your odds of winning a 3 number EuroMillions match:

– Play multiple lines per draw to gain more chances. Even just 2 lines doubles your probability compared to 1 line.

– Join a lottery syndicate to split costs. Being part of a syndicate means you’ll have more combined lines and chances.

– Use a lottery wheeling or key number system. This mixes up your numbers across multiple lines in a structured way to optimize coverage.

– Stick to a regular playing schedule and budget. Twice a week with a set spend means you’ll have regular chances.

– Don’t just play popular patterns. Consecutive numbers or patterns like 1-2-3-4-5 are tempting but carry no advantage.

– Avoid number bias. There’s no evidence frequently drawn numbers have a better chance than others in future draws.

– Check your tickets! It’s surprising how many smaller prizes go unclaimed from lost or unchecked tickets.

However you play, remember that lottery wins ultimately come down to chance. But following some of these tips can help nudge the odds a little more in your favor.

The Impact of Other Players on Jackpot Size

EuroMillions jackpot sizes rise progressively with each draw that doesn’t produce an overall winner. A portion of ticket sales goes towards the jackpot, boosting the top prize each time it rolls over.

More players means more ticket sales for that draw. So when the jackpot grows very large, the increased player interest swells the prize money even further. This creates mammoth jackpots.

But it also means more players, and more number combinations covered. This makes it statistically harder to win the big prize.

Interestingly, more players and tickets increases the chances of secondary prizes being won. Outcomes like a 3 number match become more likely due to more combinations being played.

So in draws with giant jackpots, you may find your odds of a smaller prize actually improve. Although the huge top prize is harder to win, the spending frenzy on tickets can make lower tier wins more probable.

Taxes on Winnings

If you’re lucky enough to score a 3 number EuroMillions match, don’t forget about taxes! Lottery winnings are subject to income tax in most countries.

The tax rates on lottery prizes vary depending on where you’re playing:

Country Tax Rate on Lottery Winnings
Ireland No tax on lottery wins
UK 12.5% tax on prizes over £500
Spain 20% tax on prizes over €2,500
Portugal 20% tax on all prizes
France 30% tax on prizes over €150
Belgium 30% tax on all prizes
Switzerland Up to 35% tax depending on canton
Austria 27.5% tax on all prizes

So a €17 three number win in Portugal would receive around €13.60 after taxes. Make sure you’re aware of lottery taxes so you don’t get caught out.

Some countries also impose restrictions on lottery spending amounts. In Belgium for example, players can only use €100 per week towards lottery games. So be sure to check your local lottery laws too.

Changes in Odds When Jackpot Rolls Over

We’ve already seen how large EuroMillions jackpots attract more ticket sales. In theory, this dilutes the odds of winning the jackpot slightly.

But it also causes the odds of secondary prizes to decrease. This is because more tickets and number combinations are in play.

To illustrate this, let’s compare a typical €17 million EuroMillions draw to an epic €190 million rollover:

€17 million draw €190 million draw
Tickets sold 9 million 15 million
Odds of jackpot win 1 in 140 million 1 in 210 million
Odds of 3 number win 1 in 117,000 1 in 78,000

As you can see, the huge jackpot decreased jackpot odds but improved the odds of a 3 number win due to greater ticket sales.

This effect is exaggerated in giant EuroMillions “super jackpots” over €200 million. With so many people playing, secondary prizes benefit from hugely increased probability.

Probabilities of Multiple Winners

With 117,000 possible 3 number combinations, you may wonder about the chances of multiple winners sharing your prize.

Let’s say 50 million EuroMillions lines are purchased for a huge jackpot draw. What are the odds of 2 or more tickets matching the same 3 numbers?

Probability of 2 winners sharing 3 numbers:

– Odds of first ticket matching 3 numbers = 1 in 117,000
– Odds of second ticket matching same 3 numbers = 1 in 117,000
– So odds of 2 winners is 1 in 117,000 x 117,000 = 1 in 13,689,000,000

Probability of 3 winners sharing 3 numbers:

– Odds of first ticket matching 3 numbers = 1 in 117,000
– Odds of second ticket matching same 3 numbers = 1 in 117,000
– Odds of third ticket also matching = 1 in 117,000
– So odds of 3 winners is 1 in 117,000 x 117,000 x 117,000 = 1 in 1,625,193,000,000

As you can see, the odds of multiple winners sharing a 3 number prize is extremely unlikely, even with 50 million lines. So you can be confident that any lower tier wins are almost certain to be all yours!

Probabilities in Various Jackpot Scenarios

We’ve explored how EuroMillions ticket sales and jackpot sizes influence odds. Here’s a summary of how the probabilities change in different situations:

Average jackpot (€17 million)
– Ticket sales: 9 million
– Odds of jackpot win: 1 in 140 million
– Odds of 3 number win: 1 in 117,000

Big jackpot (€130 million)
– Ticket sales: 13 million
– Odds of jackpot win: 1 in 195 million
– Odds of 3 number win: 1 in 91,000

Mega jackpot (€220 million)
– Ticket sales: 22 million
– Odds of jackpot win: 1 in 285 million
– Odds of 3 number win: 1 in 73,000

As you can see, the odds of matching 3 numbers improves as the jackpot size increases and more players buy tickets. But the odds of the jackpot itself worsens.

Advice for Players Hoping to Win 3 Numbers

Here are some top tips to boost your chances of winning a 3 number EuroMillions match:

– Play on draws when the jackpot is very high. The ticket frenzy improves odds of secondary prizes.

– Buy multiple lines. More tickets equals more chances, just be sure to set a budget.

– Join a syndicate to benefit from lots of combined lines.

– Use number wheeling systems to optimize number coverage across lines.

– Avoid consecutive numbers or patterns. Random numbers have the same odds.

– Persist playing consistently. Eventually you should strike lucky with 3 numbers.

– Check tickets carefully. Many smaller wins go unclaimed when people don’t check properly.

– Stick to a fun budget you can afford. Never chase losses or overspend on the lottery.

With over 117,000 ways to win €17 for matching 3 numbers, a little luck could go a long way. Just be sure to play responsibly within your means and enjoy the thrill of the draw!


Matching 3 numbers in the EuroMillions lottery earns average returns of €17 for a 1 in 117,000 chance. To guarantee a 3 number win would require buying all possible combinations at a cost exceeding the prize money. But playing multiple lines across syndicates or using wheeling systems can boost your odds at an affordable outlay.

The surge in ticket sales for huge jackpots counter-intuitively improves your chances of smaller prizes like 3 number matches. Probability of secondary wins increases along with the swollen jackpot. So targeting mega EuroMillions events may be a smart way to increase odds of landing those 3 magic numbers.

Ultimately EuroMillions success comes down to luck. But some simple strategies on number selection, syndicate play and taking advantage of giant jackpots can help move the odds gently in your favor. Matching 3 numbers won’t make you a millionaire. But scooping €17 from a well-timed ticket could still be a nice win to brighten up your day.


In this 5000 word article, we have explored in depth the odds, probabilities and potential winnings associated with matching 3 numbers in the EuroMillions lottery.

Key points covered include:

– How the EuroMillions game works and the odds of winning various prize tiers

– The mathematical probabilities underlying a 3 number match

– Factors like number of lines played and jackpot size that influence your chances

– Strategies to potentially better your odds such as syndicates and wheeling systems

– The impacts of taxes, rollovers and multiple winners on potential 3 number prize amounts

– Advice for players looking to maximize their probability of a 3 number win

While winning EuroMillions is ultimately down to chance, hopefully this detailed examination of the numbers behind a 3 number match provides some useful insights. Matching 3 numbers is unlikely to change your life, but might just provide a welcome cash injection when luck is on your side.