What Colour is opposite to yellow?

The opposite of yellow is purple.

What is the opposite Colour of purple?

The opposite color of purple is yellow.

Is purple the opposite of orange?

purple and orange are two of the six tertiary colors on the RGB color wheel. Tertiary colors are made by mixing a primary and a secondary color. The tertiary color directly opposite of purple is yellow.

What color cancels orange?

Green cancels orange.

What is the negative color of orange?

The negative color of orange is purple.

Is orange related to yellow?

Yes, orange and yellow are both related to the color wheel. Orange is made by adding red and yellow together, while yellow is one of the three primary colors.

Did orange the color come first?

Orange the color did not come first.

What does orange color stand for?

Orange is a cheerful and friendly color. It is often associated with positive emotions and is known to increase happiness.

Is gold yellow or orange?

Gold is yellow in color.

Is yellow complementary to blue or purple?

Blue and purple are complementary to each other, but not to yellow.

Can brown go with any color?

Brown can go with any color because it is a neutral color.

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