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What brands does Ingersoll Rand own?

Ingersoll Rand is a global industrial manufacturing company that offers a variety of products and services. They own several brands, including; Club Car, Ingersoll Rand, Trane, Thermo King, and American Standard.

Club Car provides mobile equipment for golf courses, industrial, and consumer markets. Ingersoll Rand is a leading supplier of industrial tools and products such as air tools, impact wrenches, and cordless power tools.

Trane manufactures climate control solutions such as air conditioners, furnaces, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Thermo King is a refrigeration and temperature control solutions provider that delivers solutions for transport, business, and industrial needs.

American Standard offers home comfort solutions such as toilets, bathroom fixtures, and products for bath and kitchen remodeling. Each of these brands offer products and services geared towards specific markets, providing solutions for a variety of industries.

Is Ingersoll Rand a Chinese company?

No, Ingersoll Rand is not a Chinese company. It is a publicly traded diversified industrial company headquartered in Swords, Ireland and incorporated in Bermuda. The company was founded in 1871 by Simon Ingersoll and is now a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: IR).

As of 2020, its businesses include products for climate control, industrial productivity, security & safety, and materials handling. It operates in 150 countries and employs approximately 37,000 people worldwide.

It has annual revenues of approximately $14 billion USD.

Who bought out Ingersoll Rand?

In May of 2020, Tokyo-based industrial conglomerate, Kobelco, purchased Ingersoll Rand in a reported $11.3 billion all-cash deal. Ingersoll Rand is a global engineering company with a wide variety of international operations, ranging from air compressors and tools to HVAC systems.

Some of their most well-known brands include Club Car golf carts, Schlage locks, and Trane air conditioning systems. The acquisition was part of Kobelco’s strategy to become a global leader in the field of industrial equipment.

The recent purchase of Ingersoll Rand will give Kobelco a base of operations in the U. S. , as well as access to the company’s massive global network of product dealers and customers. In combination with Kobelco’s manufacturing and engineering capabilities, the acquisition significantly broadens the company’s product offerings.

By diversifying its portfolio and expanding its presence in the U. S. , Kobelco is well-positioned to take advantage of the growing market for industrial equipment in the coming years.

Is Trane still part of Ingersoll Rand?

Yes, Trane is still a part of Ingersoll Rand. Trane is a leading global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand. Ingersoll Rand, founded in 1871, is a global diversified industrial firm providing products, services and solutions to enhance the quality and comfort of air in homes and buildings, transport and protect food and perishables, secure homes and commercial properties, and enhance industrial productivity and efficiency.

In other words, Ingersoll Rand is a leading provider of building climate control technology and services, designed to improve the efficiency and safety of HVAC systems. Through its Trane brand, Ingersoll Rand offers air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, air handling units, unitary systems, and other related services.

Ingersoll Rand is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and operates in a total of 150 countries, including North America and Europe. Trane is a core part of Ingersoll Rand’s extensive portfolio and remains a leader in the HVAC and energy services market.

Does Siemens own Ingersoll Rand?

No, Siemens does not own Ingersoll Rand. Ingersoll Rand is a Fortune 500 American global industrial conglomerate with a wide variety of products and services ranging from air compressors and security technologies to automotive technology and building products.

Ingersoll Rand is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange and is majority owned by a private equity firm, American Securities LLC. As of October 2020, the company is not owned by Siemens or any of its subsidiaries.

Ingersoll Rand has a long and storied history as a global leader in its field, having been founded in 1905 by Simon Ingersoll and Robert Rand. Siemens, on the other hand, is a German-based manufacturing and technology conglomerate that provides energy, healthcare, and automation solutions.

Established in 1847, Siemens is present in over 190 countries and focuses its efforts on technological innovation.

When did Trane spin off from Ingersoll Rand?

Trane, a global provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, spun off from Ingersoll Rand in July 2008. The two companies had been part of a global operating business platform of Ingersoll Rand since 2001.

In December 2007, Ingersoll Rand announced its plans to separate the Trane heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration business from the company and create a separate, publicly traded company.

The spin-off was completed in July 2008, with Trane becoming an independent, publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange on July 31, 2008.

Who is the owner of Trane Technologies?

Trane Technologies is a multi-national climate innovator with headquarters in Ireland that focuses on providing innovative climate solutions. The current owner and Chairman of Trane Technologies is Michael W.

Lamach, who has been CEO since 2008 and Chairman since 2018.

Michael W. Lamach began his career in 1982 as a business analyst at Borg-Warner Automotive in Muncie, Indiana. From there he moved to Carrier Corporation in 1985, where he steadily rose through the ranks in engineering, research and operations management roles.

He eventually became president of North America Residential and Commercial Systems, then president of North American Carrier business and Chief Operating Officer at Carrier in 2004. In February 2008, Lamach was named President and CEO of Carrier Corporation and served in that position until 2013.

In 2014, he became Vice-Chairman and President of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a division of United Technologies Corporation. He was appointed Chairman of Trane Technologies in February 2018, where he continues to serve today.

He has also served on the Board of Directors at The Home Depot Inc. since 2008 and at UTC since 2006.

Under Lamach’s leadership, Trane Technologies has flourished as a leading climate innovator, providing integrated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), building management, and energy storage solutions to customers in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

The company is active in over 30 countries around the globe and serves customers in more than 100 countries. It is a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TT.

Who makes Ingersoll Rand equipment?

Ingersoll Rand is a multi-national manufacturer producing a range of products, from industrial tools and construction equipment to garage door openers and irrigation systems. Their products are sold under several brands, including Ingersoll Rand, ARO, and Club Car.

The company’s roots go back to 1871 when Simon Ingersoll began manufacturing a steam hammer in New York. In 1910, Ingersoll Rand was founded and moved to New Jersey. Today, the company operates in more than 150 countries worldwide, employing over 30,000 people.

Ingersoll Rand strives to develop innovative products and technologies, while upholding the highest standards of safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. Ingersoll Rand markets a full line of air compressors, pneumatic tools, material handling equipment, and more.

They also provide a variety of services, including product maintenance and repair, equipment installation, user training, and aftermarket parts and support.

Is Ingersoll Rand a good place to work?

Ingersoll Rand is a great place to work! This company has a great track record for providing its employees with a safe and comfortable work environment. In addition, their comprehensive benefits package ensures that employees have a secure benefits package and the potential for career advancement.

They offer competitive pay and a strong commitment to their values, providing employees the opportunity to develop their skills and contribute to the success of the organization. Furthermore, Ingersoll Rand is conscious of their responsibility to the planet and works hard to be ethical and sustainable with their operations.

They’ve also become a leader in workforce diversity, with women and minority employees making up more than half of their senior management team. All in all, Ingersoll Rand is an excellent place to work and an inspiring organization to be a part of.

With so many benefits and opportunities, it’s no wonder why workers thrive at Ingersoll Rand.

Are Ingersoll Rand air tools any good?

Yes, Ingersoll Rand air tools are very good. They are known for producing products of exceptional quality that are reliable and long-lasting. Their tools are ergonomically designed for comfortable use, and their air drill/drivers and impacts are some of the most powerful on the market.

They are also constructed with a heavy-duty housing to help reduce vibration and fatigue. Ingersoll Rand air tools come with a solid warranty and excellent customer service, so if you are looking for a great air tool with plenty of power and performance, Ingersoll Rand is definitely worth considering.

Did Trane buy Ingersoll?

No, Trane did not buy Ingersoll. Ingersoll was a British engineering company based in the Midlands region of England. Founded in 1868 and historically focused on mechanical engineering and tool making, the company was acquired by the American engineering conglomerate, United Technologies Corporation in 1999.

Trane is an American manufacturer of air conditioning systems and services, part of the Ingersoll-Rand group of companies. Despite both being part of Ingersoll-Rand, Trane and Ingersoll are separate entities.

Ingersoll specializes in precision engineering, while Trane specializes in HVAC products and services.

Who is the parent company of Trane?

Trane is an American company and its parent company is Ingersoll Rand, which is a worldwide diversified industrial firm providing products and services (including HVAC, industrial, and security solutions) to customers around the globe.

Ingersoll Rand, which is headquartered in Swords, Ireland, was established in 1871 and is a Fortune 500 company. Trane, on the other hand, began its journey back in 1885 and was later acquired by Ingersoll Rand in 1984.

Since then, the two companies have been working closely together to bring reliable industry-leading products and services to customers all over the world.

What happened to Trane?

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