Should you match cabinet hardware?

When it comes to your cabinet hardware, matching is important. While coordinating your hardware will give your space a cohesive look, there are benefits and drawbacks to mixing and matching. If you’re not sure which style you’d like, follow these tips to ensure that your hardware looks its best. This article will walk you through the pros and cons of matching your hardware. Keep in mind that it may not always look the best.

For small kitchens, using smaller sized hardware won’t overwhelm the cabinets. When you have bigger kitchen appliances, you might want to choose larger-sized pulls. However, you can also use smaller pulls on shorter drawers. Don’t forget to mix and match! By following these tips, you can choose a set of hardware that complements your kitchen’s overall style and function. And remember: mixing and matching hardware is not impossible! Just make sure to consider the size of each component.

Choosing a style and finish for your hardware is a personal decision. You can mix and match hardware by color and finish. However, if your cabinets have different finishes, it’s easier to coordinate them if they have similar finishes. It also makes the hardware differences less noticeable. This is especially helpful if your cabinetry includes fine china. Choosing a style and finish that is appropriate for your decor can make a big difference in the overall look of your space.

Can you mix cabinet pulls?

It’s not recommended to mix cabinet pulls, as this can create a jarring and mismatched look.

Can you mix cabinet hardware finishes in kitchen?

Yes, cabinet hardware finishes can be mixed in the kitchen.

Should cabinet hardware be the same throughout the house?

There is no rule for this. Some people like all the hardware to match throughout the house for a cohesive look, while others like to mix and match for a more eclectic feel.

What color hardware is timeless?


Do kitchen and bathroom hardware have to match?

There is no rule that kitchen and bathroom hardware have to match, but many people prefer the cohesion of matching hardware throughout their home. Some homeowners may choose to use different hardware as a way to add contrast and visual interest to their space.

Should cabinet hardware match door handles?

There is no rule that cabinet hardware and door handles have to match, but they often do because it creates a cohesive look.

What is the color hardware for white kitchen cabinets?

The color of hardware for white kitchen cabinets can vary depending on the look you are going for. Some people prefer to match the hardware to the appliances, while others choose to use contrasting colors to create a more unique look. Some popular choices for hardware colors on white kitchen cabinets include stainless steel, black, and bronze.

Is it OK to mix cabinet hardware?

It is ok to mix cabinet hardware. However, it is best to keep the finish of the hardware consistent throughout the kitchen for a cohesive look.

Should pulls match hinges?

There is no standard answer to this question, as it depends on the specific pulls and hinges being used. In general, however, it is generally advisable to match the finishes of the hardware as closely as possible to create a cohesive look.

Do drawer pulls have to match faucet?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It is strictly a matter of personal preference.

Can you mix finishes on cabinet hardware?

Yes, you can mix finishes on cabinet hardware. The most important thing is to make sure the finishes complement each other and that the hardware is all the same style.

How do you combine knobs and pulls?

There is no one answer to this question, as the combination of knobs and pulls depends on the overall style of the kitchen. In general, however, many designers recommend using knobs for doors and pulls for drawers.

Can you mix and match door knobs?

Yes, door knobs can be mixed and matched.

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