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What can ruin a new car battery?

Including environmental conditions, driving habits and faulty circuitry.

Environmental conditions like extreme hot or cold temperatures can take a toll on batteries by draining the charge faster than normal. To protect your car battery, you should park it in a garage or somewhere else that is sheltered from the elements.

Also, avoid keeping heavy loads in your car, such as snow shovels and other bulky items, as this can reduce the life of the battery.

Your driving habits can also cause your battery to degrade prematurely. Be sure to drive your car for at least 15 minutes every few days, as this can help keep the charge in the battery. In addition, don’t leave the lights or other electrical components on when the car is not running, as this can drain the charge quickly.

Also, be sure to check the fluid levels in the battery often, and top off with distilled water if necessary.

Finally, faulty circuitry or a defective alternator can also damage and cause premature failure of a new car battery. If you suspect that the alternator is not working properly, have a qualified mechanic check it out as soon as possible.

Failure to do so can cause damage to the battery, resulting in costly repairs or even a complete replacement.

What damages car batteries?

These can include a lack of regular maintenance, slow or incomplete charging, extreme temperatures (either very hot or very cold), loose connections, leaving on lights or other electronics while the car is off, and even a parasitic drain on the battery when the car has been sitting idle for an extended period of time.

Any of these factors can lead to premature battery wear or failure. It is important to regularly maintain and check your car battery to ensure its longevity. This includes making sure the connections are clean and tight, checking the battery fluid levels and ensuring it is properly charged (including checking the amperage level).

If any of these checks fails, it can lead to decreased battery performance or even complete failure. Taking care of your car battery can help extend its life and ensure that it continues running at its optimal level.