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What are the first signs of needing a hip replacement?

The first signs of needing a hip replacement may depend on the cause of the issue, but in general the most common signs include pain, stiffness, difficulty walking, difficulty bearing weight, and reduced range of motion in the area.

Pain may be localized to the hip area and may be characterized as achy or sharp, and typically worsens with movement. Stiffness in the hip area may make it difficult to move the leg completely and can be accompanied by sensations of grinding or catching in the joint as the leg is moved.

Difficulty walking can be attributed to the pain and stiffness in the hip as well as an abnormal gait or limping. Difficulty bearing weight may be caused by a combination of pain, instability, and weakness in the leg, and will worsen the further an individual has to walk.

Finally, a reduced range of motion in the area may be characterized by a decrease in the amount the leg can be bent. If any of these symptoms present themselves and fail to improve with rest and conservative treatments, then it may be a sign that a hip replacement is necessary.