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Is Hagakure permanently invisible?

No, Hagakure is not permanently invisible. Hagakure is a special type of armor created by Marvel Comics character Black Panther that uses vibranium as a form of invisibility technology. When it is activated, the vibranium causes light to bend around the wearer, which makes them appear to be invisible.

However, this effect only lasts for a short period of time and can be disrupted if the armor takes too much damage. Furthermore, if the power source for the armor is depleted, Hagakure will become visible again.

Therefore, it is not permanently invisible.

Can Aizawa make Hagakure visible?

Yes, Aizawa (also known as Eraserhead) has the ability to cancel out the Quirk of any other person. As such, he can take away the invisibility ability of Hagakure, making her visible. This is done by Aizawa placing a hand on the person and erasing their Quirk; in this case, he would place his hand on Hagakure and cancel out her Quirk, which would make her visible.

It is important to note, however, that only Hagakure would experience the effects of Aizawa’s erasure. Others in the area would still see Hagakure as if she was invisible.

Is Hagakure the traitor confirmed?

No, the identity of Hagakure as the traitor in My Hero Academia is not confirmed. The idea that Hagakure is the traitor is largely speculation stemming from the fact that he was one of the few students not present during the final fight against the League of Villains.

A few students have speculated that Hagakure is connected to the villains in some way, possibly working as an informant, but nothing has been officially confirmed. Furthermore, Hagakure has done nothing to suggest he’s a traitor and he’s been a loyal classmate before and after the villain attack.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to confirm whether or not Hagakure is the traitor until the story reveals the answer, so fans can do nothing but speculate.

Can Hagakure disable her quirk?

No, Hagakure cannot disable her quirk. Hagakure’s quirk is a passive one, meaning that it cannot be disabled or turned off. Her quirk is called “Invisibility,” and it allows her to become completely invisible.

This invisibility does not affect her physical abilities or her clothing, and makes her immune to being seen by anyone unless she reveals herself. Hagakure’s quirk is always active, meaning that even if she tries to, she cannot disable it.

Why can Hagakure turn off her quirk?

Hagakure has the ability to turn off her quirk due to the fact that her quirk is a genetic power that is passed down to her through her mother. In the manga and the anime, it is revealed that Hagakure’s mother had a special gene that could control the two quirk powers she had.

Her mother used this gene to control both her quirk powers, and when she passed away, this gene was passed on to Hagakure. This allowed her to gain the same control of her own quirk powers and gain the ability to turn them off when she wanted to.

This ability is a major asset to Hagakure, as it allows her to use her quirk powers when she needs it, but turn them off when she does not.

Can Toru turn off Invisibility?

Yes, Toru can turn off Invisibility if he is using something like a spell or a special mask to achieve it. Depending on the exact source of his invisibility, there may be different ways to turn it off.

For example, if he is using a mask or a spell, he can simply remove the mask or reverse the spell. Additionally, if Toru is using a superpower or an ability granted by a deity or other being, he may need to ask the granting entity to remove it.

Finally, if Toru is using a potion or elixir to achieve invisibility, he may need to acquire an antidote or use a counter-spell to turn it off.

Is invisible Girl the UA traitor?

No, Invisible Girl is not the UA traitor. While some people speculated that she might be the one responsible for leaking crucial UA information to the League of Villains and helping them launch their attack in the Sports Festival Arc, this was never actually confirmed.

Furthermore, the evidence presented simply doesn’t add up. For instance, the League of Villains appeared to already have information in advance of the attack, while Invisible Girls is a key member of Class 1-A and she could not possibly have had access to it.

Additionally, during the conversation with All For One, it was revealed that the traitor had already done some dealings with the League of Villains before, which again, does not include Invisible Girl.

Ultimately, it’s possible that the traitor is still unknown and the identity of the individual responsible for the UA’s attack remains a mystery.

How is Toru invisible?

Toru is invisible in the sense that he is overlooked and ignored by most of his peers and family. He is a quiet, introverted person and it seems that he struggles to fit in and make connections with people.

He is often overlooked in conversations, ignored when speaking, and not included in social gatherings. His invisibility also extends to his talent and ambitions. Despite the fact that he is talented and artistic, he has difficulty expressing these traits, and is not given the same help or recognition as others.

As a result, Toru is mostly invisible to others and can feel disconnected and even helpless.

Do we ever see what invisible Girl looks like MHA?

No, in My Hero Academia, we never get to see what Invisible Girl looks like as she has the power to turn herself intangible and invisible. Although we don’t get to see her appearance, we still get to see the full effects of her power.

Whenever she turns invisible, the outline of her body turns pale and silvery. Her Quirk (superpower) also allows her to travel through any solid object, making her a hugely powerful and strategic member of the League of Villains.

Invisible Girl is able to create black and white portals anywhere she stands, allowing her to quickly transport people and objects to any location she chooses. She also creates shield bubbles that act as defensive barriers to protect her allies.

The invisible nature of her Quirk also makes her difficult to detect and catch by the Heroes. Even without being able to see her, we know that Invisible Girl is one of the most powerful and indispensable members of the League of Villains.

Would Aizawa quirk work on Hagakure?

No, Aizawa’s quirk would not work on Hagakure because her Quirk, called “Odorless”, allows her to render herself invisible by making her odorless. Therefore, Aizawa’s “Erasure” quirk, which deactivates other people’s Quirks, would not be able to affect Hagakure because it would not be able to detect her presence in the first place.

Additionally, even if Hagakure made herself visible so that Aizawa’s quirk could detect her, Aizawa would not be able to deactivate her Quirk as it is a permanent feature of her body.

What happens if Aizawa uses his quirk on Toru?

If Aizawa uses his Quirk on Toru, then Toru would instantly fall asleep due to Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk. Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk is capable of nullifying an opponent’s Quirk and making them fall asleep.

By using his Erasure Quirk, Aizawa can instantly deactivate Toru’s Quirk and cause her to fall asleep. While this is a very effective battle strategy, it is important to note that this Quirk cannot be used to harm anyone directly and it only serves to disable the opponent’s Quirk temporarily.

As such, when Aizawa uses this Quirk against Toru it will not actually cause her any physical harm.

Who is Aizawa bestfriend?

Aizawa’s best friend is Endeavor, also known as Enji Todoroki. Enji is a superhero from the popular manga series My Hero Academia. He is the father of Shoto, the protagonist of the series, and one of the most powerful heroes in the world.

Aizawa and Endeavor have a very close relationship, with Aizawa having a deep respect for Endeavor’s strength and work ethic. In return, Endeavor is deeply protective of Aizawa, often putting his own needs aside to help his friend.

They often share war stories and strategies with one another. Endeavor is one of Aizawa’s most dependable allies, often joining him on missions or lending assistance when pressured. In times of crisis, Aizawa can always count on Endeavor to come to his aid.

What kind of quirks can Aizawa not erase?

Aizawa’s Quirk, Erasure, gives him the ability to cancel out another person’s Quirk. However, he is not able to erase all of the quirks that a person may possess. For example, he can erase a person’s offensive powers, such as fire manipulation or ice manipulation.

He can also cancel out powers that enhance physical abilities, such as enhanced speed, strength, and agility. However, if someone had a trait that was not a Quirk—such as a heightened sense of smell, or a ability to see in the dark—Aizawa would not be able to erase or cancel out that trait.

Furthermore, Erasure cannot cancel out emotions either. Therefore, if someone was feeling angry, or sad, or scared, Aizawa would not be able to erase those feelings.

Can Eraserhead erase all for one?

No, Eraserhead cannot erase all for one as it is a fictional superhero character with the power to erase memories, objects and energies, not all of reality, nor the entire universe. It would be impossible for such a power to exist in any real-world context.

Eraserhead can instead be thought of as a metaphor for the limits of our power and our capacity to shape and control our own lives, as well as our external environment, experience and stories. Rather than literally erasing all, which is impossible, Eraserhead more symbolizes the idea that we can take responsibility for our memories, objects and energies, and the impact they have on our lives, and be mindful, conscious and intentional in using those powers to enact positive change.

What is Aizawa’s quirk weakness?

Aizawa’s quirk, Erasure, is actually quite powerful; it allows him to completely shut down the quirk of anyone within his line of vision. However, there is one notable weakness to this quirk: Aizawa can only use Erasure for a limited amount of time before his body will overheat.

This weakness means that Aizawa has to be very strategic about when and how he uses his quirk, so as to maximize its effectiveness and minimize the strain on his body. In addition, he must be careful to stay out of range of any opponents that have an area-of-effect quirk.

Lastly, erasing someone’s quirk only works if they are not wearing a specially made counter-measure. These counter-measures are usually worn by major villains to protect themselves from Aizawa’s quirk.

Taking all these factors into consideration, it’s clear that Aizawa’s quirk, while powerful, has several weaknesses and must be used with caution.