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What is a French farmhouse called?

A French farmhouse is typically referred to as a ferme, which means “farm” in French. This would be a general term referring to any farmhouse in France. However, depending on the region, there are certain additional terms that may be used to refer to the farmhouse.

For example, in Normandy and Alsace, the farmhouse is also referred to as a masure, or a “colorful building”. In the Aveyron region, a traditional farmhouse is called a cabro d’en bas, which translates to “low hovel”.

In the Rhône-Alpes region, a traditional two-story farmhouse is referred to as a maison de meunier, which translates to “miller’s house”. Additionally, in Southwest France, a rustic farmhouse is often known as a maison de paille, meaning “house of straw”.

Often, the type of structure and design of the farmhouse would depend on the architectural style and materials used in the region. For example, stone farmhouses are more common in the more mountainous areas, while brick or timber-framed farmhouses can be found in most other areas.

What is a French Provincial style house?

French Provincial style houses are a popular architectural style that originated in rural parts of France and are often characterized by their rustic yet majestic appearance. These houses are inspired by the architecture of villages and chateaus in the French countryside, and they typically feature sloped roofs, thick walls, and courtyards at the entrance.

The exteriors of French Provincial houses are quite striking and can often be made from masonry, with large shuttered windows and occasionally small turrets on the outside. The overall look of these houses is usually grand and elegant, with hipped roofs and grand columns adding to their charm.

Moving to the interior of these homes, the characteristic elements of a French Provincial style house can include intricate carving, detailed stonework, hand-painted walls, luxurious velvet textiles, and grand fireplaces.

All of these features help to make a French Provincial house look both cozy and inviting while also having a luxurious, romantic quality.

What is French country cottage style?

French country cottage style is a charming, cozy design aesthetic that is inspired by the rural French countryside and relies heavily on natural materials and muted colors. Characterized by its rustic, yet polished finishes and an overall warmth, it combines the best of modern and traditional homes.

Traditional elements include exposed beams, distressed furniture, and neutral tones, which are all softened with a warm, inviting vibe. While many people associate it with the French countryside, it can be found in a variety of different homes, from their townhouses and rural vacation homes to luxurious estates.

Furniture pieces tend to be heavily distressed and come in a variety of woods, often featuring intricate curves and carved details. Dining sets will include a large farm-style table and matching chairs, while occasional tables will often include distressed pieces with curved legs and wood panels.

In the bedroom, French country cottage style typically includes a combination of natural materials on the bedding and textiles, which are often composed of various linens and florals. Similarly, upholstered pieces often come with a French countryside twist like a tufted Louis XIV chair or a high-backed loveseat upholstered in a damask pattern or floral fabric.

When it comes to decor, stone floors, wooden wall panels, and stained glass accents are all popular elements of this style. Accessories such as country antiques, wrought iron pieces, and artful pottery can add to the charming atmosphere.

French country cottage style also relies on beautiful natural light and abundance of greens, like potted plants and lush greenery. It’s a design style that’s both comfortable and inviting – perfect for those looking for a cozy, charming home.

Is farmhouse the same as French country?

No, farmhouse and French country styles are not the same thing. Although both styles have elements of rustic, classic and traditional decor, farmhouse style is more modern and casual, while French country style is more ornate and formal.

Farmhouse style is characterized by a neutral color palette, natural materials and simple, clean lines, while French country style has more bright and bold colors, ornate furniture and accessories, and rural accents.

While they share some similarities, they are unique in their own right.

What’s the difference between French country and farmhouse style?

French Country and farmhouse style are both popular traditional home designs. Both styles incorporate reclaimed materials and use muted colors such as whites, creams, blues and grays. Both are often used to give a home a warm and inviting feel.

The core difference between French country and farmhouse is the level of ornateness of the design. French country design utilizes more intricate details such as ornate moldings, elaborate chandeliers and antiques which are meant to appear elegant and sophisticated.

French country also uses more muted palettes with subtle pastels as accent colors.

On the other hand, farmhouse design is less ornate and utilizes a more rustic touch. Furniture pieces tend to be more simplistic with minimal detailing. Grays, blues and neutrals are used for the base colors, but wood and other warm tones are used to add an element of coziness.

Farmhouse design often incorporates more personal items such as books, quilts, and family photos to give the home a more personal and lived-in feel.

What is Joanna Gaines style called?

Joanna Gaines is best known for her signature style of home decor she calls modern farmhouse. This style is a bit of a mix between traditional and modern design, with cozy, comfortable furnishings and decorative accents, like a plaid flannel throw blanket, warm-hued wood surfaces, and bright, but rustic pieces like galvanized tin buckets.

She is known for her signature color palette of neutral hues and pale blues, as well as the use of natural materials like wood, jute, and linen. Typically, she likes to mix in vintage pieces to help complete the look of her spaces.

Joanna’s approach to design is to make a home feel warm and inviting, while being both stylish and timeless.

Can you mix farmhouse and French country?

Yes, you can mix farmhouse and French country styles to create a unique and beautiful look for your home. By combining the two complementary styles, you can create a timeless aesthetic that is cozy and elegant.

Start by choosing farmhouse pieces such as natural woods and corrugated metal to give the space more texture and rustic charm. Then, add in French country-style furniture with an antique or vintage feel and feminine fabrics.

Add in accent pieces such as vintage French artwork, rooster statues, trinkets, and patterned tiles to add unique touches. Lighting choices should be classic and varied, such as pendant lights, rustic chandeliers, lanterns, and sconces.

Play with a color palette of whites and neutrals to provide a light and airy atmosphere, with splashes of pastel blue or green accents. Finally, arrange your furniture around a cozy fireplace to create a warm and inviting center point.

Doing so will help create an inviting, mixed-style living space that you and your family can enjoy.

Is Country French out of style?

Country French decor has never gone out of style, as it was a style that was popularized in the 1600s. Country French is a style of decorating that encompasses many different types of furniture, fabrics, colors, and patterns inspired by the French countryside.

This style typically uses lighter colors like cream and white, with pops of color like blues, yellows, and reds. Country French has a cozy and inviting feel, with ornate furniture, rosettes, and gold accents.

The style is still seen in interior design today, with a modern twist to its traditional look. Country French is still a popular decorating choice for those who prefer a warm and inviting look to their home.

What are the characteristics of French country decor?

French country decor is a popular interior design style and combines rustic, antique furnishings and accents with modern and updated touches. At its core, French country style is a blend of the pastoral and the sophisticated.

The look is timeless and draws inspiration from the natural beauty of rural France.

Common characteristics of French country decor include distressed fabrics, bare wood furniture and colorful accents. Furniture often feature curved edges, carved details, and ornate accents, such as turned table legs.

The upholstery pieces, on the other hand, should be neutral-colored and textured for that classic French country look.

Another distinctive element of French country decor is the use of fabrics with floral and country-style prints, such as toile, gingham and calico, for items like curtains, throw pillows, and bedspreads.

Natural accessories, such as stoneware pottery, baskets, and potted plants, are also popular. Other favored materials to use include stone, metal, and glass.

Lastly, natural light and muted lighting fixtures help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making French country decor a perfect choice if you want to add a rustic touch to your home.

What is country style decor?

Country style decor is an aesthetic style of decorating that celebrates the relaxed atmosphere of rural life with a focus on natural materials and practical elements. Characteristics of Country style decor include elements from traditional and rustic decor, such as distressed furniture and unique textiles, while including a more modern interpretation of those looks.

Common design motifs in Country decor are the use of natural materials (such as wood, stone, and clay); earthy colors like beige, brown, and green; muted plaids, ginghams, and florals; exposed wood beams, whitewashed wood furniture, wood paneling, and rugs; open shelving; comfortable, yet practical furniture; and a mix of old and new.

This type of decor often reflects the personal memories and experience that people have of growing up in a rural home and can carry a nostalgic feel.

How can I make my French country more modern?

Making your French country home more modern can be a great and rewarding way to update your home’s style. For example, you can start by updating the color palette used in your French country decor. Traditional French country designs often incorporate gold, earthy tones, and soft pastels.

Consider replacing these colors with more neutral and modern colors, such as beige or grey. Furthermore, you can opt for furniture that has a more contemporary look, such as metal or glass pieces, or choose modern furniture designs with minimal ornamentation.

Additionally, introducing sleek and modern hardware, such as stainless steel appliances, contemporary hardware for drawer pulls and door handles, can help provide a modern touch to your home. You can also incorporate modern art and decor pieces, such as abstract artwork and sculptures to really bring in a modern flair.

Lastly, considering replacing traditional rugs and carpets with modern alternatives such as sisal, jute, or even cowhide rugs.

How do you make French provincial furniture look modern?

Making French provincial furniture look more modern can be a challenging task. Here are a few tips to help update pieces to suit a more contemporary look:

1. Repainting is a great way to introduce a modern touch to your French provincial furniture. Opt for a white or neutral color, or even a bold and daring choice for a pop of color. You can also experiment with faux finishes or a high-gloss finish to make the furniture look more modern.

2. Change the hardware. Updating the hardware on the furniture can give it a more modern look. Pick a different color than the furnishings— such as chrome, brass, or black— to bring a more contemporary feel to the piece.

3. Introduce new textiles. Adding a few cushions and pillows with modern patterns or colors can help to bring a more modern look to the furniture. Consider replacing the upholstery with a more contemporary fabric, or play with textures with a combination of different materials.

4. Simple touches can have a big impact. Placing a few decorative objects on the furniture can draw attention away from the furniture and give your room a more modern feel. Consider using art, sculpture, or indoor plants to complete the look.

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