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What do Irish call their lovers?

Many people in Ireland refer to their romantic partners as “me grá” which essentially means “my love” in Irish. Other terms for a lover in Irish are “mo stór” which means “my darling,” “a ghrá” which translates to “my love”, and “mo ghrá” which translates to “my beloved”.

Another commonly used phrase is “mo chara” which means “my friend.” Each of these terms is rooted in the Irish language, and you may find that some people prefer to use one over the other. Additionally, you may find that some people are more creative when expressing their affection and will use other unique phrases.

How do Irish people say love?

In Ireland, the most popular way to say love is by using the term “Grá”, pronounced “graw”. This term is derived from the Irish language and is used to express a deep affection or a strong liking for someone/something.

It can also be used as a term of endearment like “sweetheart”. Other popular terms used are “Mo ghrá thú” meaning “my love”, “do ghrá” which is the plural form meaning “to loves”, and “agus grá” which is an expression of love using a verb and a noun.

Additionally, the term “seo mo ghrá” which literally translates as “this is my love” is often used.