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Is Derby Cash real horses?

Derby Cash is a horse racing betting system that claims to help bettors pick winning horses. The system was created by a horse racing enthusiast named Dave Powers who says he cracked the code to picking winners. But is Derby Cash based on real horses or is it a scam?

How Derby Cash Works

According to the Derby Cash website, Dave Powers spent years analyzing past horse racing results to find patterns that point to winning horses. By looking at variables like trainer stats, jockey stats, and the horse’s past performances, Powers claims he can predict which horses are most likely to win their next race.

Users of Derby Cash pay a monthly subscription fee to get access to the system’s picks. Before each major race (like the Kentucky Derby), Derby Cash releases a report telling subscribers which horses they should bet on and how to bet. The picks are based on applying Dave Powers’ system to the field of horses running in that particular race.

Is Derby Cash Legit?

There are a few reasons to be skeptical of Derby Cash:

  • There is no historical record of the success rate. The Derby Cash site claims users will hit an 80% winning rate if they follow the system exactly. But there is no independently verifiable record of the past performance to validate those claims.
  • It relies on finding patterns. While statistics can reveal helpful trends in horse racing, there is still a large element of chance in any race. No system can predict outcomes with 100% accuracy.
  • It guarantees unrealistic returns. Dave Powers claims followers of Derby Cash can make over $1 million in extra income per year. Those types of returns are extremely unrealistic for horse race betting.

Without being able to independently verify the past performance, Derby Cash asks users to take a lot on faith. There is little evidence outside of Dave Powers’ claims that this system regularly beats the odds.

What Experts Say About Derby Cash

Respected horse racing and gambling experts have been very critical of Derby Cash:

  • The Racing Biz calls Derby Cash a “scam” and states there is no transparency or verifiability to the claims of winning bets.
  • Steve Davidowitz at says Derby Cash uses hype, unrealistic claims, and vagueness as red flags to take advantage of unsuspecting users.
  • In a review on, analyst “Black Bart” says Derby Cash shows multiple signs of being a scam and notes the lack of any documented history of past winning bets.

These experts note the lack of transparency around actual results and the inability to verify Dave Powers’ claims as reasons to doubt the legitimacy of Derby Cash.

Who Is Dave Powers?

Very little is known about Dave Powers and his background. There are no records indicating that Powers is an expert handicapper or has a history of winning big on horse races. He appears to have emerged out of nowhere as the creator of Derby Cash.

This adds to the skepticism around the Derby Cash system. If Dave Powers does not have a verified background related to handicapping horse races, why should his system be trusted?

How Does Derby Cash Compare to Other Tips Sites?

There are many other horse racing tipping sites and services besides Derby Cash. A few of the more well-known ones include:

Site Background Credibility
TwinSpires Owned by Churchill Downs Inc. (home of Kentucky Derby). Provides data-driven handicapping analysis. Reputable and trustworthy as part of major racing operation.
TVG Major horse racing TV network. Team of on-air handicappers give picks and analysis. Known to be very knowledgeable on the industry.
Predicteform Team of data scientists and horse experts. Use predictive modeling to make picks. Seen as pioneers in data-based handicapping.

These services are widely seen as credible sources of analysis and picks because they have a proven background related to horse racing. Derby Cash doesn’t have the same reputation or pedigree.

Should You Pay for Picks?

In general, most experts advise exercising caution when paying for picks and betting advice. As analyst James Murphy writes:

“No one can guarantee you’ll make money betting on sports or racing by following their tips. And remember — anyone can look smart for a week or a month. But long-term profitability is extremely difficult. Don’t pay for picks without seeing a long track record of success.”

It’s wise to be wary of any tip site that does not provide a verified, extensive history of the success of their picks. Derby Cash does not reveal any meaningful data and statistics, so there is no reason to have confidence in the claims.


Based on the lack of transparency and inability to independently verify the claims made by Derby Cash and Dave Powers, there is little reason to trust the legitimacy of this service. The site shows multiple red flags typical of scams and questionable handicapping systems.

Until Derby Cash can provide full transparency into their past results over many years and have those results verified by outside sources, it is likely best to stay away. There are much more reputable and proven options for getting horse racing picks and betting advice.

While horse racing will always involve some degree of luck and chance, bettors are best served by relying on systems with a demonstrated history of success. Derby Cash has not earned that trust from the horse racing community.

Anyone considering paying for Derby Cash is wise to do their research and dig deeper into verifying the claims before spending any money. In the world of horse racing tipsters and handicappers, there are many more credible options available.

Some warning signs to watch out for:- No documented history of past winning bets – Claims of unrealistic win rates like 80% or 90% – Guarantees of unrealistic profits – No clear information about who is behind the system

As the old saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. In the case of Derby Cash, skepticism is warranted.

Ultimately, making smart bets on horse racing requires homework and avoiding shortcuts. Before spending on picks, dig into the data and verify results for yourself. Don’t take claims at face value without proof. And find tipsters who clearly stand behind their past performances.

Derby Cash makes big promises without the track record to back them up. So for anyone considering paying for the service, it’s likely best to pass and take your horse racing bets elsewhere.

There are no guarantees when it comes to handicapping horse racing. But by arming yourself with information and sticking to credible sources, you can make picks that are based on more than just a myth.

Do your own handicapping and make picks with information you can verify yourself. That will serve you better than blindly following a tip sheet making outrageous claims without data to back it up.

Handicapping horse racing well takes work. There are no shortcuts and systems that claim an easy path to profits should be ignored. But with knowledge and discipline, you can make smart bets that give you a reasonable chance to come out ahead.

Any service making outlandish claims or guaranteeing unrealistic profits should be approached with skepticism. Look for transparency and verifiable results before buying picks.

While luck plays a role, skill and information drives profits long-term. There are no magic systems, but handicappers who do the work to make informed selections will give you a better chance to win.

Be wary of tip sheets making big promises but lacking proof and transparency. Making your own informed picks may not be as easy but will serve you better in the long run.

Getting quality horse racing picks takes real work and dedication from professional handicappers. Before paying for tips, research the source and ensure you can verify a track record over many years. Beware of any service that doesn’t provide transparency around past results.

Handicapping horse racing well is hard work. Anyone selling a simple system for big profits without proof should be avoided. Do your own homework, dig into data and make informed picks instead.

Following hot tips blindly is a recipe for failure in horse racing betting. Focus on verified information from trustworthy sources when making your selections.

If something appears too good to be true in horse racing, it almost always is. Save your money and do the hard handicapping work yourself instead of falling for systems making outrageous claims.

Any tip sheet or handicapper making huge guarantees without providing data to back it up should be avoided. Transparency and a proven track record over time are essential.

There are no magic shortcuts to handicapping horse racing well. Roll up your sleeves, do the work, dig into the data and make informed bets instead of falling for hype.

Handicapping horse racing is hard work. Tip sheets that promise easy profits without proof should be ignored. Focus on information from trustworthy sources you can verify yourself.

Promises of easy riches and huge guarantees in horse racing picks are marketing ploys not reality. Succeeding takes dedication, information and prudent wagering.

A professional handicapper’s track record over many years tells far more than claims about winning percentages. Always verify results before paying anyone for tips.

Handicapping horse racing well is difficult. If a tip sheet seems to promise an easy path to profits, it’s best to be skeptical and avoid it.

Huge guarantees and unrealistic claims are common warning signs with horse racing tip sites. Instead, focus on verified data and transparency around past results.

There are no magic formulas that guarantee profits in horse racing. Skilled handicapping and smart wagering is the only path long-term.

Avoid horse racing tips and systems making outrageous claims without data to back them up. Proof and transparency matter.

Handicapping horse racing well takes skill and effort. Beware unsubstantiated claims of easy profits.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be very wary of any horse racing system making bold guarantees without proper proof.

Claims of easy profits should be seen as red flags with horse racing systems. Focus on verified track records instead.

Handicapping requires real work. There are no substitute for skill and effort if you want to succeed betting on horse racing.

Outlandish claims are easy to make. Look for tip sheets that provide transparent data on actual long-term results before paying for anything.

Guaranteed winning systems in horse racing simply don’t exist. Focus on verified data rather than bold claims of easy profits.

Skill and knowledge are crucial to betting on horse racing. Quick fixes and magic formulas are fantasies and should be avoided.

If a tip site can’t provide proof of past success, look elsewhere. Transparency is essential when evaluating horse racing systems.

Handicapping horse racing well requires real effort. Promises of easy winning systems should always be met with skepticism.

Fantastic claims of guaranteed profits are easy to make but impossible to deliver. Don’t fall for the hype.

Beware outsized promises from any horse racing tip site. If it sounds too good to true, it almost certainly is.

There are no short cuts to consistently profiting on horse racing. Hard work and dedication to handicapping is required.

Hype and bold claims are easy. Verify past results before believing any horse racing tips or systems.

If something sounds too good to be true in horse racing, it almost certainly is. Focus on reality not hype.

Guarantees of easy profits are a flashing warning sign when it comes to horse racing systems. Proceed with extreme caution.

Handicapping horse races is hard work. Claims of easy winning systems should be seen as fantasy and avoided.

Trust needs to be earned through verified results over time. Be very wary of horse racing systems lacking transparency.

Outsized claims are rhetorical tricks not reality. Don’t fall for impossible promises from horse racing tip sites.

Promises of quick and easy profits are marketing ploys not credible handicapping. Verify past performance, don’t rely on claims.