Wall Texture Ideas

Textured walls add style and beauty to a room. For example, if a room is small, a textured wall with vertical patterns can make it look bigger. When we think of creating texture on walls, we mostly think of tiles, gypsum or stone. While these options are no doubt amazing on their own, there are some more cool options as well. You can create texture on your walls with glass, wood, metal, and many more. So, here are some wall texture ideas that you might try for your home.

1. An Upholstered Bedroom Wall

An Upholstered Bedroom Wall

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An ideal place to install an upholstered wall is your bedroom. Because it can make it look more cozy and warm. There are many different materials that you can choose for the padded wall panels. For example, fabrics or leather. There is a cornucopia of fabrics and colors that you can pick for your upholstered wall. Just make sure that the panel looks good with the bedroom’s decor. And if you plan to keep the upholstered wall as an accent, then again choose a color and material that looks good with your bed, that will most probably be placed next to it. For example, in the bedroom shown in the picture above, there are beige leather panels installed on the wall. They complement the beige velvet headboard so well. In some rooms, designers also skip the headboard, and the upholstered wall serves as one large headboard. You can also install a lighting fixture near such an accent wall so that it looks even more gorgeous and cozy. If you want to have an upholstered wall anywhere else apart from the bedroom, then you can think of a smaller space such as a breakfast nook. But you will have to take care if you have kids in your home. Because greasy hands can spoil such a wall in no time. So, a master bedroom stays an ideal choice for such a wall.

2. Industrial Wall Textures: Corrugated Metal, Brick, Oriented Strand Board

Corrugated Metal, Brick, Oriented Strand Board wall texture

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The first industrial type wall texture we are going to talk about is corrugated metal. Decorating with corrugated tin sheets is a trend on the high rise these days. Many homes have these wavy metal sheets installed in different parts. You can use this material to cover the walls of your shower enclosure. You can also create a barn style accent wall in your guest bedroom with a corrugated metal sheet. Another fun thing you can do with corrugated metal sheets is the use of recycled sheets in different colors. Just use them in their original color, and you will get one of a kind wall. If you want to add a little rustic vibe to your kitchen then clad one wall with ridged tin sheets.

brick wall

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The second material we are going to discuss is brick. Conversion of factories and lofts into homes is a sought-after trend these days. And in such spaces, exposed brick walls are a common phenomenon. So instead of hiding and concealing their beauty, embrace them with open arms. Either you can leave them in their original condition, or you can paint them. In both ways, the texture is going to look great and will be a focal point.

oriented strand board

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The third material we are going to discuss is oriented strand board. It has many benefits, and the pressed strands of wood in this material add a visual appeal as well. It is durable, low cost, and looks beautiful as well.

3. Versatile Textured Tile Walls

Versatile Textured Tile Walls

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Textured tiles are great for almost any room or space in your home, where you want to introduce some dimension. If you think your kitchen lacks life, then you can give it a small makeover with textured tiles. The use of textured tiles in the kitchen is not just limited to the backsplash. You can think out of the box and go beyond the conventional design moves. You can use textured tiles on the ceiling, island, or even on cabinets. If your budget is smaller and you want to use textured tiles in some areas in your home, then you can still do that on a smaller scale. You can cover the laundry room backsplash or the fireplace surround with 3D tiles. Textured tiles are also a hot favorite of designers when it comes to bathroom remodels. They give an instantly luxurious feel to a bathroom. Two tile textures that we see in a lot of bathrooms are water waves and honeycomb. Somehow these two patterns textures go really well in a bathroom. While using textured tiles in places like a bathroom or the laundry room, make sure you have ample lighting. Lighting helps elaborate on the true beauty of textured tiles.

4. Indoor Living Walls 

Indoor Living Walls texture

Textured walls are not just about investing in some material. You can think of low-cost alternatives, instead of spending a fortune on a big textured wall. One such option is a living wall. It will not only bring texture to your living room but will also clean the air. A plant wall will add a natural feel to your home, and it can become a vertical indoor garden as well. You will just have to take care of the maintenance of the plants, and in return, you will have something that will soothe your eyes every day. There are so many types of plants that you can use to create a live wall. You can also make a small wall of herbs inside your kitchen so that you can enjoy fresh herbs all throughout the year along with a mesmerizing view in your cooking space. If you want a wall in your bathroom, then go for a moss wall. It will absorb the humidity and keep your bathroom fresh and clean. In most homes, the staircase wall is either blank or has one or two picture frames. So, why not decorate it with panels of greenery instead? Sound appealing, right?

5. Timeless Tongue and Groove Wall Texture

Timeless Tongue and Groove Walls texture

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Tongue and groove wall panels that are also known as beadboard is a classic choice when it comes to textured walls. It can give different types of feels to a room, including cottage, traditional, and beachy. You can also use beadboard as wainscoting, which will still bring texture to spaces such as a laundry room or an entryway. Beadboard is also great to install in a bathroom that you can team up with a painted wall. While white tongue and groove panels are standard, you can go ahead and try other colors as well. Perhaps you can cover a wall with black panels of beadboard, and pair it with a white beadboard ceiling. Beadboard if installed vertically, can also heighten the visual feel of a small room. So, if you have a small living room, you can cover its walls with white vertical beadboards and see how spacious it will look. Also, keep the furniture less so that the room looks even more spacious. If you are not a fan of a whole beadboard wall, then you can use it in a limited amount. Even in a small amount, such as a kitchen backsplash it will still bring charm to your home. If you choose to install a beadboard backsplash in your kitchen, take care to have proper knowledge of its cleaning, in case of accidental splashes. Beadboard panels also have different widths available. Choose such a size of tongue and grooves that looks good in your home.

6. Wood Wall Textures: Sculptural, Wood Block, Log Slice

Wood Wall Textures

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There are many ways in which you can use wood to bring texture to your walls. The first idea we thought of sharing is cutting the logs lengthwise and then stacking them into a panel. In this way, all the stripes of wood will be of different heights, thus creating a unique texture. The parts that bulge out the most can become shelves as well in your living room. Such a wall is ideal as an accent for your living room. You can trim some of the edges to create a flat surface in the middle of the wall for a TV screen.

wood accent wall in your bedroom

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A glance at this wall shows it might be a tedious task to achieve such a look with this much perfection. But you just have to cut blocks of square logs with varied thicknesses. Arrange the blocks on a sheet of a wood board of your desired size and then glue them. After cutting the blocks, you can also stain them in different shades to achieve an even better effect. You can create a wood accent wall in your bedroom or living room. Avoid installing it in a bathroom as it stays humid that can damage the wood.

woodblock wall

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A woodblock wall looks more towards the modern side. If you want a wall texture that is purely rustic then instead of chopping up square logs, you can cut raw tree logs into slices. This will give your home a log cabin feel. After putting one layer of interlocking log slices on a wall, you can layer a few more slices here and there to double the effect of the texture. A log slice wall will look great in a living room, an entryway, or a dining room. Choose wood with a darker or yellower shade for a warm feel.

7. Stone Wall Textures

Stone Wall Textures

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Stones have been used in exterior hardscaping for ages, but now we see more and more stone walls in home interiors as well. There is a myriad of options you can choose from for getting a stone wall in any part of your home. A stone wall is a great way to add an organic feel to a space making it warmer and cozier. When it comes to a stone wall, a stacked stone wall is a popular choice. You can also create a wall with stones in their raw and natural form such as a pebble wall.

8. Textured Drywall Panels Wall TextureTextured Drywall Panels

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Drywall or gypsum panels can take the look of a room up a notch. These panels can be used to cover a whole wall or just wrapping a part of some wall. In both ways, it will look spectacular. You can also paint these panels, but in our opinion, your best bet can be leaving them in their original white state. This way, they will look at their best. There are many types of textures gypsum boards have. You can also pick the texture you like, and some companies will prepare drywall panels in that pattern for you. You can also be creative and mix two different types of gypsum board textures. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

9. DIY Textured Wall Art Wall Texture

DIY Textured Wall Art wall texure

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Instead of hiring a professional service for a textured wall installation, you can also try a project on your own. Here is a fun idea that you can steal for your home. First, you have to gather the supplies that are clothesline rope, a hot glue gun, a foam poster board panel, and paints in the color of your choice. Start making circles of the clothesline rope by swirling it and securing it side by side with a hot glue gun. You can make circles of different sizes and then fill the gaps with more discs that fit in. Once you are pleased with the arrangement of the discs, paint them in any color you like. You can either use acrylic paints or even spray paints. Also, paint the foam poster board in any neutral color so that it can become a backdrop for the swirled circles. Glue all the discs to the foam poster board with a hot glue gun. You can match the colors of your project with the colors of the room decor. You can also paint all the discs in one color as the texture will still be noticeable.

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