What do you put in the bottom of a cedar planter box?

Drainage holes should be placed in the bottom of the planter box to allow for excess water to drain. You may also add a layer of rocks or gravel to the bottom of the planter box to improve drainage.

Should you line your cedar planter box?

If you are going to use your cedar planter box for plants that require drainage, then you will need to line it with something that will allow water to pass through, such as a layer of gravel or sand. If you are going to use it for plants that don’t require drainage, then you don’t need to line it.

Do cedar planter boxes need drainage holes?

If you are using cedar planter boxes for indoor plants, drainage holes are not necessary. If you are using them for outdoor plants, it is best to drill holes in the bottom of the planter for drainage.

How long will a cedar planter box last?

Assuming the cedar planter box is made of Western red cedar, it should last 20-30 years.

Do I need to seal cedar for a garden box?

No, cedar is naturally weather resistant and does not require sealing.

How do I keep my planter box from rotting?

There are a few ways to keep your planter box from rotting.One way is to use a liner that is made of a material that will not rot. Another way is to make sure that the planter box has good drainage.

Does cedar make good flower boxes?

Cedar generally does well in flower boxes, although it is important to avoid using treated wood, as the chemicals can leach out and harm the plants. Untreated cedar is a good choice for a naturally rot-resistant wood.

What should I line my planter box with?

Rockwool or coco fiber are both good choices for lining a planter box.

Should cedar raised beds be lined?

Cedar raised beds do not need to be lined.

Should I put plastic in my planter box?

Plastic is not necessary in planter boxes, but it can help with drainage and prevent roots from getting too wet. If you choose to use plastic, make sure to punch holes in the bottom for drainage.

What happens if a planter doesn’t have drainage holes?

If a planter doesn’t have drainage holes, the roots of the plant will not be able to breathe and the plant will eventually die.

Do you put holes in the bottom of a raised garden bed?

No, you do not put holes in the bottom of a raised garden bed. The purpose of a raised garden bed is to give the plants roots extra room to grow, and to improve drainage.

How many drainage holes does a planter need?

A planter should have one drainage hole per square foot of soil.

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