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What if my dog has not peed in 48 hours?

If your dog has not peed in 48 hours, it could indicate a serious health problem that requires immediate attention. Dogs typically urinate every four to six hours, and if your dog hasn’t urinated in that time period, it may be due to various reasons.

One possibility is that your dog has an obstruction in their urinary tract, which can block urine from leaving the bladder. This type of blockage can be life-threatening and requires medical attention immediately. Symptoms of urinary obstruction in dogs include straining to urinate, crying out in pain, reluctance to move, and lethargy.

Another possibility is that your dog may be dehydrated. If your dog hasn’t had access to water or if they haven’t been drinking enough water, they might stop urinating. In such cases, you should increase the accessibility of water to your dog and encourage them to drink frequently.

Some medications or medical conditions can also affect your dog’s ability to urinate. If your dog is on any medication that may lead to dehydration or make them feel thirsty, it’s essential to monitor their water intake.

If your dog has not peed in 48 hours, it’s essential to involve a veterinarian at the earliest to identify the underlying condition and treat it accordingly. Delaying medical attention can result in severe complications, leading to life-threatening conditions for your beloved pet.