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What happens if I delete and reinstall Candy Crush?

If you delete and reinstall Candy Crush, your progress in the game will be lost. This includes any levels you’ve previously completed or any in-game currency you’ve collected. Your profile, leaderboard scores, and any rewards you’ve earned will also be reset.

Depending on the device you’re playing on, you may be able to connect your existing profile to Facebook and restore your progress. However, if you’re playing on an iOS device and the app was installed via the App Store, you will be required to create a new profile with the same life points for each device you play on.

Additionally, some games, like Candy Crush Saga, use a system called synchronization which oversees your game progress and player data across multiple devices. If you are playing on multiple devices, none of your game progress will be saved when you delete and reinstall the game.

Can I start over on Candy Crush?

Yes, you can start over on Candy Crush. Depending on the version you are playing. If you’re playing on Facebook, all progress is tied to your account and you can reset your progress by clicking the menu button and then clicking the “Reset Progress” button.

If you’re playing the app version of Candy Crush, you can uninstall and reinstall the app to start over from the beginning. Additionally, you can use the “Restart Level” option from the level play screen to reset a level if you’re stuck.

This will reset the board and give you a fresh start on the level.

How do I reinstall Candy Crush without losing levels?

If you want to play the game of Candy Crush and you want to reinstall it but don’t want to lose any of your levels, there are a few steps you can follow that should make sure your data is still retained.

The first step is to make sure you have backed up your data. Candy Crush allows you to sync and store your data in the cloud so if you have synced it to your account you will be able to retrieve it. If you haven’t synced it to your account you can try connecting the game to Facebook.

In the setting menu you should be able to find the option to connect your game to either the cloud or your Facebook account.

The next step is to reinstall the game. Make sure before doing this that you either have synced your data to the cloud or your Facebook page. Once the game is reinstalled you should be able to find the same levels that you were on prior to reinstalling by connecting to your account.

If that doesn’t work there is a further option that you can try. You can look for the download file of the game in your device. Depending on the device you are using there should be a file either in its app manager or in the download folder.

The file can then be transferred to another device.

Following these steps should make sure that you don’t lose any of your levels when reinstalling the game.

How do I delete Candy Crush from my Iphone?

To delete Candy Crush from your iPhone, you need to locate the app on your device and then perform the delete process.

First, locate the Candy Crush app on your iPhone’s Home Screen. It can usually be found in the apps list or in a folder labeled “Game”. To delete the app, press and hold on the app’s icon until a menu appears.

This menu will present you with a few options, choose the delete/uninstall option. Once you do this, Candy Crush will be removed from your iPhone.

If you had purchased any items from within the Candy Crush app, then you may want to contact the game’s customer service team for help in restoring any in-app purchases.

You can also visit the Settings on your iPhone to confirm that the app has been deleted. Go the General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage option and see if the Candy Crush application appears in the list.

If it does, it means that it has not been fully removed and you need to try the deletion process again.

How do I permanently delete Candy Crush?

If you would like to permanently delete Candy Crush from your device, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your device

2. Select Apps (for Android) or General (for iOS)

3. Select the Candy Crush app

4. Click the Uninstall/Remove button

5. Confirm the uninstall

Once you have followed the steps above, Candy Crush will be completely removed from your device. This will be a permanent deletion. If you ever decide you would like to reinstall Candy Crush, you will have to download it from the app store again.

How do I get rid of games on Facebook?

If you want to get rid of games on Facebook there are a couple of options. First, you can either go to the app settings page and remove the apps that are associated with the game. Or, you can go to the Games tab on the left-hand side of the page, and then uncheck the box that says ‘Show Games Feed’.

This will hide the games from your News Feed. If you want to permanently remove the games from your profile then you can go to the menu in the top-right corner of the page, and click on ‘Settings’. Then, click on the ‘Applications’ tab to find the list of apps that have access to your account.

Once you’ve identified the games, you can revoke their access or delete them if you no longer want them associated with your profile. This should help you remove the games from your Facebook account.

What’s the newest version of Candy Crush?

The newest version of Candy Crush is Candy Crush Soda Saga. It was released in November 2014 and is available to play on mobile and tablet devices. It features many of the same characters and levels as Candy Crush Saga, as well as new levels and characters.

There are over 130 levels in the game, which feature special candies, sours, and other sugary treats. Players must combine the different candies to complete the levels and earn points. Candy Crush Soda Saga also has special challenges, such as Crush-A-Thons and Power-Ups.

There are also fresh worlds and unique objectives, as well as new characters to meet and battle.

Will I lose my progress if I uninstall Candy Crush?

Yes, you will lose your progress if you uninstall Candy Crush. Your game progress is linked to your device, so uninstalling the game will delete all your progress. You can however use the link with your Facebook or Apple account to transfer the progress to another device if needed.

When you redownload the game you will be given the possibility to reconnect your existing account and continue where you left off.

Why has Candy Crush stopped working?

The most common reason for the game to stop working is because it has become outdated due to an update in your device’s operating system. If the game is no longer supported for the device you are using, then it may stop working altogether.

Additionally, the app may need to be updated or reinstalled. Additionally, the app may not be compatible with the device or may be suffering from an incompatibility issue with another app you have installed.

Also, it may be due to a bug within the game itself, or it may not be supported on your internet connection. Finally, it is possible that the game may have been removed from the store, and so it is no longer available to download.

If none of the above fixes the issue, it is recommended that you contact the game developer for further assistance.

Why did I lose all my extra lives in Candy Crush?

The most common reason is that the game has a timer for when extra lives are awarded and if you wait too long to use them, they can expire. This prevents users from stockpiling extra lives for months at a time.

Other reasons for lost lives can include glitches in the game, server issues, or device issues such as a lack of storage space. Depending on the actual cause of the lost lives, the best course of action may vary.

If it was an issue with the server or device, then restarting the game or device typically fixes the issue. If it was the extra lives expiring, then the only solution is to wait for the timer to run out and then receive new lives.

If a glitch caused the issue, then contacting customer support should be the best course of action.