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What demon holds Dean’s contract?

The demon that holds Dean’s contract is Crowley (also known as the King of Hell). Crowley made Dean a deal in which Dean’s soul would be taken after one year of service in exchange for Dean’s immortal brother Sam being cured of the injuries he sustained during a fight with another demon.

Crowley is the one who holds the contract and is in charge of enforcing it. He spent most of the year keeping an eye on Dean and making sure he did not break the contract. In the end, the contract was cancelled, but it was still effects of Dean’s deal with Crowley that left a lasting impression on both characters.

When did Dean make a deal with a demon?

In the fourth season of the television series Supernatural, Dean Winchester makes a deal with the demon named Crowley in the episode “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. In order to save Sam’s life, Dean agrees to Crowley’s offer to search for Purgatory, the mysterious realm where the souls of monsters go when they die.

As part of their agreement, Dean will also become a demon once he unearths Purgatory and must serve Crowley for one year as payment for his services. With assistance from a crossroads demon, Crowley grants Dean’s wish that Sam will be unaffected by the year he’ll spend as a demon.

Throughout the season, Dean and Crowley hunt for Purgatory and eventually make a fairly successful run. However, as Dean’s debt to Crowley nears its end, Dean is faced with the ultimate choice – keep his promise to Crowley and become a demon, or break the deal and face the consequences.

Unable to ultimately go through with the deal, Dean tricks Crowley and the two eventually go their separate ways.

What is Dean’s deal with the crossroads demon?

Dean’s deal with the Crossroads Demon dates back to the very first episode of Supernatural. In the episode, Dean makes a deal with the demon in order to save his brother, Sam. In exchange for Sam’s life, Dean would give the demon his soul in one year’s time.

Dean tried to wriggle out of the agreement throughout the course of the series, but was unable to do so. It wasn’t until the fifth season finale where Dean made the ultimate sacrifice and willingly gave up his soul to Hell.

Dean had accepted that he was to be taken by the demon until Sam was able to find a way to save him. As it turned out, Sam was able to save Dean by making a new deal with the Crossroads Demon in exchange for one of Sam’s soul instead.

After numerous attempts to save his brother, Dean was finally able to save Sam and his own soul in the process.

What is the crossroad demon called?

The crossroad demon is a creature that is commonly found in folklore, literature, and religious texts around the world. The most popular crossroad demon is probably the one featured in Robert Johnson’s 1936 blues song “Cross Road Blues” – he is commonly known as Crossroad Demon or the Devil at the Crossroads.

According to the song, Johnson sold his soul to the crossroad demon in order to be able to play the guitar.

The creature is also known throughout various folklore traditions and appears in a number of stories from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. He is often described as taking the form of a large black dog, a goat, or a man wearing a suit and a hat.

He is typically seen lurking near crossroads at night, where he can make deals with mortals, usually involving their souls.

The crossroad demon has long held a place in popular culture and can be found in various works of fiction, such as Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, various films and TV shows, and even in some video games, such as Diablo III.

Is Ben Dean’s son?

No, Ben is not Dean’s son. In fact, it is not clear if there is any familial connection between the two. Ben and Dean may know each other because they have both been seen in the same place at the same time, but there is no evidence that they are related.

What was the demon that killed Sam and Dean’s mom?

The demon that killed Sam and Dean Winchester’s mother was a yellow-eyed demon known as Azazel. He was one of the most powerful demons – described as “the one who ripes souls” – in the show and was responsible for instigating a series of events which started with Sam and Dean as infants and ultimately resulted in the death of their mother, Mary Winchester.

Azazel killed countless people over the years, including Sam and Dean’s close friend Jess and Sam’s girlfriend, Ava Wilson. He also attempted to manipulate and corrupt people in order to achieve his own goals, and was ultimately responsible for bringing Sam and Dean’s half-brother, Adam, back from Hell.

Azazel was eventually killed in the season two finale by Dean, who was able to use the Colt gun – a powerful weapon specifically made to take down supernatural entities – to finally defeat him and avenge his mother’s death.

This ultimately set off a chain of events which would lead to the brothers ultimately defeating the Devil and ending the Apocalypse.