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Is there a problem with OverDrive today?

At this time, there are no known wide-spread problems reported with OverDrive. OverDrive is a digital platform that hosts a library of eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital media. If you are having difficulty accessing content or using the OverDrive platform, you should contact OverDrive’s Customer Support Team for assistance.

They can be reached by phone, email, or live chat.

How do I get OverDrive to work?

Getting OverDrive to work is a relatively straightforward process, but first, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct device and software.

1. Determine what type of device you have. OverDrive works on both desktop and mobile devices, including Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

2. Download the appropriate OverDrive app for your device, either from the app store (for example, the App Store for Apple products) or from

3. Sign into your library, school, or other Retailer account. This step is necessary for you to access the digital content available through your library.

4. Once you’re signed in, you can browse and borrow books and other digital media. Once you have borrowed a book, you can read it either online or download it to your device.

5. To download a book or other digital media, select ‘Download’ and wait for the item to appear in your library. On certain devices, you may need to open an additional app to open and read the borrowed item.

That’s it! Now you should be able to browse and download books, audiobooks, magazines, music, and more through OverDrive.

What app is replacing OverDrive?

OverDrive is an incredibly popular platform for borrowing library books, and it continues to be used by libraries around the world. However, many libraries have started to implement alternative services in order to provide more options for patrons to access e-books and other digital content.

Some of these services include hoopla, Kanopy, Scribd, RB Digital, and more. Each of these services offer different levels of functionality, so it’s important to research the options available from each library to find the best fit.

Ultimately, there is no one app that is officially replacing OverDrive, but many libraries are looking to offer alternate solutions to complement the services provided by OverDrive.

Why are my books not downloading on OverDrive?

There are a few potential reasons why your books are not downloading on OverDrive.

First, make sure you’re connected to a reliable internet connection. If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, try switching to a wired connection instead.

If your books are DRM-protected, you may need to authorize the device or app you’re using with an Adobe ID. This will allow you to download the book.

If you’re still having issues, there may be a problem with the title file. Try downloading a different title to see if it downloads properly.

If none of these suggestions resolve the issue, there may be a problem with the OverDrive app or website itself. Check out the status page to see if there are any known issues that could be affecting your device or your library’s collection: https://help. overdrive.


If the issue persists after trying all of these steps, contact OverDrive Support for more help.

Has Libby replaced OverDrive?

No, Libby has not replaced OverDrive. Libby is a new platform developed to accompany OverDrive, which is an existing library app that allows patrons to borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and more content from their local library.

Libby is intended to offer a simpler and more intuitive user experience, featuring one-tap lending, enhanced discoverability, and instant in-app reading. With Libby, users can access all their library’s OverDrive collection in one place, and can even setup automatic returns and notifications when requested titles become available.

Libby is designed to work alongside OverDrive, rather than replace it, so users can choose the app they prefer.

Where are my OverDrive Downloads?

Your OverDrive downloads are stored in the “Downloads” folder on your device. Depending on the device you are using, this folder may be located in different places.

• On a Windows computer, the Downloads folder can be found under the Documents folder in the File Explorer.

• On a Mac, you can select the Finder from the dock, click on “Downloads” in the sidebar, or open the search field in Finder and type “Downloads” to quickly locate the folder.

• On an Android device, the folder can be found in the My Files app. Look for the “Downloads” tab.

• If you are using an iPhone or iPad, the Downloads folder can be found in the iBooks app.

• On a Chromebook, navigate to the “Files” app, then look for the Downloads folder on the left side of the window.

To access your downloads on any device, open the relevant app and log in using the same library card or OverDrive account that you used to check out the title.

If you’re having trouble accessing OverDrive downloads, you may need to go to the website for your library or school’s OverDrive branch and check the settings for your account. It’s also possible that files have been downloaded onto another device.

How do I download books from OverDrive?

To download books from OverDrive, you will first need to create an account on their website. You can do so by clicking “Sign in” at the top right corner of the homepage and selecting “Create account.

” From there, you will have to fill in some basic information about yourself, as well as create a username and password.

Next, you will need to find a library or eBook provider that works with OverDrive. This can be done by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage and selecting “Find a library” from the footer menu. Once you’ve found the library that you want to use, enter your library card information and you’re ready to start downloading books.

When browsing the library’s collection, you’ll want to filter the results by feature. Under the filter menu on the left side of the screen, make sure to check “Download” so that you’re only viewing titles that are available for download.

All that’s left to do is click “borrow” or “add to cart” to begin downloading the book to your OverDrive account. You can then access and read the book using the OverDrive app on your tablet or mobile device.

What is error code 1060 on OverDrive?

Error code 1060 on OverDrive is an “Invalid subscription” code that typically appears when attempting to break down an audio/ebook into chapters. It indicates that the file you’re trying to break down is either incomplete or of an unsupported type.

To fix this, you should make sure that you have the latest version of OverDrive, and that the file you’re trying to break down is in a compatible format (. epub,. mp3, etc. ). Additionally, check the original source to make sure that the file you’re attempting to break down is complete and properly formatted (check for a DRM layer, etc. ).

If all else fails, you should contact OverDrive customer service for more help.

Does OverDrive work offline?

Yes, OverDrive does work offline. When the app is open, you can choose to download books, audiobooks, music, and videos to your device. You can then access the content you have downloaded while you are offline.

The app will remember the position within the book or media you were at so you can easily pick up where you left off. The first is to log into the app with your library card to activate the device. You can then select the media you would like to download and either open it directly in the app, or within an external media player like “VLC Media Player”.

Once it is downloaded, you can access it offline whenever you like and even transfer it to other devices you have.

What is going on with OverDrive?

OverDrive is an electronic book, audiobook, and magazine platform for libraries and schools. It serves over 63,000 libraries, schools, and other institutions across the world, providing access to millions of digital titles from over 3,000 publishers and services in over 78 countries.

It allows libraries to loan digital books, audiobooks, magazines, and videos to patrons using tablets, phones, computers, and e-readers. OverDrive also provides tools for libraries to manage and fulfill digital library collections, create marketing materials, and track library usage statistics.

Recently, OverDrive has added new services such as 3M Cloud Library and Axis 360, which allow libraries to expand their digital collections and reach more patrons. They are also expanding their line of hardware and media station products to offer patrons new ways to access digital content.

Why is OverDrive not working?

There are a variety of potential causes for OverDrive not working. Most commonly, it could be due to an outdated or unsupported browser, or incompatibility with certain settings or plugins installed.

Additionally, connectivity issues with local networks, slow internet speeds, and incorrect time and date settings can also affect OverDrive’s performance.

It’s important to first make sure that any browser plugins, security settings, or internet connection settings are accurate, as this is often the easiest way to resolve such issues. Additionally, make sure that your browser is up to date, as certain versions of browsers may have compatibility issues with OverDrive.

Other factors that could be causing OverDrive not to work include overloaded computers, incorrect security settings, and temporary connection issues due to server congestion. If you have been able to access the OverDrive website and app without issue previously, then these types of issues are most likely to blame.

If all else fails, it’s best to contact your local library or the OverDrive Support team, who can provide further information and assistance with troubleshooting.

How can I read library books offline?

Reading library books offline is made easy with the help of e-book reader apps. Many libraries offer their digital catalogs online, which allows you to rent or borrow e-books from the comfort of your own home.

These apps are available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for most web browsers.

Once the digital copy of the book has been downloaded, you can read it offline and on any device, regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection. Usually, library books can be checked out for up to three weeks before you have to return them, but some apps may also have an auto-return feature that automatically returns the book to the library when your borrowing period expires.

To take advantage of this service, make sure to check your local library’s website to see what ebook apps they offer. You may need to create an account and use the library’s catalog to search and start borrowing books.

When you download the app to your device, you can begin reading library books offline.

What is difference between OverDrive and Libby?

OverDrive and Libby are two different apps that allow users to access their local libraries from anywhere. OverDrive is the most popular library app and is designed for everyone, regardless of their technical proficiency.

With OverDrive, users can find and borrow digital books, audiobooks, magazines and other digital media from their local library. They can even use it to read a book or listen to an audiobook on their phones, tablets, or computers.

Libby is OverDrive’s new app and is designed to simplify the borrower experience. With Libby, you can use any device to access your library’s collection, quickly search and find digital media, and download any item to your device.

It also includes a Synced Shelves feature which keeps track of items you have read or listened to. Additionally, with Libby you can customize your borrowing limits and renewal preferences enabling you to manage your digital book borrowings more efficiently.

In summary, OverDrive is a comprehensive library app that can be used on any device and provides users with access to their local library’s digital media. Whereas, Libby is OverDrive’s newer app with an emphasis on providing a simpler borrower experience.

It offers the same content as OverDrive but with added features such as Synced Shelves and customizable borrowing options.

Are iBooks available offline?

Yes, iBooks are available offline. You can access them without an internet connection by downloading them to your device ahead of time. To do so, find the book you want to download in the iBooks Store, tap the “Get” or “Buy” button, and the download will begin.

Once the book is downloaded, it will remain on your device until you delete it. While you do not need an internet connection to view the book you’ve downloaded, you will need to be connected to the internet if you want to purchase iBooks from the Store.

Can I use Google Play Books offline?

Yes, you can use Google Play Books while offline. You can download a book or audiobook to your device, so that you can access it even when your Internet connection is unavailable or spotty. To download a book or audiobook, just select “Download” next to it and wait for the download to finish.

After that, you should be able to open and read/listen to the book or audiobook offline. Note that you will need to have a Google Account for the book or audiobook to be saved. Additionally, you can download an entire library of books or audiobooks, by going to the “My Library” tab and selecting “Make available offline” from the three-dot menu.

To check the progress of a current download, click the progress bar at the top of the screen to open the “Downloads” screen. This screen will show you the time remaining for the current download and allow you to pause and cancel all downloads.

How can I download free books?

You should think about what type of books you are interested in and then research online to find the best option for you.

One way to download free books is to use a free ebook library such as Project Gutenberg, Manybooks, and Open Library. These websites contain thousands of books that are in the public domain, meaning they are free to download and use.

Project Gutenberg, for example, has over 57,000 free titles available in a variety of different formats.

You can also find a variety of platforms offering free ebooks for download. Amazon’s Kindle Store, for example, provides a far-reaching selection of titles in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Kobo has a selection of free books available, too.

You can also use search tools to look for free ebooks, such as Google Books. Just use the filter “All Prices” and select “Free” to find free books. You can also use websites such as Free-eBooks. net, ManyBooks, and DigiLibraries to find free books in a variety of genres.

One final option is to look for online articles related to books. Most websites allow you to read the full text of their articles. This is not quite the same as downloading a full book, but it’s a good way to get an introduction to a particular topic.

In conclusion, there are many different options when it comes to downloading free books. Whether you’re looking for classics, new releases, or educational material, you can find something to suit your needs with a little bit of research.

What has happened to OverDrive?

OverDrive is an e-book service that provides digital content to libraries and educational institutions. Historically, OverDrive’s lent out eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital content that could be borrowed on a temporary basis.

Over the years, OverDrive has seen tremendous growth in usage, likely due to the fact that more and more people are using devices such as tablets and smartphones for their reading needs. Recently, OverDrive has undergone some changes to better serve their customers.

For example, they’ve made their app and website more mobile-friendly and their library interface more intuitive. Additionally, OverDrive has added streaming video capabilities to its platform. In an effort to better cater to their customers’ needs, OverDrive has also integrated more content from major publishers so that users can access some of the latest material as soon as it comes out.

Finally, OverDrive has made it easier for libraries to sign up, allowing them to easily add digital titles to their collection. All in all, OverDrive has made some significant changes in order to keep pace with the ever-changing digital content landscape and better serve their customers.

Is OverDrive app still available?

Yes, the OverDrive app is still available. The app is available for free from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. The app allows you to access ebooks, audiobooks, music, videos, and other digital media from your local library.

With OverDrive, you can search for titles, place holds, borrow materials, and read or listen to them right away. You can even download full copies of books, movies, and music for offline use. The app also provides easy access to your library’s digital collection, making it easy to find titles and explore library materials on the go.

Will OverDrive be discontinued on Kobo?

No, OverDrive will not be discontinued on Kobo. OverDrive is a free app and cloud-based digital library available on Kobo e-readers. It allows readers to borrow digital content such as books, audiobooks, magazines, and comics and then read them right on their Kobo device.

OverDrive is a popular service among Kobo users and it continues to be available and supported by the company.

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