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How much is a Mountain Mike’s franchise?

The cost of starting a Mountain Mike’s Pizza franchise can vary significantly depending on numerous factors such as location, size of the store, and total start-up cost. Generally, the total investment range is between $122,500 and $443,000 which includes an upfront franchise fee of $20,000, and then a total startup cost which includes: equipment, inventory, signage, training, rent and security deposits, construction costs, professional services, and other costs.

It is important to note that all costs associated with opening a Mountain Mike’s Pizza franchise must be paid in full prior to opening. Additionally, the ongoing expenses such as ongoing royalties, rent, labor and supplies must be taken into consideration as well.

How much does a pizza franchise cost?

The cost of a pizza franchise depends on several factors, such as the size, type of franchise, location, and brand. Generally, the cost tends to start in the range of $75,000 to $200,000 and can exceed $1 million.

The initial franchise fee is usually a fixed amount that is paid when signing on with the franchisor. This fee is usually not refundable and typically starts at around $15,000 to $50,000. Additional costs typically include the cost of equipment and capital investment.

This can range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the size and type of the franchise.

In addition to the upfront costs, there are also ongoing royalty and advertising fees that need to be paid each month. These fees are typically calculated as a percentage of the overall sales, ranging from 4-8%.

Ultimately, the cost of a pizza franchise may also be heavily influenced by market conditions as well as labor and material costs in the local area. It’s important to factor in incidental costs such as marketing, legal fees, rent, and insurance when evaluating the total cost of a franchise.

Who owns Mountain Mike?

Mountain Mike’s Pizza is owned by two private equity firms, Wind Point Partners and Wicks Group. Founded in 1978, Mountain Mike’s has become a favorite pizza chain in California with its focus on serving quality pizza and offering best customer service.

The chain operates 122 restaurants in Northern and Central California and is managed by Mountain Mike’s Restaurants, LLC. Mountain Mike’s Restaurants, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mountain Mike’s Franchise Corp.

, which is exclusively owned by both Wind Point Partners and Wicks Group. Both private equity firms have invested in several restaurant chain companies in the U. S. and holds them under an affiliated investment structure.

How many Mountain Mike pizza locations are there?

As of 2021, there are over 240 Mountain Mike’s Pizza locations throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Utah. The first Mountain Mike’s Pizza location was opened in Palo Alto, California in 1978, and since then the restaurant has continued to expand throughout the west coast.

The original founding principles of Mountain Mike’s Pizza remain the same today, which include making made-to-order pizzas with fresh, quality ingredients. All locations are independently owned and operated and are open 7 days a week.

How many pizzas do I need for 20 people?

If you are serving pizza as a main course at a party or event with 20 people, you should plan to have 3-4 standard sized pizzas (12” diameter). This would provide each person with 1-2 slices, depending on whether they choose to have seconds.

Alternatively, if you are ordering custom-made pizzas with multiple toppings, you may need to order 4-5 pizzas since they typically have more toppings and are a bit larger. If you’re just providing pizza as a snack, you can probably get away with 2-3 pizzas for 20 people as each person would only be having one slice.

Who is the CEO of Mountain Mike’s pizza?

The CEO of Mountain Mike’s Pizza is Jim Metevier. Jim is a seasoned restaurant executive with over 30 years of leadership experience in the restaurant industry. Prior to joining Mt. Mike’s Pizza in 2016, Jim served in executive roles at Darden Restaurants and Jack in the Box.

In his current role, Jim is responsible for developing and executing Mt. Mike’s corporate strategy and leading the Company into new growth and development opportunities. Under his leadership, the Company has undergone an extensive Brand Transformation and new store development initiative resulting in a more unified brand presence and a new store concept.

Jim is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a MBA from the University of Utah.

How many mountain mikes are in California?

Broadly speaking, a mountain mike refers to any kind of mountain in California. Calculating the exact number of mountains in California is difficult as there have been no scientific measurements of all the various mountain formations.

However, estimates range from about 500-1,000 named mountain peaks in California. This does not include unnamed mountain formations, hills, or other peaks that can be found across the state. Additionally, since the landscape of California is constantly changing due to natural processes such as erosion, we may never know exactly how many mountain mikes are in California.

Where is Mountain Mike’s headquarters?

Mountain Mike’s headquarters is located in Pleasanton, California. Founded in 1978, Mountain Mike Pizza started as a single restaurant in Castro Valley, CA. The Mountain Mike’s headquarters is centrally located in the environment of Pleasanton, California.

From this location, the company is able to direct its daily operations and ensure that high standards are kept throughout the chain. Mountain Mike’s is now the fastest-growing pizza company in the western United States, with over 180 locations across the country.

The team at Pleasanton oversees the entire business, from managing restaurant operations to promoting and leading expansions. With over 40 years of experience in the pizza business, the team at Mountain Mike’s is dedicated to delivering a great pizza experience to its customers.

What kind of pepperoni does Mountain Mike’s use?

Mountain Mike’s uses 100% real premium pepperoni for all of their pizzas. Their pepperoni is made with pork, beef, and a blend of spices, ensuring it has a unique, savory flavor. Real pepperoni is not the cheapest option, yet the folks at Mountain Mike’s firmly believe that quality and flavor make all the difference when it comes to crafting a delicious pizza.

Mountain Mike’s takes care to make sure every slice of pepperoni on your pizza is bursting with flavor and they take great pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and making every pizza as delicious as possible.

How big is a mountain size pizza from Mountain Mike’s?

A mountain size pizza from Mountain Mike’s is 25 inches wide and serves up to 16 slices. It is large enough for a party, family gathering, or for feeding several hungry mouths. The pizza is made with a thick and crispy crust, plenty of cheese, and your choice of freshly prepared toppings.

Depending on your topping preferences, it can have enough flavor to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. Mountain Mike’s also offers a variety of crust flavors, providing even more options for party-goers or pizza lovers.

How many slices are in a large pizza?

A large pizza typically has 8 slices, however this can vary depending on where you are purchasing the pizza from. For example, some companies will serve 6 large slices, while others might offer 10 or even 12 slices.

Most restaurants provide 8 slices per pizza, but you should always inquire about the size of the pizza prior to purchasing.

How many calories is a slice of Mountain Mike’s pizza?

The calorie count for a slice of pizza from Mountain Mike’s varies depending on the type of pizza you select. For example, a slice of the Supreme Pizza has 350 calories, the Hawaiian Supreme has 330 calories, and the Pepperoni Pizza has 290 calories.

The Vegetarian Pizza contains 250 calories, and a slice of the Grapeolino Pizza has 290 calories. Additionally, a slice of the original Cheese Pizza contains 200 calories.