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What did Rue’s mom do with the suitcase?

Rue’s mom took the suitcase and stored it in the attic. She had kept it there for many years, although she was never quite sure why. She knew it was important, so she kept it safe until Rue was old enough to understand why her parents had been so insistent on keeping it away from her.

When Rue was finally able to access the attic, she discovered that the old suitcase contained a wealth of family memorabilia, including a letter her grandmother had written, pictures of her father before he passed away, and vintage clothing items her mother had collected.

The suitcase held a special place in Rue’s heart. It was full of treasured memories and priceless possessions, and she knew it was something that could never be replaced.

Did Rue pay Laurie back?

Yes, it seems that Rue did pay Laurie back. According to a post on Laurie’s blog, the two had a conversation about Rue owing her $400 and Laurie said Rue was able to successfully pay her back within a few days.

In the post, Laurie wrote, “We talked it out and now we’re even. Thank goodness. It’s nice to have everyone’s debts paid back.” This indicates that Rue had paid Laurie back in full and that they have continued their friendship as normal.