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21 Best Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Shoes can create clutter immediately if not stored properly. If you live in a small home, then it is even more important to keep a check on the shoe clutter. So, that you can have a spick and span home without any mess. Another advantage of assigning a station for the shoes is that no dirt enters home. You will have to mop or vacuum less often because the dust will stay away from your floors and carpets. For a small home, there are many ways to store your shoes despite the lack of space. You have to think smart, and that’s all. Here are some shoe storage ideas for small spaces.


1. A Shoe Storage with IKEA Shelves

A Shoe Storage with IKEA Shelves

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IKEA lack shelves are a lifesaver when it comes to home organization. You can make a shoe rack even in a sliver of space with the hack shown above. You have to install IKEA lack shelves at an angle forming V shapes vertically. Every two shelves should form a V so that a matching pair of shoes can stay over them. The elevation of the shoe rack depends upon the number of shoe pairs you have. Usually, the space on the wall at the back of the entryway door goes wasted, so why not bring it to use? You can install such a shoe rack behind your entryway door as well.

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2. An Over The Door Shoe Storage Rack

An Over The Door Shoe Storage Rack

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If your closet already has clothes and accessories and there is no space for shoes then think of the door. You can get an over the door shoe rack, and hang it at the inner side of the closet door. With a door-mounted organizer, you can take the height of the door to your use and store up to 30 pairs of shoes. This type of shoe rack is ideal for rentals as well where you can’t hammer nails on the walls for mounting a shoe rack.

3. A Corner Shoe Rack Idea

A Corner Shoe Rack Idea

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Even in the tiniest of home, if you look around, you can spot and claim a corner for shoes. You have to install a vertical shoe rack with square shelves in that nook, and you can store all your shoes in one place.

4. Shoe Storage on Rails

Shoe Storage on Rails

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You can store shoes behind the entryway door with another easy idea as well. Just head to your nearest IKEA store and grab a few rails from the kitchen section. Then, install the rods behind the hallway door with equal vertical gaps, and put your shoes over them. This storage method works well for heels, wedges, and flats. You can easily hang all sorts of shoes over this type of rails.

5. A PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

A PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

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To make this rack, you will need pieces of PVC pipe. First, measure the length of the shoe shelves you want to have and then cut the PVC pipe into pieces. Then using a heavy adhesive or a hot glue gun join all the PVC pieces together into one rack by stacking them.

6. Under The Bed Shoe Storage Options

Under The Bed Shoe Storage Options

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You can store shoes under your bed as well. There are different ways to do that, but we are going to tell you three efficient ways here. The first method is to recycle old drawers and attach casters to them. If you don’t have any old drawers, you can build them from scratch as well. The second method is purchasing a metallic shoe rack with wheels that can easily slide in and out under your bed. The third idea is very ingenious too. Just build a circular shoe rack and attach it to a carousel, and you will get a lazy susan shoe rack. You won’t have to pull-out anything. Just spin and your desired shoes will come in front of you. Cool, isn’t it?

7. Space-Saving Shoe Organizers

Space-Saving Shoe Organizers

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Running out of space in a shoe rack is a common problem that happens in every home. And if space is small, you can’t afford that. So, to avoid this issue, you can get shoe organizers like these. Instead of two shoes, these organizers take one shoe space for each pair, thus doubling the available space.

8. Tension Rod Shoe Storage

Tension Rod Shoe Storage

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This idea of using tension rods for storing shoes is ideal for rentals where you can’t fix nails on the walls.  If you have a recess in any part of your home, you can set tension rods there, and store your shoes. Make sure to apply masking tape below the tension rods so that the heels won’t roughen the walls that you want to save from any type of damage. Alternatively, you can make shelves by using double tension rods. Both ways work great.

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9. A Built-in Bench with Shoe Storage Cubbies

A Built-in Bench with Shoe Storage Cubbies

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If you have a small home, then you can think of such ideas where one thing can serve two purposes. Such an example is the multi-purpose furniture. If any part of your home needs some seating, then you can build a built-in bench and instead of closing its lower part keep it open. Make cubbies so that you can tuck in wood crates or baskets of shoes in them. If you don’t want your storage to be visible, then you can make covers for the shelves with wood boards.

10. Crown Molding Shoe Shelves

Crown Molding Shoe Shelves

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If you have a blank wall in your home, then just with some length of crown molding, you can create a wall-mounted shoe storage system, in very little money and time. This type of shoe storage will work well for those shoes that have heels. Usually, we don’t wear heels all the time, so instead of putting the less frequently used heels into a pile, you can use this idea, and keep them organized. Such storage of your heels will make sure they aren’t scuffed with each other in some dark corner of your closet.

11. An Old Ladder Shoe Storage

 An Old Ladder Shoe Storage

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If you have an old vintage ladder lying useless in your garage then instead of retiring it, give it a new lease of life. Get it out of the garage. Dust it off, sand it and stain it. That ladder can come inside your home and live a second life as a shoe storage rack. As a ladder is tall, you can put or lean it against a wall and perch or hang your shoe pairs over it. You can even place such a ladder shoe rack beside your bedroom nightstand or even behind the hallway door.

12. A Skateboard Shoe Rack

A Skateboard Shoe Rack

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If you are in the habit of keeping your shoes to a bare minimum, then you can make a small shoe rack with recycled skateboards. You will not only save money and space on such a shoe rack, but you will also add a cheerful sporty vibe to your home with it. Making such a shoe rack is easy, and it is just like a 3D puzzle. You just have to cut slits in the skateboard, so that they can be put together into a shoe rack, without the use of any nails or adhesive.

13. Adhesive Shoe Organizers

Adhesive Shoe Organizers

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Won’t it be so convenient to have a shoe organizer that you can just take out of the package and stick to the wall? These organizers are like that. The only effort you have to put is finding a suitable wall. Each organizer has a different color and can hold one pair of shoes. So, you can get as many as you like and create a wall shoe rack. These organizers are going to help you to fight the shoe clutter that usually messes the floor, and makes it look untidy.

14. Upcycle Some Old Magazine Racks

Upcycle Some Old Magazine Racks

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With everything becoming digital, paper magazines are now less used. If you have some old magazine organizers that you no more use, then bring them to use. You can recycle them for storing your shoe collection. Just fix them on a wall vertically with about one-foot gaps in between.

15. IKEA Raskog Shoe Storage Hack

IKEA Raskog Shoe Storage Hack

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If you keep the most used shoes in your entryway area or any other part of your home, then you can hack an IKEA Raskog cart for that. By putting your shoes in that cart, you can make portable shoe storage. You can move it around your home just in case you change your mind.

16. A Wire Storage Idea

A Wire Storage Idea

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By now, you must know the most space-saving idea to store shoes is the use of a wall. So, here is another easy DIY project for shoe storage in small homes. First, you have to fix hooks on a wall and then fasten a sturdy twine on the hooks to create lines for shoe hangers. After that, cut and bend wire hangers for storing pairs of shoes.

17. A Wood Crate Shoe Rack

A Wood Crate Shoe Rack

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To make this rack, you will need 6 wood crates, screws, wood stain, hooks, casters and a wire basket with a fabric liner. First, stack four wood crates horizontally and combine them together with screws. Stack two wood crates vertically, and then fix them together with screws. Combine the horizontal and vertical wood crate shelves into one storage rack with the help of screws. Apply stain to the wood crate rack. Attach casters to the bottom of this shoe rack. Fix hooks to the side of the wood crate shoe rack and put a basket on top of it. The taller shelves can be used for storing long boots. The hooks can hold your keys, and the wire basket will keep your wallets and glasses organized. If you ever want to clean the floor of the entryway, you can simply move the rack by rolling it away. This rack is great for adding a rustic look to your entryway or mudroom.

18. An Eco-friendly Cardboard Shoe Rack

An Eco-friendly Cardboard Shoe Rack

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To make this shoe rack, first, you have to cut 21″x24″ pieces of cardboard. The number of pieces depends upon the height of the shoe rack you want to build. Score each piece into three equal panels, then fold and make a triangle of each piece, with the help of duct tape. Stack the triangles together, with cardboard sheets in between for creating balance. You can use duct tape or some heavy adhesive for stacking the triangles. You will save the environment as well with this idea because you will recycle cardboard boxes that you could have thrown.

19. An Iron Pipe Shoe Rack

An Iron Pipe Shoe Rack

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To make this industrial style metal pipe rack, you have to connect pipes with elbow joints to the wall using flanges. Then place wood boards on top of the pipe framework to make the shelves for the shoe rack. This will cost you very less, and the result is stunning. You can store the shoes of the whole family in this shoe rack.

20. A Carousel Shoe Rack

A Carousel Shoe Rack

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A spinning shoe rack is a great way to fit in shoe storage into a limited space. You can easily take out and put back the shoes by spinning such a lazy susan. You can also make this rack on your own with wood discs, wood planks, and lazy susan devices.

21. A Copper Shoe Rack

A Copper Shoe Rack

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To make this shoe rack, you have to connect an L shaped copper pipe to a straight piece of copper pipe to make one shoe shelf. Make two copper pipe shelves in this way, and attach them to the wall with the help of flanges. You can install this shoe rack behind the entryway door as it won’t take up much space. Alternatively, if you want it away from the floor, you can also install it at a height near the ceiling. In both ways, you will be able to corral the shoe clutter and make your home orderly.

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