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What happens if you disable in-app purchases?

If you disable in-app purchases, you will be unable to buy any more apps or make any other in-app purchases. However, you will still be able to use any apps or in-app features that you have already purchased.

Do I have to pay for in app purchases?

No, you don’t have to pay for in-app purchases. However, some apps may offer in-app purchases as optional, paid add-ons. These in-app purchases can range from new levels or maps in a game, to premium content or special features in an app.

When an app offers in-app purchases, you’ll see a “Get” or “Buy” button next to the app’s price or in the app’s product page.

Can I lock my child’s iPhone remotely?

There isn’t a way to remotely lock an iPhone, but you can remotely erase it.

How do I put a password on my app store?

You can put a password on your app store by going to the Settings app and tapping on the “Touch ID & Passcode” or “Face ID & Passcode” option. From there, you will be able to turn on a passcode for your device.

How do I delete my Apple app purchase history?

Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to sign in. Scroll to Purchase History and tap it. If you don’t see Purchase History, tap Most Recent Purchase first.

Find the app that you want to delete and tap. Tap Delete. If you don’t see “Delete,” make sure that you’re using iOS 11 or later.

How do I permanently delete apps from my iPhone purchased list?

In order to delete apps from your iPhone’s purchased list, you must first go to the App Store and then to your list of purchased apps. Once you have found the app that you want to delete, simply press and hold on the app icon until it begins to jiggle.

Once the app idol is jiggling, you will see a small “x” appear in the upper left-hand corner of the app. Simply tap on the “x” and then confirm that you want to delete the app. The app will then be permanently deleted from your purchased list.

How do I get rid of cloud redownload?

If you want to get rid of cloud redownload, you need to follow these steps:

1. On your computer, open the Steam client and go to the LIBRARY tab.

2. Right-click on the game you want to remove and select “Delete local content”.

3. In the pop-up window, select “Delete” to confirm.

4. Once the process is finished, the game will no longer be available in your library.

How do you make it look like you haven’t downloaded an app?

There are a couple ways to make it look like you haven’t downloaded an app. One way is to clear your App Store history. You can do this by going to the Settings app, tapping on ‘iTunes & App Store’, and then tapping on ‘Clear History’.

This will make it so that the App Store will no longer show you what apps you’ve previously downloaded.

Another way to make it look like you haven’t downloaded an app is to hide the app icon. This can be done by long-pressing on the app icon and then tapping on the ‘x’ that appears. This will hide the app icon from your home screen, but the app will still be installed on your device.

Why can’t I delete apps?

The most common reason why you can’t delete apps from your iPhone is because they’re part of the core iOS operating system. While you can delete many of the built-in apps that come with the iPhone, there are some that are necessary for the proper function of your device.

Other built-in apps, like the App Store, can’t be deleted because they provide essential functions that can’t be replaced by third-party apps.

If you’re trying to delete an app that you’ve installed from the App Store, but it’s still showing up on your home screen, it’s likely that you have restrictions enabled that are preventing you from deleting it.

To check if this is the case, go to Settings > General > Restrictions and make sure that the Delete Apps setting is turned off.

It’s also possible that there’s a problem with the app itself that’s preventing it from being deleted. If you’re getting an error message when you try to delete an app, it’s worth contacting the app developer to see if they can help you troubleshoot the issue.

Is it really possible to delete apps from the purchase history completely in an iPhone?

It is not possible to delete apps from your purchase history completely. However, if you want to hide an app from your purchase history, you can do so by opening the App Store app, tap on the account button in the top right corner, tap on Purchased, find the app you want to hide, and then swipe left on it and tap Hide.

What apps should not be on my phone?

When it comes to apps, there are a few that you should definitely avoid having on your phone. Social media apps can be a huge time suck, so it’s best to limit yourself to only a few that you really enjoy using.

Games can also be a huge time waster, so it’s best to only have a few installed that you really enjoy playing. Other apps that you should avoid include ones that drain your battery or ones that are constantly sending you notifications.

In general, it’s best to only have apps on your phone that you will actually use and that don’t have a negative impact on your life.

Why can’t I Uninstall an app?

There can be a few reasons you are unable to uninstall an app.

1. The app may be necessary for the proper functioning of your device.

2. You may not have the proper permissions to uninstall the app.

3. The app may be a system app that cannot be uninstalled.

4. There may be a problem with the app that is preventing it from being uninstalled.

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