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What does SCP-999 do to you?

SCP-999 (also known as “The Tickle Monster”) is an anomalous creature that causes an incredibly pleasurable feeling upon physical contact with a human or animal. People who have interacted with it have described it as an incredibly pleasurable and comforting sensation that physically relaxes them and produces a feeling of euphoria and contentment.

This feeling lasts for up to five hours, resulting in a desire to interact with it again. SCP-999 is capable of voluntarily releasing an adhesive substance from its tentacles, allowing subjects to be held in place while it interacts with them.

SCP-999 tends to interact more with scared or anxious people, as it seems to have a soothing effect. It has been observed to also create a bond with some individuals, forming strong emotional connections.

Additionally, SCP-999 has been known to help individuals in distress, for example calming them down and providing emotional support, as well as providing medical treatment for some.

Is SCP 999 harmful?

No, SCP 999 is not harmful. SCP 999, a neutralized Keter-level anomaly, is a collection of small gelatinous cubes that move and take the form of anything they come into contact with. Although these cubes can be incredibly destructive if they are not contained or controlled, they were given a neutralized rating after the successful implementation of a containment procedure.

The cubes are harmless and generally don’t cause any trouble; in fact, they have shown to be quite friendly when interacted with. However, it is important to remember that SCP 999 is still classified as a Keter-level anomaly, meaning it must be contained and monitored at all times.

How does SCP 999 tickle you?

SCP 999, also known as The Tickle Monster, is an anomalous entity which feeds off of laughter. When in contact with a person, SCP 999 will quickly move its tentacles across the person’s body in a manner which produces a tickling sensation.

This sensation often results in laughter and other reactions of amusement from the affected individual.

The exact method of the tickling is unclear, as SCP 999 seems to be capable of producing a wide range of sensations, from light tickling all the way up to intense pressure and stimulation. It seems to have the ability to target certain areas on a person’s body more intensely as well, leading to theories that it is somehow able to read the individual’s thoughts and feelings when it is in contact with them.

SCP 999 generally produces an overall pleasant and amusing experience, however it can become overly stimulating in some cases and can cause physical discomfort. It is therefore recommended that individuals use caution when interacting with SCP 999 and that laughter is the best way to diffuse the situation.

What is the birth of SCP 999?

The birth origins of SCP 999 are somewhat mysterious, as records of its existence first began to appear in 1820. It is believed to have been created by an unknown entity in or around this time, although the exact details are unknown.

SCP 999 may have been created as a result of some kind of experiment or ritual, or it may merely have existed as a natural phenomenon until that point.

It is believed that SCP 999 may have some kind of supernatural or paranormal powers, although these have never been confirmed. Reports from those who have encountered SCP 999 suggest that it has the ability to control certain faceless creatures that appear to be made of darkness.

Additionally, SCP 999’s presence is said to cause a variety of effects, including strange occurrences and panic amongst those exposed to it.

Since SCP 999’s discovery, it has been contained in a secure facility, where it is monitored and studied. Despite numerous attempts to replicate the phenomenon, no one has been able to determine exactly how SCP 999 was created or why it exists.

As such, its true nature remains a mystery.

Was SCP 999 terminated?

No, SCP 999 was not terminated. SCP 999, also known as “The Tickle Monster,” is a unique anomaly which manifests itself as a large, bipedal creature composed of a vaguely jelly-like substance. The anomaly is capable of speech, albeit in a limited, nonverbal form.

Though it displays sapience, its behavior is often erratic. SCP 999 shows an affinity for, and displays an attachment to, individuals it deems “interesting.” Initially, SCP 999 caused significant damage on contact and harmed those it interacted with, but later containment protocols managed to mitigate most of this damage through extra security measures.

The SCP has been contained in Site 19, and despite its antics, there has been no serious attempt to terminate it.

Is SCP 999 a good guy?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. On one hand, SCP 999 is a frequently-described “tickle monster” that has a playful attitude and often appears to offer comfort to those it comes into contact with, suggesting it has benevolent intentions.

On the other hand, it is one of several incredibly powerful and dangerous creatures that are classified as “Secure, Contain, Protect” (SCP) entities and are kept secured by the SCP Foundation, suggesting it has the potential to cause chaos and destruction.

As such, it is not necessarily a “good guy” in the traditional sense, but it is not necessarily a villain either. Ultimately, it depends on how it is encountered and how it is interacted with.

What is the SCP that cries?

The SCP that cries is SCP-2483, otherwise known as the “Infinite Corvid Prophecy”. It is a cluster of avian beings that continually cry out in a patterned language, comprised mostly of raven and crow calls.

The exact purpose of the entity is not known, although some individuals suggest that it may be the source of prophetic visions which are absorbed and interpreted through its language. Its primary ability is that it is capable of emitting a song at a frequency that can be interpreted by human ears, although its true purpose of this song is still unknown.

Though it initially appears as a flock of crows and ravens, it is believed to be far more complex and capable of exhibiting varying behaviors. Some researchers have suggested that it may be some form of artificial intelligence, though this is still highly debated.

What SCP has a human voice?

One of the most iconic SCP objects that has a humanoid voice is SCP-173, also known as The Sculpture. It is a creature made of concrete and rebar, that slowly moves when not being directly observed and growls when it senses movement nearby.

It is potentially intelligent and appears to understand rudimentary instructions. It does not speak, however some people have claimed to have heard it talk, with some suggesting its voice is akin to a low whisper or chitter, and to others its vocals resembling a human voice.

It is unknown whether it is actually sentient enough to understand human language.