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Is The Woodwright’s Shop still on PBS?

Yes, The Woodwright’s Shop is still on PBS. It is a series produced by the Public Broadcasting Service that documents master craftsman Roy Underhill as he shares the secrets of building and restoring furniture from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

The show has been in production for over 30 years and is still going strong. It typically airs on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, but the exact schedule varies by station. The show has been available for streaming on PBS since 2020, so viewers have the option of watching on their own schedule.

How old is Roy Underwood?

It is unclear how old Roy Underwood is because there is very little information available about him or his age. However, some sources suggest he may be in his mid to late twenties.

How many seasons did Woodwright Shop have?

The Woodwright’s Shop was a production by Public Television in the United States that aired from 1979 until 2019. The show was created by Roy Underhill and produced by his production company, The Woodwright’s School.

The series featured Underhill demonstrating a variety of woodworking skills, woodworking projects, and woodworking techniques. It was one of the first major shows to be broadcast nationwide on Public Television stations.

The show went through multiple incarnations over the course of its run. From 1979-1981 it was a 30 minute weekly show, which was followed by a 45 minute weekly show from 1982-1995. A short-lived spinoff entitled The Woodwright’s Companion was broadcast from 1996-1997.

The show was revived in 1999, this time as an hour-long show, before ending in 2019 with a total of 492 episodes in 39 seasons.

Where can I watch Woodwright’s Shop?

Woodwright’s Shop can be found on the PBS satellite and cable television network as well as on the popular streaming platforms. It is a long running show with over 26 seasons and is hosted by Roy Underhill, America’s favorite woodworker.

The show features different projects that viewers can build from start to finish and explains how to do various woodworking techniques. It also features stories from Roy’s extensive career in the woodworking industry and advice for viewers who are budding woodworkers.

The show is educational and entertaining, and appeals to all skill levels of woodworking. PBS has several episodes available online and there are usually additional full episodes available on the PBS website or apps.

Additionally, there are books and articles inspired by the show.

Are there any TV shows about woodworking?

Yes, there are several TV shows that feature woodworking themes. Popular shows include The Woodwright’s Shop, hosted by master woodworker Roy Underhill, and WoodsmithShop, hosted by editors from the magazine Woodsmith.

For a more modern take on woodworking, ManMade DIY has seen great success with their weekly show. The show features lifestyle trends and innovative cord-free power tool projects that appeal to the modern home craftsman.

Tuff Shed also airs a show called Builders Brothers, which follows two contractors discovering unique shed projects. Lastly, Operation Home offers up an extensive library of projects for viewers to create for their own home.

Where is the American Woodshop filmed?

The American Woodshop is filmed in the Production Warehouse and Studios in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The operations are based in the Metro Detroit area, which is home to many woodworking professionals and entrepreneurs.

All filming, editing and technical support is done there. The show is designed around a shop that is open for everyone’s viewing with a fully operational woodshop, focusing on the craftsmanship and accurate representation of the projects being made.

The location also features a wide variety of woodworking tools and equipment, allowing the woodworker to comfortably explore the limitless possibilities of creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind projects.

The show highlights nationally known and emerging professional artisans, who demonstrate the many steps, tips and techniques to the various type of building projects.

What is Roy Underhill doing now?

Roy Underhill is currently the host and executive producer of The Woodwright’s Shop, an American how-to television show that has been airing on PBS since 1979. On the show, Underhill demonstrates techniques for traditional woodworking and has hosted, produced and taught numerous classes and workshops all over the United States.

He has published books on woodworking, including The Woodwright’s Apprentice and The Woodwright’s Eclectic Workshop, as well as videos and DVDs. He lives in Pittsboro, North Carolina and travels to annual events related to woodworking, demonstrating and celebrating the craft.

As well as hosting The Woodwright’s Shop, he is also the Master of Ceremonies for the Marc Adams School Workshops in Indiana. He has also created a series of online Masterclasses and is working on an extensive woodworking project, the Bird’s Nest Shelter, which he plans to build in North Carolina and make available to students to learn and practice their skills.

What channel is the woodsmith shop on?

The Woodsmith Shop is a television series that airs on public television stations across the United States. Public television stations are found on a variety of different channels. In most areas, the Woodsmith Shop can be found on channels associated with PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

However the exact channel number may vary based on the area you live in. To determine the channel number for your local PBS station please visit the PBS website and use their station finder tool.

What is a woodsmith?

A woodsmith is an individual who specializes in the craft of woodworking. This typically encompasses the practice of cutting, shaping, and joining wood to construct furniture, toys, and other items. As woodworkers, woodsmiths make use of a variety of tools, such as saws, drills, routers, planes, and chisels.

Working with a range of materials, such as veneers, laminates, and natural woods, a woodsmith has the skills and expertise to construct, customize, and create products that are both attractive and functional.

Common woodworking projects may include building cabinets, tables, chairs, and shelves, as well as constructing home décor items, such as vases, birdhouses, and picture frames. With the right eye for design and detail, a talented woodsmith can produce high-quality items for private use, sale, or to be given as gifts.