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Is Dragon City still active?

Yes, Dragon City is still an active and popular game. The game is available on several platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, and Windows. Dragon City was first released in 2012 and has since grown to have over 50 million active players every month, with over 8 billion dragons bred since its release.

In Dragon City, players can collect and nurture dragons to level them up and make them stronger, build buildings and habitats, and complete quests. New dragons, events, and content are released regularly, making the game constantly evolving and updated with new features.

The social aspect of the game allows players to connect with each other, trade dragons and gifts, and cooperate in missions.

Why can’t I connect my Facebook to Dragon City?

Unfortunately, there may be a number of reasons why your Facebook account may not be connecting to Dragon City. The first thing to check is to ensure that your Facebook account has connected to the correct game server.

If the game server is incorrect, your Facebook account will not be able to connect to the game. Additionally, make sure that you are logging into the same Facebook account that you have linked to the game (i. e.

make sure you haven’t accidentally logged into another account). If these are not the issue, then it may be your browser or device settings blocking the connection. It’s possible that your browser is blocking pop-ups or third-party cookies associated with the game.

If so, you will need to configure your browser or device settings to allow for third-party cookies and/or pop-ups. Additionally, if you are using a browser plug-in or ad blocker, this may be preventing the connection as well.

To troubleshoot this issue, try disabling the plug-in or ad blocker temporarily and see if that resolves the issue. If that does not work, you may want to try using a different browser or device altogether.

Lastly, if your issue still persists, it may be worth contacting the game developers for assistance.

How do you add Dragon City to Facebook?

Adding Dragon City to Facebook is a fairly simple process. First, log into your Facebook account on a web browser and navigate to the Dragon City page. Click the “Like” button to officially join the Dragon City page on Facebook.

After liking the page, you will receive notifications when there are new updates, events, and game features.

Once you are on the Dragon City page, you will be given the option to “play now”. Click this button and it will open a new window where you can log in to your Dragon City account. If you do not have a Dragon City account, you can create one.

Once you’re logged in, you will be able to access the game and all its features within the new window. You can also post and comment in the game’s forum, featuring a community of fellow Dragon City players.

By having Dragon City on your Facebook, it will make it easier to connect with your friends and create entire Dragon-filled towns with them. The connection between the Facebook account and the Dragon City account will allow you to receive updates, share and compete with your friends, and progress in the game faster.

Facebook also features various myths, breeds and tournaments, allowing you to engage in further activities on Facebook related to Dragon City.

Adding Dragon City to your Facebook page is a great way to expand your game experience beyond just playing the game itself.

When was Dragon City released on Facebook?

Dragon City was released on Facebook in May 8th, 2012. It was the first game in the Dragon City franchise, and since then the series has seen several updates and new releases. The game was created by Social Point, a Spanish Games developer, and was released to 45 million players in its first two weeks.

In the game, players build an island filled with dragons, feed them, play with them, and battle against other players in the game. The game has proven to be a success and to date, Dragon City is one of the most popular games available on Facebook according to AppData.

Since its release, Dragon City has seen numerous updates and expansions in the form of additional content and features. Dragon City also gained an Android and iOS port in June 2013, as well as a Facebook Gameroom port in April 2017.

What company owns Dragon City?

Dragon City is a social networking game developed by Social Point, a Barcelona-based mobile and social game developer. Founded in 2008, Social Point is dependent upon the Spanish venture capital firm IBG Capital for funding.

As of 2019, the game is owned by Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. , the parent company of popular game publishers Rockstar Games and 2K Games. Take-Two acquired Social Point in June of 2019 for approximately $250 million.

Can I play Dragon City without downloading it?

Yes, you can play Dragon City without downloading it. Dragon City is an online game that can be accessed via your browser. To play, visit dragoncity. socialpoint. tv, select the game from the “Games” tab at the top of the page, and login with your credentials.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to access the Dragon City game and start playing. Additionally, there is a Flash player version of the game available to play directly in your browser. You can access it directly at dragoncity. com.

You will be prompted to connect the Flash player with your Social Point account. Once connected, you can start playing Dragon City without downloading it.

How do I link a game to Facebook?

To link a game to Facebook, you’ll need to have an existing Facebook account and the game you’d like to link installed on your mobile device or computer.

First, open the game you’d like to link and look for a ‘Sign in with Facebook’ option, usually located in the main menu or on the game login screen. If the game doesn’t feature this option, check the ‘Settings/Options’ of the game for a link to a ‘Connect with Facebook’ screen.

Once you’ve located this option, hit the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ or ‘Connect with Facebook’ button. You will then be asked to log into your existing Facebook account, usually using the username and password associated with the account.

Once you’ve done this, the game will automatically connect to your Facebook account and sync any data and progress.

If the game has an official Facebook page or group, you may also be given the option to join or follow the page or group as part of the linking process, allowing you to engage with other players and stay up to date with the game.

Note that you may need to give the game permission to access certain parts of your Facebook account, like your friends list, for some aspects of the game to work correctly.

How do I change my Dragon City account?

Changing your Dragon City account can be done in just a few short steps. First, log in to your account via the Dragon City app, or the browser version of the game. Once you are in the game, click on the Settings icon near the top of the page (it looks like a gear).

Here, you will find an option to Link or Change Account, which can be used to link the game to a new or existing account. If you want to link to a new account, you will need to enter your new Dragon City username and password.

Once you have entered the new information, click on the “Link Account” button. Your game will now be associated with the new account, and you can begin playing in that user profile from that point forward.

Though some progress will be lost when linking to a new account, any purchases will be automatically transferred over.

Is there a dragon City 2?

No, there is not a sequel to the popular mobile game, Dragon City. The game was developed by two people, Social Point, and it has not been announced that there are plans for a sequel. Since the release of Dragon City in 2012, Social Points has continued to regularly update the game with new content and features, including events, buildings, dragons, and challenges.

This shows that Social Points is still actively supporting the game and does not plan to create a sequel at this time.

How many people play Dragon City in the World?

Dragon City is a popular social network game developed by Socialpoint, where players can breed and collect dragons while building a magical city. According to the publisher, Socialpoint, millions of people around the world are playing Dragon City.

According to App Annie, an app store analytics platform, Dragon City has over 10 million active players in over 150 countries worldwide. It was estimated that Dragon City had 26.1 million downloads in the first three months of 2021 across iOS and Android devices.

This puts the game in the top 30 of the most downloaded social network games worldwide. Additionally, App Annie states that Dragon City is among the top 200 most downloaded games in the world regardless of genre.

Dragon City is also a popular pick among other gamers and influencers, with YouTube and Twitch channels dedicated entirely to the game. According to statistics from Simplly Measured, there were 7.3 million mentions of the game on Twitter in January 2021 alone.

All in all, it is safe to say that Dragon City is immensely popular and there are millions of active players around the world.

How much does Dragon City cost?

The cost of Dragon City varies depending on the platform you are playing the game on. On Android, Dragon City typically costs $3.99 USD while on iOS it usually costs $4.99 USD. Additionally, there are also a variety of in-game purchases available ranging from $0.

99 USD to $99.99 USD. However, you can still enjoy the game and reach higher levels without spending money.

Do u need WIFI for Dragon City?

No, you do not need Wifi to play Dragon City. You can play the game offline, however, you need an internet connection to log into and play the game. This is because the game runs from an online server, so you need a connection to load the game.

Online features like battles against other players, trading, and visiting other Dragon City islands are not available without an internet connection.

Which came first monster legends or Dragon City?

Monster Legends was created by Social Point and released in 2013, while Dragon City was first released by Social Point in 2012. Thus, Dragon City came first in overall release. However, Monster Legends is considered the spiritual predecessor to Dragon City, as it includes many similar mechanics updates, elemental matchups and more.

Both games have remained popular over the course of their lifetimes and are very successful in the gaming industry.

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